January 30, 2016 - Science Olympiad

posted Feb 1, 2016, 11:44 AM by Arlington Trombley   [ updated Feb 1, 2016, 11:46 AM ]
From Ms. Rieger - "On Saturday a team of students from CCS joined 12 other schools in some serious science competitions.  Chateaugay placed 4th overall, competing in all 20 events.  Chateaugay had several first place winners, including Andrea LaBier and Kayley Whyte in Human Anatomy; Austin Green and Patrick Boyea in Electric Vehicle; and Zach Taylor and Alex Hoit in Robot Arm.  3rd place finishers included Jeffrey Stemmer and Mike West in Bridge Building and Trevor Coe and Jeffrey Stemmer in Wright Stuff.  Congratulations also to Karlee Martin, Savannah Daoust, Kyle Tower, Michael Sandvig and Matthew Fleury for all of their hard work.  A note of thanks to Trent Hanley, Eric Sandvig and Diane Harrigan for helping out as well."

She asked me to spice this up a bit but I think she did a pretty decent job - you know - for a science teacher. She did want me to mention the picture of three CCS grads. Eric and Katie Legacy along with Ben Roulston are pictured here as well. They helped with some of the events. It is noted that Ben and Katie will be heading to the Boston area. Ben will be working toward his PHD and Katie will be working on her master's degree. Eric hopes to finish at Clarkson soon. It is nice to see the influence the science program at CCS has had on our students. Thanks Ms. Rieger for your dedication. 

Science Olympiad

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