May 2015 - Moving Up Day

posted May 21, 2015, 12:20 PM by Arlington Trombley   [ updated May 21, 2015, 12:35 PM ]
I can still hear the song right now as I type up this report. I bet you can as well. The familiar tune as the classes "move up" is oddly comforting. It does mean we say goodbye to a senior class and hello to some incoming 6th graders. Thousands of dollars of awards were presented. Many students were recognized for their hard work and dedication. Attendance awards - honor roll recognition - athletic participation - science - art awards. It was a full afternoon. And cream. 
I have to award the Class of 2015 the best team work award. They handed down their flowers in a row and completed that task seconds. Normally the presentation of the flowers takes a bit longer. This class (thanks to a quick thinking Holly) might have started a new tradition. 
Some highlights include:
  • Jessica Malark Deserving Student Award - Sam Lobdell
  • John Mattin Athletic Award - Cullen Jones and Rachael Young
  • Attendance Award Highlight - Erin Ashline (11 years)
  • Comptroller Award - Holly Zeldenrust
  • Wells College Leadership Award - Austin Green
  • St. Michael's Book Award - Brianna Cook and Austin Green
  • Sage College Award - Dylan LaBare and Annie Campbell
  • St. Lawrence Augsbury Award - Kira Ducote and Darek LaBare
  • Clarkson Awards - Austin Green and Andrea LaBier
  • RPI Medal - Kayley Whyte
  • Rochester Awards - Patrick Boyea, Kayley Whyte, Madison Breen and Andrea Labier
There were MANY other awards and there will be more academic recognition at the even ceremony in early June.

Science Olympiad 2015

CCS - 2015 05 21 Moving Up Day