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2013 06 23For the Class of 2013 their time as a CCS student has come to an end. The afternoon ceremony was once again very special. Amazing speeches from class advisers Mrs. Recore and Mr. Brown started many to tear up. A lengthy list of awards were read and thousands of dollars were handed out in scholarships. Mallory Wood spoke about preparing for jobs that might not yet exists. Sarah Gardiner reminded the class about all the great memories the class has shared. The choir sang, the slide show played and then the names were announced. When Mr. Breault declared the class graduated there was a near deafening roar form the audience. They had been keeping their elation in check all through the afternoon and were finally able to let it all out. It was a really special moment. Congratulations to the Class of 2013. PICTURES - I will also be posting high resolution 5X7 pictures of the students getting their diplomas soon. There are no video clips since the the whole event was recorded professionally for the class.  (Here is an UNEDITED file of all the diploma pics I took. Hope you can use something here - LARGE BATCH)

Diploma Awarded

2013 06 12 jonesOne of the many benefits of CCS is the we see and work with every students. Even the ones sometime forgotten because of their educational difficulties. As Mr. Jones said it this morning many students struggle with calculus, science, history and other academic pursuits. But for other students at CCS there are struggles just to learn to walk, the communicate with another person and to live a life as fully as many of us take for granted. This morning we honored a familiar face in the hall, Brendan Jones. His father spoke about his spirit and tenacity. Mona Siskavich spoke about her momories working with him and a slide show highlighted his time at CCS with all the people he worked with. In the end he as awarded a diploma from CCS by Mr. Breault and did so to a standing ovation. It is the second time in recent weeks we were reminded about the importance of an education. Congrats to Brendan and the whole family. PICTURES

Award Winners

2013 06 06 awardsOn June 5, 2013 students at CCS were recognized for their academic achievements at the annual Academic Awards Night. Honor Roll students received letters, pins and certificates. Members of the National Junior Honor Society and Honor Society were inducted. The guest speaker was CCS graduate Hannah Gardiner who spoke about living life on your own terms and following your dreams and passions as well as working hard despite setbacks. However the highlight of the evening may well have been a special award. Actually it was a diploma that was awarded due to a special educational law called Operation Recognition. The law makes it possible for veterans whose education was interrupted due to serving in the military to get their high school diploma after clearing showing they possessed the life skills and qualities befitting a high school graduate. Mr. Breault was honored to present this diploma to Dale Breault - his father. It was a touching moment for all and a very good reminder about the important of education. As senior Mr. Breaut stated proudly, he can now saw he has a diploma, The value of a good education was on display for all to see from all the honor roll awards through to Hannah's speech it was a nice night. It was also nice to see how many students took the time to honor the evening with appropriate outfits. Thank you to those students who modeled the appropriate sense of honor this night was meant to signify. PICTURES - You can see the program with the list of award winners by CLICKING HERE

Moving Up Day 2013

2013 05 23 singingAnother memorable afternoon of awards today at CCS. Not only that, but cool air (thanks Mr. Breault and the board for putting in air conditioning). A few people were even a bit chilly. Many awards were handed out including thousands of dollars in scholarships to the junior class students. Some highlights included a heartfelt presentation from Mike Martin to Nick Ashline and Katie Beach along with a tearful presentation of deserving students to Cassy Vermette and Dakota Dezan. Honor roll students were mentioned (and will be recognized at the academic awards night), attendance awards were handed out and a few character recognition awards were presented. The afternoon ended as it always does. The current seniors move out of their section in the auditorium and everyone moved up. Congratulations to all the awards winners. There are over 100 pictures here for you to see who won the other special awards. Have a great Memorial Day weekend. See a few of you at the parades? PICTURES

Memorial Day Projecy

2013 05 23 memorial

Students in Mr.Walley’s Intro to Technology and Agscience-Mechanics classes recently finished a replica of Chateaugay’s American Legion memorials. The project, with materials donated by the Chateaugay FFA Chapter, was completed so that Memorial Day Services may be performed behind the American Legion away from the distraction of traffic noise on Main Street in Chateaugay. Pictured in the front row are Jeremy Patnode, Savannah Daoust, Zachary Taylor, Emily Lamere, Claudia Boyer, Morgan Johnston, Emily Trombley, Nicholas Blayne, Jeffery Stemmer, and Patrick Swanston. Back row: Colby Woodward, Tyler McCann, Andy Boadway, Chris Cluff, Commander William Willis, Austin Cook, Kelly Gibson, and Derek Patterson.

A Road Trip Close to Home

2013 05 23 18121Over the past few weeks our 7th graders have been learning about the War of 1812. One of the best things about this topic in history is that major battles happened right here in the North Country. However, there isn't even a mention of either the Battle of Plattsburgh or Battle of Chateaugay, QU in their textbook! With this being the 200th Anniversary of the Battle and Skirmish of Chateaugay, local historians offered to give us a tour of historical sites pertaining to the War of 1812 in our own backyard (literally the skirmish took place behind Chateaugay school).  PICTURES

A New Chateaugay Idol

2013 05 17 idolHands down this was the best Idol yet. Every year we have amazing acts perform at the Chateaugay Idol but this year there was no filler. EVERY act that hit the stage was amazing and I cannot imagine how difficult it was for the three judges.  Thanks to Mr. Brown, Ms. Krieger and Mr. Rogers for making the tough decisions tonight and selecting the final three. The audience had to choose from Dallas Still, Erin Ashline and Rachel Decosse and Meaghan Wood. In the end Dallas won. The night started off with last year's champ and she kicked off the night with a bang. Most of the first act was made up of younger students who wowed every one. It is hard to describe how amazingly talented all the acts were tonight. It was such a good night I even liked Tony Lamica. There are two sets of pictures. Mrs. Trombley used one camera from the usual position at the rear of the auditorium and I roamed all over and got some great shots from back stage. This event was put together by the Class of 2014 which means once again Mr. Walrath was helming another great event. Congrats to all the acts, the sound and lights crew, the back stage crew and all those who made the night so fun. PICTURES 1 - PICTURES 2

Moooooving Story

2013 04 18 cow1On April 12th, the New York State Guernsey2013 04 18 cow2 Breeders' Association awarded seventh grader, Grace Harrigan, with a Purebred Guernsey scholarship calf. Grace won the calf in an essay contest. The scholarship program is designed to2014 04 18 COW3encourage interest in the Guernsey breed. Participants must write an essay and demonstrate the capability to develop the animal to its fullest potential. Participants may not currently own Guernseys and must be willing to show the animal at the County and State Fairs. Following are pictures of Grace with Christel Axtell, the Youth Advisor for the NY State Guernsey Association, Mr. Walley, her FFA advisor, and alumni Elizabeth Trombly, a former scholarship calf winner. This is an annual scholarship open to children ages 9 to 15. For more information, see the NY State Guernsey Breeders' Association website.

Long Distance Learning

2013 04 16 scienceThe College Biology class was privileged to have access to the school’s videoconferencing equipment so that they could speak to a neuropsychologist in Syracuse NY from their classroom at CCS. Student were able to engage conversation on the human brain and sport concussions. Dr. Brian Rieger, Chief Psychologist at the Concussion Management Center at Upstate Medical in Syracuse addressed questions from students in the College Biology class. The students asked many questions regarding the effects of sports concussion and different aspects of learning in the brain. It was a great way for students to access a professional doing research and work while they were studying the nervous system.

Seniors Win

2013 03 12 color warsBut barely....it took a tie breaking shoot out against the sophomores but the seniors came out on top at this year's student council sponsored color wars. This year the faculty put a team together and they came away with a big win in volleyball. Mrs. Swanston was on fire in Knock-Out. Most of the teams put points on the board this year. It was a fun afternoon as always. It was also a great way for students to meet new high school principal Mrs. Tourville as a group. Today was her first day. She was given her first CCS Bulldog sweatshirt and was welcomed into the fold. Congrats seniors. PICTURES





Science Trip

Science Olympiad students in grades 7-9 competed Saturday March 2nd in the regional Science Olympiad at SUNY Potsdam. The team, consisting of: Nick Blair, Abby Cowan, Austin Green, Savannah Daoust, Desiree Dupee, Karlee Martin, Lena Spence, Jeffrey Stemmer, Zach Taylor and Kyle Tower, placed 4th overall.

Special congratulations to:
Karlee Martin & Lena Spence who placed first in Metric Mastery & 2nd in Write It Do It
Nick Blair: 1st in Boomilever & 3rd in Anatomy
Austin Green & Abby Cowan 2nd in Dynamic Planet & 3rd in Rocks & Minerals
Austin Green: 3rd in Reach for the Stars
Desiree Dupee & Kyle Tower: 3rd in Sounds of Music, and
Savannah Daoust & Desiree Dupee: 3rd in Shock Value

Thank you to Mr. Burgoyne, Ms. Rieger, Mrs. Trombley, Mr. Walley and parents for all of your help and support. Thank you also to Kara Taylor and Haylee Tower, members of the high school team, who came and helped out and took pictures. PICTURES

End of an Era

2013 02 22 goodbyeOn February 15, 2013 during 9th period the students in grades 7-12 gathered in the CCS auditorium for a send off for Mrs. Andre. She was hired as a shared superintendent for two area schools and ended her five year run with CCS. Student Council leaders Courtney Boyea and Meagan Wood worked hard with Mr.Breault to put together a small farewell. There was a song, a cheer, some gifts, a poem and a video goodbye. Oh - and a lot of tears. Mr. Breault was the host for the afternoon and will be doing double duty until the new principal begins in a few weeks (more on her in the coming weeks). Goodbye! You will be missed. PICTURES - VIDEO CARD

Maple Syrup

2013 02 08 sugarbushFrom Mr. Walley - "On February 1st students from the AgScience Classes went on a day long excursion to Secore’s Sugarbush in Braindardsville. Three generations of Secore’s (Richard, Andre, and Brennan) were our hosts. The day was spent learning how to construct the pipeline systems that transport raw sap from the trees to the sugarhouse. With Andre’s guidance constructed 500 feet of mainline and ran lateral to trees from it. Brennan and group removed windblown branches from lines, tightened and made repairs to the lines, and removed the spouts from holders getting ready for the tapping season. A special thanks goes to Richard for cooking lunch. Pancakes the size of paper plates, sausage, bacon, eggs, toast, milk and orange juice in supersized portions was the menu. It was a cold day filled with learning and outdoor fun while working by all. It was great for all to learn about one agricultural pursuit from very gracious community members." Check out the pictures.

Science Trip

2013 02 04 scienceThis past Saturday, the High School Science Olympiad team competed in numerous science events at Clarkson University. It was no easy task, as the competition was difficult. CCS placed 7th overall with many students placing second or third in their events. Receiving medals for their efforts included Ben Roulston, Morgan Legacy, Caitlin Miller, Reid LaPlante, Trevor Lang and Danny Wilcox. Additionally, the following students competed exceptionally well in their events, Eric Legacy, Michael Downing, John Selkirk, Rachel Decosse, Kara Taylor, Haylee Tower, Mitchell Hesseltine, and Wayne Cowan. CONGRATULATIONS!!! PICTURES There are a lot of pictures of people eating snacks. There are a few former CCS students in the pictures and a weatherman. It is like Where's Waldo!

Ski Trip

Cold and snowy weather. Folks who like to ski love this time of year. The first CCS ski trip was this past Thursday and was a bit hit with everyone who took to the slopes. We have some serious ski fans at this school. Miss Smith was in attendance and snapped a few pictures for the website. As always - feel free to snap some pictures and send them along. Some of the best pictures could be used in the yearbook. PICTURES


12192012 pj1"Mrs. Allen’s college English class recently organized 12192012 pj2a pajama project. Senior students purchased cozy pajamas for kids from the Backpack Program in grades Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade. The students requested sizes, shopped, and then wrapped the pajamas for each child. The pajamas will be sent home with the backpacks on December 20, 2012. The seniors felt it was important to give back this holiday season." Thanks Mrs. Allen and seniors for a thoughtful project. I like feet pajamas myself!

Door Contest

Congratulations to all the door decorating contest winners. There were some great doors this year. I think it was the strongest bunch I have seen in a while and I am sure the judging was difficult. The winning door was Mr. Miller's tribute to Sandy Hook, 2nd Place was Mrs. Simonsen and third place went to Mr. Walley. Great job everyone. Have a great holiday season. PICTURES

Science on the Road

On November 27th Earth Science students went on a field trip to Oak Hill Quarry and NYCO industries in Willsboro. Students learned about how the mineral Wollastonite was formed, found and mined. Students learned about the impacts of mining on the environment and what wollastonite is used for. After visiting the quarry, students went to the NYCO plant where they learned how wollastonite is processed and packaged and the many uses of wollastonite. Thank you to alumni, Darien Peck, and NYCO for making this possible -Mrs. Diane Harrigan PICTURES

Alien Life at CCS   

10292012 sr playThis past weekend the Class of 2013 presented the annual senior play. It was all about aliens from another planet. Fun dialog, great characters and a chase scene right out of Scooby Doo made the play a lot of fun. Congratulations to all the performers as well as Mrs. Nemier-Green. I know the class of 2013 thanks all who supported  them this past weekend. Great job everyone! PICTURES - You can also check out the PROGRAM from the play to see who was involved.

Chocolate and a First Aid Kit

I10232012 science was not sure what those two things had to do with each other...then I realized...I was talking with Ms. Rieger and it all made sense. She and a few students went on a hike this past weekend. The chocolate was for anyone who beat her to the top of the mountain. The first aid kit was just in case Kara Taylor fell. Or maybe she said good thing we had the kit because someone might fall. She is hard to follow sometimes. I do know that Haylee Tower brought deodorant. She clearly has hiked with Ms. Rieger before. Thanks to all who participated as well the chaperones who gave up their time over the weekend for the annual hike.PICTURES

Something to do with Jello

Since this involves Ms. Rieger you have to read it for yourself and see the pictures. All I heard was it involved Jello - "Ms. Cook and Mrs Boyea's classes were "treated" to a morning of cellular fun. The College Biology class, which includes, Dallas Still, Courtney Boyea, Devon Barnes, Whsiper Bennett, Lace Heiserman, Mitchell Hesseltine, Desiree Stumpf, Kelsey Wallace, Daniel Wilcox and Meaghan Wood, spent time talking with the 6th graders about plant and animal cells. The students used a variety of teaching methods which included, the smartboard, microscopes, drawing on Ms. Rieger's tables, and of course the cookies and jello activities (very popular)."PICTURES

Across the Grades

From Mr. Seymour - "Mr. Seymour's 8th grade social studies students started the year off in rare form by testing their acting chops on Constitution Day, September, 17. To celebrate the signing of the Constitution, these students acted out small plays for each of the elementary classrooms on the importance of the Bill of Rights. Check out some of these all-stars in the PICTURES."

Meet the Parents 

09132012The CCS version of the hit movie - although with fewer awkward moments. I am referring to the annual Parent Night/Open House. The hallways were lined with parents and students moving from class to class to meet with teachers and learn more about the high expectations of life in high school. Mrs. Andre grabbed the camera for some great candid pictures. Thank you to all the parents who were able to attend. We always look forward to working with you through the school year. PICTURES

Tie Breaker   

For the first time that anyone could remember there was a tie in the opening day games and a playoff had to be scheduled. After a day full of getting back into the swing students at CCS took part in the annual Opening Day Games competition. Basketball - leap from - volleyball and more were the events. In the end the 8th grade class tied with the 11th grade class and a winner take all sprint was the deciding factor. The Junior Class won the event and was crowned champion. I suspect there will be some payback when the Color Wars come around. We hope everyone has a fun and successful school year. PICTURES

First look

09052012Seventh grade students at CCS returned a day early for a special orientation. They were given a first look at the many improvements at the school including the first look at the new lockers. They were given a chance to follow their schedule and see their new classrooms. A special lunch and an afternoon full of team building games rounded out the day. Tomorrow the rest of the students return and the 2012-2013 year begins for all.PICTURES