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Mrs. Roach would like to share some valuable healthy choices information for all readers. This newsletter is all about root vegetables and the benefits they provide. Don't "beet" around the bush - READ all about it

eat. learn. live week

• Fruits and vegetables can be a big part of your plate no matter the weather. Though there are still many fresh fruits and veggies that are available in the winter months, frozen, dried, canned, and 100% juice choices are great ways make fruits and vegetables part of every meal!

• The flavor and nutrition of canned and frozen foods is preserved because most are processed right after harvesting.

• Keep pantry staples like canned tomatoes and beans, frozen vegetables, and dried fruit around to make meal planning easier and more nutritious.

• Stay on budget by buying fruits and vegetable in-season and stocking up on canned and frozen.

• Frozen and canned veggies can help make meal preparation faster because the cutting and cooking is already done for you!

• Tip: Make fruits or vegetables the main attraction at the dinner table, and then add protein and grains.

• Did you know canned foods are nutritionally comparable to fresh and frozen foods?

• Watching the salt? Canned foods can still fit into your diet - many low and reduced sodium varieties are available and draining and rinsing can cut sodium by almost half!

• Don't let your meals suffer from the cold weather - just because fresh produce isn't available, doesn't mean fruits and veggies should go into hibernation.

• Don't let healthy eating go into hibernation. Eat fruits and veggies year round by buying canned, dried, and frozen when fresh isn't available.

• Colder temps outside may mean less fresh fruits and veggies, but there is just as much variety in canned, dried, and frozen foods.

• Veggies like Brussels sprouts, kale, collard greens, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash are members of the polar bear club and thrive in the winter.

• Fruits like clementines, kiwi, oranges, pear, and pomegranate are members of the polar bear club and thrive in the winter!

• Fall, winter, spring? Whatever the weather, these fruits and veggies like bananas, avocados, broccoli, carrots, and apples are in season year-round.

Resources to provide to teachers and parents:
Produce for Better Health "All Fruits & Veggies Matter" Activity Book for ages 6-9
Fruits and Veggies More Matter Coloring and Activity Pages for Kids
Activity Sheet for SuperMarket or Homework: All Forms Count!

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June - Breakfast
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Smart Snack Guidelines

*CCS will adhere to Smart Snack Guidelines
 *Wellness Committee will meet October, 2014.

Please contact Loretta Fowler, Superintendent of Schools for exact date and time if interested in attending.