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2013 Junior Prom

Oops - forgot one set

Thanks to Mrs. Jones-King I have one more set of pictures to share. I had these on a different memory card and forgot to post them. These are from the coronation.CORONATION PICTURES

A Few More

Here are the remaining pictures from the Prom. Thanks to all the chaperones, parents, Mr. Walrath and everyone else who worked hard to make the prom such a success. Thanks also to Joshua Trombley who took most of the candids throughout the evening. Lots of great stuff in the batches here and below. Now - onto Idol and the golf tournament. Attention Junior Class:  Please take time to thank Mr. Walrath for his tireless work on your behalf.LAST BATCH

King and Queen

king and queenThanks for tuning into the coverage tonight. Thanks to Mr. Walrath and the Junior class for hosting the 2013 Prom - New York City. It was a fun night of dancing, cakes eating and more. There will be a few more batches later when the coronation is complete but what you really want to know that the King and Queen are: Chad Stalter and Hannah Cook More pictures to come. (perhaps not until tomorrow - it is Mother's Day and I have a great wife to take care of)

Caption Contest

Joshua is winning the caption contest - his entry - "I cannot believe I had to play a Taylor Swift song!" Can you beat that?

Last update until coronation

This will be the last update until coronation. Seriously - how may pictures of dancing do you really need? Check back around 11:00 to see who was crowned king a queen. Remember, we will not be allowing guests into the gym until then. There will be a class picture around 10:45 then we will open up the gym soon after. We are asking parents to line up on the DJ side of the gym and the court will stop and pose for pictures for you.BATCH 10

Two Batches and a rest

Here are two more sets to keep you satisfied. BATCH 8 and BATCH 9

Before I forget

Thanks to chaperones - Miss Pickering, Mrs. Ashline, and Mrs. Gardiner. This is also the first dance for Mrs. Tourville and she is amazed at how well every acts here at CCS. The punch is now gone so Mr. Walrath is scrambling to find some other refreshments. BATCH 7

Update 7

Ice Ice Baby? Really? The classic Vanilla Ice tune is cranking right now. Wait - I just called Ice Ice Baby a classic. I think I am old. (No comments please). A few more pictures from roving photographer Joshua! BATCH 6

Update 6

Did I mention there is cake. It seems like every one had a piece and there is a lot left. Miss Pickering is helping the servers learn their trade. They are doing a good job! There is a line dance happening right now so I suspect I will have some great pictures soon. Here are some more candids to keep you happy. (Also - I have one entry in the caption contest - see the picture below of DJ Sandvig) BATCH 5

Update 5

I have no entries in the caption Mr. Sandvig contest yet. Send The winner will get....nothing really but the envy of all the website readers. The cake has been cut and the punch is flowing. I hear the snacks are great as well. BATCH 4


You know what I am missing tonight? Mr. Goggins and his stories about the glory days. I bet he would have some great stories from the big city. He told me about concerts and other fun stuff from his time down in the city. But we are in the capable hands of Ron tonight. Here are the first few pictures from Mrs. Ashline and Mrs. Gardiner. BATCH 3


caption thisHere come the pictures. Joshua just checked in with a few shots from the dance floor. Things are heating up. I can hear some people "sing". At least I think it is singing. It sounds a little like it. I think there is a great picture here that needs a caption. What is Mr. Sandvig thinking? Joshua also provided a great response but I will give you an hour to email your response. BATCH 2


This is really odd - the gym is pretty quiet right now. I think this year's attendees are a little afraid to bust their moves. I think it is time for the Chicken Dance or something. Mr. Sandvig just came out for a cookie so I think he is ready to get the party jumping now. Joshua and Mrs. Ashline are patrolling with the cameras and we will get some pictures to you soon. For now - take a look at the trivia questions for NYC at the right.

Prom Court

2013 prom courtThe coronation will be at 11:00. We are asking parents wait to arrive until appx. 10:45 please. Here is the Prom Court for the 2013 Junior Prom. Mrs. Ashline on photo detail right now. Mr. Sandvig is playing the tunes. More deets later (and by deets I mean details) I am so hip the current vernacular. You know for people who use the word vernacular.

Update 1

Here are the first few pictures of students arriving at the prom. As usual, the dresses are amazing. Some of the guys even look pretty good.;-) BATCH 1

New York - New York   

It is almost time folks for the 2013 Junior Prom. The theme is New York and the gym looks amazingly like the skyline of the great city. You will enjoy the pictures. Joshua is grabbing some snapshots as the students arrive. Once the posed shots are up I will be back with updates.

Some Trivia

TRIVIA answers

Almost forgot to post trivis answers: 1.The Whitestone Bridge; 2.Happy, Serve; 3.Dumbo; 4.President of the United States; 5.The Brooklyn Bridge; 6.The New York Philharmonic; 7.Chickens/roosters; 8.West Side Story; 10.MTA


1 Which New York City bridge is made mostly of dark reinforced steel and concrete, and not, as its name might indicate, light-colored rock?

2 Fill in the blanks in the message on the iconic Greek Anthora coffee cup: we are [blank] to [blank] you.

3 What’s the only Brooklyn neighborhood that shares its name with a Disney movie?

4 Other than Rudy Giuliani, John Lindsay is the only New York City mayor of the past 50 years to attempt to become what?

5 In 1886, New Yorker Steve Brodie became famous when he supposedly jumped off what and survived? (Turns out it was probably a hoax.)

6 What extremely well-known New York artistic institution is directed by Alan Gilbert—not, as might seem more appropriate, Phil Gilbert?

7 Some New Yorkers keep the females as pets, but it’s illegal to keep the males because of noise. What are we talking about?

8 What very popular stage musical is set in New York City, but based on a Shakespeare play?

10 What three-letter abbreviation stands for an organization with a presence throughout NYC? (When you reverse the order of the letters, you get an abbreviation seen on completely unrelated signs throughout the city.)