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2016 Prom - Hollywood


Tonight - May 14 - all eyes are on the red carpet at CCS. All the beautiful people will be here tonight. Check out all the pictures. Remember to refresh the window to see what is new. The first batch will not be posted until after I take all the posed shots (around 8:30). 
PLEASE NOTE - the coronation will be at 11:30. Doors will open for parents, spectators at 11:00. Please do not come before then. We ask for $1.00 at the door to see the coronation. Thank you. 

Help me help you - do you prefer the album posts or the Google+ posts. I think the Google+ posts load faster, but let me know. Thanks

Yes - this is the group that put the Hollywood into Chateaugay. Great job. Fun night. I need a nap. 

Last Set - Have a good night.

Posed Pictures

I took posed pictures of most every couple tonight (see the one with Mrs. Trombley and Mr. Seymour for reference). There was some confusion about purchasing the pictures. If prom attendees (or their parents) want them - please order soon. The cost is $15.00 for 2 - 8x10, 2- 5x7, 4- 4x6, and a set of wallets. I did have some orders and some people did pay already but I know others forgot. Please let me know if you want pictures. I will place the order Monday night so I can get them back in a timely manner. To keep costs down I need to order them all at once. Thank you. 

Prom Pictures 4

More Pictures and Videos

While you are waiting for pictures from the Prom you can take a few moments to check out the school's Google+ page. I post most content there and I added some images form the archives. 

Prom 2


I am posting the pictures two ways for the people who cannot access the albums on their iPhones/iPads and some smart phones. The Google+ links might work better. If you still cannot access the pictures please email me and I will try something else. Thanks

Google Prom 5

More Prom Pictures

Prom Pictures 6


Not much time for my commentary yet. Very busy start to the night. The kids all look amazing. I think this might well be the night for dresses I have seen. The ladies look amazing. The honest - everyone wants to know about ladies. But the guys look great. 

Prom Pictures

Before I took all the posed pictures I did a test shot with these two. As I type this they are both working hard on the snacks. One is making popcorn and the other is mixing a batch of punch. It takes a team to make a prom work.