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Christmas Ball - December 2007

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It is time to head home.  I have a few more pictures from Annika and one more video for you.  Thanks to all who wrote it to tell me about the movies.  Thanks to Annika for the pictures and all the chaperones.  Also, I think every parent sitting out in the cold right now waiting to pick up a student needs a thank you as well.  Have a good and safe weekend and holiday season.  Last batch of photos

Winding down....

A cheer rose from the crowd as the prince, princess, king and queen were selected. Want to know who was chosen???? Look at the pictures.  Speaking of pictures (actually I mean writing of pictures) I will be posting these and a few I took on the Shutterfly page soon. Remember all purchases help the A/V club which means I can get more equipment to make the site better for everyone.  Another batch of 150 pictures or more

Thanks and more pictures

A few people told me that the video is not working. It is playing here at school.  I will try to fix it. For now we have over 100 more photos from  Annika. The has really become amazing.  The gym is very dark and sometimes she only gets a back or two, but mostly she has some good stuff. Check out her brother's hair. I am jealous, sort of. If I had hair would I wear it like that? If I was 16 again?  Most likely.  I sported a Mullet like many of you men out there of a certain vintage so don't laugh or I'll track down the yearbook photos for my own Dateline special...When Mullets Attack. More Pictures

The idea worked..

I think this is pretty cool. Anyway, back to the pictures and the stories. It is hot in the gym but it appears everyone is having a ball. This is the most crowded dance of the year and there is little room for people to bust a move. I tried to bust a move in the 80s and I think I did. I completely broke my move. Too much information...? Batch 3

An idea

I am not sure if this will work for everyone, but I am attempting to add a video to the update.  Be patient please.  And, if it works, you can make my statue out of snow for now. If the movie does not play in the window below, try clicking HERE and it may open in a new window. I will keep working on this (while many of you are home covered up on a comfy chair not having to drive home.)

Part 2

Define geek for me...I think it might be me.  While I wait for some updated pictures for the website I have been tinkering with the lobby signs and I already have some dance videos complete with Christmas music from Brian Setzer.  If you do not have one of Christmas CDs I suggest you get one. Pictures

Batch 1

8:19 PM - She's already burning up the memory card. Annika has been patrolling the entry way looking for pictures and people are ready and willing to pose.  I hear a lot of talk about a special dance that everyone has been learning so I suspect we will see that later.  For now you can se some of the great dresses. Mrs. Johnston noticed how many young ladies were coming in with snow covered sandals. Having blue that what Elvis was singing about in Blue Christmas? You know what I'm talking about "blue, blue, blue, blue Christmas" (Curl the lip when you read that)  Batch 1


Mrs. Gardiner has informed me that a Prince and Princess will be selected from the 7-9 grade students and a King and Queen from the students in grades 10-12. love for the webmaster? How about some chocolate fudge, with no nuts thank you.

Christmas Ball

Baby It's Cold Outside.  I put this song on the TV in the lobby in case anyone did not realize how cold it actually is. However, it is not putting a damper on the spirits of those in attendance tonight. You know the drill by now. Check in from time to time to see the pictures and enjoy some witty comments from the Dave Barry wannabe. "Yo- tell me what you want what you really really want." Don't forget to hit refresh to see what has been added.