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Junior Prom - 2008

Last Update

Your King: Joshua Patnode (to bad the paper did not get it right) and your Queen Danielle Swanston. Last Pictures

Prom Update 7

It is getting close to the time when I have to get in and do the Class Photo and the Prom Court, So this will be the last update until the last update after the King and Queen are announced. Parents are already starting to get here and the lobby is filling up. Please be patient and I will have an update for you in about 1/2 hour. Pictures

Prom Update 6

Will Smith is in the house.  But the best part for me is that rap seems to be on the way out for many of the students. AC/DC still rocks. The guys helping out with the cake and soda were just dragged out on to the dance floor by some of the junior girls. So you may want to say a silent prayer for Michael Boyea, Brandon Spinner and Ben Trombley. I hope they come out alive. More Pictures

Prom Update 5

I think I need hair extensions. Actually, maybe I need some hair first. Annika is great at getting nice shots of the hair styles. I was going to post one of my hair style but the flash reflected so brightly off my head that Annika went temporarily blind. Batch 5

Prom Update 4

Amazingly no one came to the prom tonight wearing the same outfit as me. Odd. Usually someone goes with the blue sweater and khaki colored pants ensemble. The theme for this year's prom is "Hollywood" and there are certainly some starlets in attendance tonight. There is actually a red carpet down the hall leading to the gym. The paparazzi would love it here tonight. I think many of the outfits rival anything you would see at the Academy Awards and, as an added bonus, no Joan Rivers. Batch 4

Prom Update 3

9:20 PM - Mr. Sandvig lost a speaker for a few minutes, but not so you'd notice. The sweet gentle sounds of Metallica are ringing in the gym. There is nothing more romantic than a song about the Sandman. The candids are coming fast and furious from Annika. She is using the new camera and I think you can tell. Her amazing pictures are even better this year. I did notice something about this class...they seem to eat more cake. For those attending later tonight...the coronation will take place around 11:30 and we ask that attendees sit on the bleachers like last year. There will be time for pictures and I will post the ones I take for anyone to download. Someone just said thrat they are sweating like a banshee. You want to know who? Last year's prom Queen. Batch 3

Prom Update 2

8:50 PM - The fire truck was here. Fortunately it was to drop off a couple of well dressed people. In fact the whole gym is full of people who look amazing. As always the guys have already decided to lose the coats and some have even abandoned the dates. Here is the first batch of Annika photos. I promise, I'll be funnier in the next post. Pictures

Prom Update 1

7:35 PM - It is almost time. There "talent" is here. By that I mean, the ticket takers, the DJ (Dapper Eric Sandvig), Advisor Karen Swanston, Harold "The Rock" LaDuke, Miss Manners Pickering, Mrs. "Black Dress" Vicki Gardiner, and of course, your host for the Also working tonight is Annika Peterson and Ben Trombley helping with pictures and everything else. The weather is great and those already assembled are anxious for the night to begin. Here is what the students will be seeing as the enter the gym. Don't forget to hit REFRESH to see is there are any updates. Also, please remember that during the first half hour to hour I will be doing the posed shots and may not get updates to you until then.Batch 1

Junior Prom - May 10, 2008

Check back throughout the night for pictures and stories.