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Neon Dance - 2007

Neon Dance - September 28, 2007

It is the first dance of the year and the first major fundraising activity of the new season for the Class of 2009. Students are decked out in white t-shirts with neon lettering. Others are carrying glow sticks and some even have some wild lipstick and make-up. And that is just the boys.  I think there are even a few people who have a little bit of each. Annika Peterson will once again provide the pictures and I will provide the words. Keep checking back to catch a glimpse of the Neon Dance.

Update 1 - 8:37

Here is the first batch of photos from Annika.  You can see much of the glitter and neon in the outfits as well as the hair styles (if I can use style for some of what I have seen.  Of course though, I am jealous of anyone with hair. But I digress.) Here is the first batch of photos. Pictures

Update 2 - 8:58

I know I have mentioned this before but the gym has turned into a cheesy 80's comedy.  The students are dancing mostly in unison again.  It always is fun and, to be a honest, a little odd. Annika has turned in another card full of some great and really funny pictures. I ventured into the gym for a few minutes and it is VERY hot. Drinks will be sold tonight, much to the delight of class advisor (or is it adviser?), Mrs. Swanston. Pictures

Update 3 - 9:09

Another quick update.  Annika had some flash troubles. But I fixed it. Also, she was lamenting the lack of led Zeppelin tunes. We discussed the best times and places to get the Led out and I think I am right by saying that other than "Stairway to Heaven" at the end of a dance, there really is no place for them in a modern era.  I am so glad to be debating the merits of Led Zeppelin as opposed to Brittanty, 50 Cent or the like. And, I am curious, did you read this diatribe? Like my use of the word diatribe? Pictures

Update 4 - 9:54

Can you say Hot? Really...say it. Think it. Believe it. It is hot in the gym right now. You know that song "Hot, Hot, Hot"? Well that is what it is. Get the drift? It is global warming hot right now. Where is Al Gore when you need him. I mean really does anyone read what I write or do you simply look for pictures? Pictures

Update 5 - 10:05

How is this for timing? I think the last dance or two I added some pictures and stories while AC/DC was playing. Gotta Love AC/DC. Some students are already checking out for the night but those who are staying are still on the dance floor. Actually, Def Leppard is cranked up right now. Just saw them in concert with Styx in Montreal. Want to hear all about it, or do you

Update 6 - 10:30

This will be the last update of the evening with the last 100 photos or so from Annika. Thanks to her, the class of 2009, all the chaperones, Harold and class advisor (or is it adviser?) Mrs. Swanston for a great night.  Thanks to Mr. Sandvig for spinning the tunes and to Mr. Breault for his watchful eye. Another fun, peaceful dance, and not fire alarms, although we could have used the cold blast from outside this time. Hope you had a good night watching