District Contacts - All Employees

District Contacts

Please use this list to find contact information for all district employees.  Please let me know if someone is missing or if an email/web address is missing or incorrect. Thank you. 
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Name / Email AddressBuildingDepartment - Grade - SubjectWebsite/Homework Page
Name / Email AddressBuildingDepartment - Grade - SubjectWebsite/Homework Page
Andrews, Dan BOCES   
Ashlawy, Kelly Elementary Speech  
Ashline, Diane High School Teaching Assistant  
Beach, Brian All Building Supervisor  
Beach, Jane Elementary Grade 3  
Beaudin, Stacy Elementary Special Edcuation  
Blair-Wilcox, Carrie Elementary Grade 4 Homework Calendar 
Boyea, Anne Elementary  Speech  
Breault, Tillie High School English  
Brown, Larry High School Business  
Buno-Taylor, Lori BOCES   
Burgoyne, Julie Elementary  Teacher Aide  
Calnon, John Elementary Grade 4  
Calnon, Nicole Administration - Elementary Principal  
Campbell, Sonya Elementary  Teaching Assistant - Elementary Library  
Cartier, Kim Elementary Kindergarten  
Cayea, Lori Elementary Watchkeeper  
Collette, Natan All Transportation  
Cook, Jill All Clerical - Principle Clerk - Payroll  
Cook, Marie  Transportation  
Cooley, Matthew  Transportation  
Couillard, Elizabeth High School Teaching Assistant  
Cowan, Jackie All Clerical - Treasurer  
Cudworth, Ronald All Maintentance  
Davey, Maureen All Clerical - Principle Clerk - Tax Collector  
Doria, Marie  Transportation  
Dragoon, Carl  Transportation  
Duffer, Andrew High School - Elementary Vocal Music Teacher Website 
Dumas, Nicole Elementary Grade 6 Homework Calendar 
Dwyer, Kate Elementary Grade 5 Homework Calendar 
Farmer, Michelle BOCES   
Filion, Krista Elementary Teaching Assistant  
Finnell, Jessica Elementary Pre-K Teacher's Aide  
Fletcher, Jean Elementary Clerical - Elementary   
Fowler, Loretta Administration - Superintendent Superintendent  
Gardiner, Vicki High School Home and Career  
Gillette, Craig All Maintenance  
Goggins, Mark All Maintentance  
Gugliotta, Bruce High School Guidance Counselor  
Hanley, Cyndi Elementary Grade 1  
Hanley, Trent High School Science  
Harrigan, Diane High School Science Teacher Website 
Harrigan, Elizabeth Elementary Special Education  
Henderson, Chandra High School Clerical - High School  
Hesseltine, Karen Elementary Kindergarten  
Higgins, Kevin BOCES   
Jagger, Amy High School Health and Psychology Teacher Website 
Johnston, Jeffrey High School Physical Education  
Johnston, Jessica Elementary  Special Education  
Jones-King, Susan Elementary Counselor  
Jubert, Kaitlyn Elementary - High School Visual Arts Teacher Website 
Lang, Steve High School Math Homework Calendar 
Laombe, Meagan Elementary Reading  
LaPlante, Jason Elementary Grade 5 Homework Calendar 
LaPlante, Shelly Elementary Grade 6  
Lapoint, Joelle Elementary  Teacher Aide  
Leach, Sue BOCES   
Legacy, Mary All Clerical - Superintendent - Clerk of the Board  
Magnan, Wendy All School Nurse Nurses' Page 
McCardle, Shannon High School Social Studies  
McComb, Katie Elementary Pre-K  
Miller, Roger High School Teaching Assistant  
Mulverhill, Steve BOCES   
Nemier, Douglas  Transportation  
Nemier-Green, Megan High School Math Teacher Website 
Nemier, Melissa High School Teaching Assistant  
O'Connor, Michael  Transportation  
O'Connor, Peggy High School Special Education  
O'Neil, Lindsey Elementary Grade 1  
Parmeter, Courtney Elementary  Secretary  
Parmeter, Tracie High School Special Education  
Pickering, Cinde High School Library High School Library 
Porter, Rebecca All Maintentance  
Quay, Judy All Psychologist  
Recore, Kimberly Elementary Special Education  
Reynolds, Chris Elementary Physical Education  
Reynolds. Michelle (Babs) High School Physical Education - Athletic Director  
Rieger, Karla High School Science  
Riley, Dan BOCES   
Robbins, Sheila All Maintentance  
Robideau, Mary BOCES   
Robinson, Rosemay BOCES   
Rogers, Evan High School Social Studies Homework Calendar 
Rounds, Mary All School Nurse Nurses' Page 
Rowe, Lori  Transportation  
Sandvig, Eric High School Science Teacher Website 
Sandvig, Melissa Elementary Teacher Aide  
Seymour, Henrietta Elementary Grade 2  
Seymour, Tim High School Social Studies Homework Calendar 
Simonsen, Shiela High School Foreign Language - French  
Soucia, William  Transportation  
Spence, Wendy High School Teaching Assistant  
Stewart, Susan High School English  
Swanston, Karen High School Foreign Language - Spanish Teacher Website 
Swanston, Lisa Elementary Pre-K  
Swanston, Nancy All Maintentance  
Swinton, Ember Elementary Teacher - Pre-K  
Thomas, Christine Elementary Grade 3  
Titus, Joshua All Maintenance  
Tourville, Lori Administration - High School Principal  
Trombley, Art High School Math Teacher Website 
Trombley, Jocelyn High School - Elementary Instrumental Music Music / Musical Page 
Trombley, Ronna High School Guidance Secretary  
Trombley, Russell  Transportation  
Trombly, Mary Beth High School Special Education  
Walley, Gleason High School Ag/Tech  
Walrath, Kent High School English Teacher Website 
Warriner, Tammy Elementary  Teacher Aide  
Watson, Lori Elementary Grade 2 Homework Calendar 
Wilder, Judy All Maintentance  
Willis, Delma  Transportation  
Willis, Mary Elementary Teaching Assistant  
Woodward, Rex  Transportation - Head Mechanic  
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