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Habit 1: Being Proactive

posted Jan 13, 2016, 6:02 AM by Michelle Gravlin

Monday- CCS has started sharing the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens in grades 7-12.

This week we are starting with Habit 1-

Habit 1 is the habit of being pro-active.

This is the habit of personal responsibility.

The main principle are:responsibility, choice, accountability, initiative and respect.

Tuesday- This habit encourages being proactive vs reactive:

An example of proactive language:

I choose to….I’ll do it….  there has got to be a way…

A person who is reactive would say things like:

I have to….I’ll try...I can’t

Notice that the reactive language takes power away from you and gives it to something or someone else.  Proactive language puts the control back onto you and get to decide what happens

Wednesday- Being proactive really means 2 things. First, you take responsibility for your life. Second, you have a “can- do”attitude.

Can do people take initiative to make it happen, they think about solutions and options and they act!