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Google Links

  • Calendar - you can import existing calendars.
  • Google Docs - Use this to create documents like you would in Office - word processing, spread sheets, slide shows, forms and more. Everything saved will be accessible from any browser window. 
  • Drive - you can store existing Office files and use the drive like a thumb drive and network drive. However - all documents not created by Google Docs will add to your storage limit. Items created with Google products do not count toward your total. If you use Dropbox, you can use this instead or as a back up. 
  • Gmail - just like the email service you use, but probably simpler. You can also import existing email accounts. 
  • Sites - use this to create your own website. This is what I use to create the school website.
  • Classroom - this is brand new and when I play around with it some more I will share my thoughts about how to use it.

District Calendar