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Beauty and the Beast 2011

Be Our Guest

musical2011On Friday night as the first performance was winding down something happened that nearly took my breath away. Gaston had just killed the Beast but Belle's love brought him back thanks in part to the glowing red roses that lit up the CCS auditorium. If you were in the audience for that wondrous moment you knew you were witnessing something magical. For four performances the students sang, danced and won the hearts of all in attendance. Every year I hear people walking out of the audience and I get hear them talk about what they just say. Here are some of the quotes I heard - "How do they do this so well year after year?" - "Every year I think this is the best musical they have ever done." - "That Belle girl has an amazing voice." - "Those dancers were awesome. Where do they find someone who can do ballet like that?" - "The Beast was cool." - "That Gaston song was awesome. Especially part with the mugs." - "Those costumes were amazing." - "The effect with the glowing roses was awesome." - "There was not a weak link in this whole performance." - "That candlestick and clock and person in the green pants were funny." - "The Beauty was beautiful." -  The list goes ON and ON. Everyone involved should be VERY proud of themselves. I would love to write a real review about each actor but I cannot. The whole production was amazing. For many of the more seasoned performers this was their finest work. For some of the rookies this was a great look at the future of musicals at CCS. When you get a moment congratulate Mrs. Breault, Mrs. Nemier-Green and Miss Peryea for their hard work. There will be more pictures to some but for now here are the ones I took Sunday Afternoon. They are unedited but I wanted to make sure there was something up as soon as possible. Check back for more pictures as well as some video clips. BATCH 1 - BATCH 2

Special Performance

Along with the normal performances this year the cast will present a special matinee on Saturday April 2 for families and children. Special events planned include:

  • Reduced prices for students - $2.00 per student and children under $3.00 are free
  • Celebrate the show by dressing up as your favorite Beauty and the Beast character
  • Special light up roses will be available for purchase for a lighting ceremony during the show.
  • Photo opportunities with Belle, the Beast and the rest of the cast after the show
  • T-shirts will be available for purchase for children and adults
  • special autograph books will be available.


Forget your copy of the program? Looking to make a digital scrapbook? Trying to remember who played what part? We have got you covered? Here is the musical programand autograph book from this year's musical.

Cast List

  • Beast – Alex Lamica
  • Belle – Morgan Simonsen
  • Mrs. Potts – Kayla Trainer
  • Lumiere – Isaac Kinney
  • Cogsworth – Danny Wilcox
  • Maurice – Stephen Bernier
  • Gaston – Brian Ashline
  • Lefou – Josh Trombley
  • Babette – Kelly Favaro
  • Chip – Holly Zeldenrust
  • Madame de la Grande Bouche – Brittany Drollette
  • Monsieur D’Arque – Austin Pivetta
  • Silly Girl #1 – Courtney Boyea
  • Silly Girl #2 – Erin Ashline
  • Silly Girl #3 – Marissa Poupore
  • Baker – Ian Henderson
  • Bookseller – Michael Boyea
  • Enchantress – Rachael LaTour
  • Narrator – Austin Pivetta
  • Young Prince – Ben Trombley


Wolves (Dancers)
Katelyn Magnan
Allison Soulier
Reid LaPlante
Miranda O’Neill
Paige English

Principle Dancers
Rachael LaTour
Sarah Gardiner
Brianna Smith
Kierstin Zeldenrust
Raquel Fowler
Florence Danjou