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Bye Bye Birdie 2006

Cast List
Albert PetersonJoey BernierDeborah SueBarbie Johnston
Rose AlvarezKelsey NemierMargieMaggie Hamelin
Conrad BirdieBJ TitusAliceKatie Hamelin
Mrs. Mae PetersonKristi LaBareHarvey JohnsonZach Farrell
Mr. Harry MacafeeHans StumpfHelenAllison Bruso
Mrs. Doris MacafeeKayla IgnaczakNancyEmma Allen
Kim MacafeeBrooke McDonaldPenelopeStephanie Boyea
Randolph MacafeeBrian AshlineSuzieShay Mailloux
Hugo PeabodyDerek NicholsKarlSilas Martin
Ursala MerkleKalee DanussiFreddieJon Chase
Gloria RasputinRozzie LaBareMayorTrent Hanley
Charles F. MaudeZach Farrell**Mayor's WifeAnnika Peterson
Maude's DishwasherJohn Peterson**Mrs. MerkleKristi Harrigan
Maude's 1st CustomerJon Chase**Mr. JohnsonJesse Sorrell
Maude's 2nd CustomerSilas Martin**PolicemanJohn Peterson
**Singing quartet for "Talk to Me"First ReporterTristan Baldwin
Third ReporterSilas Martin
3 Sad Girls (dancers)TrainmanJoey Drollette
Devin CassavawTaylor Cassavaw
Amanda Johnston
Male ChorusFemale Chorus
Ben TrombleySteven BernierHannah GardinerKate Favaro
John PetersonJoey DrolletteEmily GardinerCourtney Trainer
Justin CorcoranRyan HanleyHeather DeuyourShanelle Loffler
Wade AshlineZach FarrellJessica BurlNikki Cooke-Paige
Trent HanleyJon ChaseLaura StewartMarci Wood
Silas MartinJesse SorrellAnnika PetersonKristi Harrigan
Tristan Baldwin Devin CassavawTaylor Cassavaw
  Amanda JohnstonRozzie LaBare

Show Stopping Performances

3/26/06 - Once again CCS students dazzled and amazed audiences for three exceptional performances of "Bye, Bye, Birdie".  This year marked the directorial debut for Megan Nemier and she rose to the challenge with much success.  She was aided by first year pit band director Miss Peryea and musical director Mrs. Childs.  The three lead the students to a weekend of amazing musical numbers.  All the students performed well and the audiences left the school once again in awe of the talent.  As you can expect I took a few pictures.  I am posting only the ones I took Sunday afternoon, along with some posed cast shots of the students who stopped by my room before the shows Friday and Saturday night.  I did not edit the pictures from the show so please forgive some of the blurry and repetitive images.  I will be working on the high resolution images this week for those of you who purchased a CD.  All the images posted here are in reduced jpeg form and are presented in 800 X 600 size (a bit larger than normal).  By the way I took over 1600 pictures in three days.  I am only posting about 450 right now.  I hope you like them.  Posed shots - Sunday 1 - Sunday 2 - Sunday 3 - Sunday 4 - Sunday 5

Some Fan Pics

IMG_6895.JPG (1043394 bytes)3/30/06 - A few great shots were sent in by a loyal website follower:  Thanks to Pat Bradshaw for these three to enlarge.IMG_6786.JPG (670063 bytes)IMG_6881.JPG (876226 bytes)(the pictures are great but are very large)  I think you will love them.

Unsung Heroes

PICT0004-2.JPG (4282049 bytes)3/13/06 - Every year a group ofPICT0015-1-1.JPG (4173398 bytes) hard working students get "over looked" because they work behind the scenes.  This year I decided they would get on the website first.  Here are the stage crew members and student pit crew members. Click on the images to open large files suitable for printing.     

Musical Candids

3/28/06 - Musical Candids - After years of whining I finally received some pictures from the musical that I did not take.  Mrs. Gardiner's camera was on the scene for the weekend fun and she was kind enough to send in the camera.  I downloaded the pictures from the memory card and HERE they are.  See how easy it is?  Thank you Mrs. Gardiner.  If you have pictures you would like to share, please email them, or get the camera/memory card to Mr. Trombley.

She's So Unusual

4/5/06 - She's So Unusual - I received something very unique and funny today.  I think these links will make you laugh.  Please note:  They are movie files and may take a while to load.  I think they should load with either QuickTime or Windows Media Player.  I would reveal the source of these movies but I do not want Miss Peryea to get even with her.  Link 1 - Link 2 (you may want to right click on the link and download them to your computer to play them more smoothly - again...they are fairly large files)

(Note - see how odd the internet was back in 2006 - short clips took FOREVER to load)


Bye Bye Birdie Poster.jpg (533184 bytes)Click on the image to see a full size picture of the amazing poster created for this year's musical by Mr. Breault.