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Legally Blonde 2012


04012012 musicalStanding "O"! A very long standing ovation indeed for the cast at Saturday night's show. Three amazing performances followed months of rehearsal and two solid weeks of fine tuning but all that work could be seen on the stage for three packed nights in the CCS auditorium. Costume changes - huge dance numbers - a ton of laughs  - two cute dogs and so, so much more. It was another huge success for the CCS Musical Group. Most people know the story of "Legally Blonde" from the movie that always seems to be on some channel but our students really brought the characters to life. The now permanent walk way provided distraction for the many scene changes that the stage crew had to prepare. The rotating platform made their job a bit simpler but there was still a lot of work to do. The student musicians were kept busy but a musical filled with music. There was very little down time for the pit band. I could go on. But you did not come here for that you want pictures and more. And I do have a lot of pictures and more. Thank you students for your hard work. And when you get a moment thank Mrs. Breault, Mrs. Nemier-Green andMrs. Simon-Shult for their time and dedication. It was a great group effort by all. Enjoy the Easter break - you all earned it.

Tuesday Night 1 - Tuesday Night 2 - Thursday Night All - Friday Night All

Don't forge the YouTube channel with select short clips from the musical. Full video DVDs have to be purchased from Mrs. Nemier-Green AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!

On Sale Now

Musical tickets are now on sale in the Main Office. Pre-sale ticket prices are $5 Students/Senior Citizens and $7 for adults. All tickets will be $1 more at the door.


Legally Blonde update: We are about mid-way through musical season and the show is progressing nicely. This year’s production is proving to be the most challenging musical CCS has ever attempted, and the directors are pleased to announce that this year’s cast and crew are working harder than ever before. At each practice the directors are greeted with bright smiles, great attitudes, glorious voices, and excellent acting. Oh and just wait until you see the dancing! We absolutely can’t wait for everyone to come and be a witness to this energetic and fun-filled musical. Save the dates of March 29, 30, and 31 for Legally Blonde! You won’t want to miss it. How about some behind the scenes PICTURES?

Cast List - Females

  • Elle-Morgan Simonsen
  • Paulette-Brittany Drollette
  • Vivienne-Kayla Trainer
  • Brooke-Kelly Favaro
  • Enid-Erin Ashline
  • Chutney-Gaby LaFleur
  • Whitney-Devin Quick
  • Elle’s mom-Felicity Nilee

Delta Nu sorority girls

  • Serena-Marissa Poupore
  • Margot-Mary Pendleton
  • Pilar-Courtney Boyea
  • Leilani-Sarah Gardiner
  • Kate-Stephanie Whyte
  • Delta Nu-Alexis Beach
  • Delta Nu-Nicole Lamica
  • Delta Nu-Desiree Stumpf
  • Delta Nu-Lindsey Matthews
  • Delta Nu-Morgan Legacy


  • Paige English
  • Kim Reville
  • Kayley Whyte
  • Katie Secore
  • Felicity Niles
  • Gaby LaFleur

Cast List - Males

Emmett-Dan Wilcox

Warner-Dallas Still

Callahan-Michael Boyea

Aaron Schultz-Josh Trombley

  • Sundeep Padamadan-Reid LaPlante
  • Dewey-Jamie Bigelow
  • Grandmaster Chad-Jamie Bigelow
  • UPS guy Kyle-Jake English
  • Nikos-Corey Hill
  • Winthrop-Derek Martin
  • Lowell-Corey Hill
  • Pforzheimer-Cody Smith
  • Elle’s dad-Danny Burl
  • Judge-Danny Burl


  • Izzy Selkirk
  • John Selkirk
  • Cody Smith
  • Derek Martin
  • Jamie Bigelow
  • Danny Burl
  • Owen Henderson
  • Zach Snyder
  • Matthew Swanston
  • Chad Stalter