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Music Archive 2007 - 2008

Town Hall

The Town Hall Concert is traditionally one of the last performances of the school year for the Jazz Band and Half Past Seven groups. The event also kicks off the Summer Concert series for the Town Hall. It was a hit night but the Hall was cool. The sound is always amazing in the Hall and the groups sounded better than ever. They also had the momentum from a successful trip to Great Escape where each group received Superior ratings. Shay Mailloux and Taylor Gholson sang a special song together and the Trombley Trio (Liz, Ben and Mrs. Trombley) played two selections on the trumpet. Miss Peryea and Miss Calnon also took the time to recognize the senior members of each group. I took afew pictures and Mrs. Trombly also brought some in.

Let's Go Band

It has become a highlight for the Elementary Bands in the area. It is the annual Band Day. Students from area elementary school bands converge on CCS to play for each other and then they join forces as a super band for a rousing version of "Let's Go Band". Each conductor takes control of the band for some fun and tricky direction. Special thanks to John Kelly for the pictures. I will be adding some video as well so check back in a day or two. for now, enjoy the PICTURES.

DVD Opportunity

Video Events (Floyd Spoor) videotaped the High School, Elementary and Jr. High Spring Concerts and is making them available for sale for only $10.00. If you would like more information about the DVD and how to order them, please contact him or call 518-593-0668. He also has some video samples but warns that people with dial-up connections will experience slow downloads. Thanks for the opportunity.

Elementary and Junior High Concert

I can see that the future of the CCS music program is in good hands. There were many great solos in the band and choral groups and some of us were already looking ahead to seeing some of the elementary soloists in the musical in years to come. Congratulations to all the performers and the conductors. Mrs. Trombley, Miss Calnon and Miss Peryea would like to thank all the parents for their support and dedication. Mrs. Trombley would especially like to thank the parents for their help with Junior Jazz Band and for keeping the Elementary band students on track all year. Pictures

Final Concert for many

For many members of the band and choral groups, Wednesday night's Spring Concert was their last. Once again a wonderful evening full of great singing and playing was presented. Miss Peryea and Miss Calnon want to thank all the students for their hard work and dedication leading up to the performances. They also wish to thank the parents for the support. There were many seniors recognized and as well as recognition for all the students who performed at the recent NYSSMA solo competition. So here is a question for you? I was at a little league game during the concert and I still have pictures for you. How did I do it? I broke some physics laws. Pictures

Concert Dates

  • May 13 - High School Assembly for students in grades 4-12 at 9:00 AM
  • May 14 - High School Evening Concert - 7:00 PM
  • May 27 - Elementary and Junior High Assembly for grades K-6 at 9:00 AM
  • May 28 - Elementary and Junior High Evening Concert - 7:00 PM

Spring Concerts

The spring concerts are approaching. The music department would like to remind students about what they should wear to the concerts. They ask that all students wear black pants or slacks, skirts, or gauchos with black shoes. Tops should be white, either button down shirts, lightweight sweaters, or something similar. Since this is the spring concert we are allowing students to add a splash of color to their attire - such as a headband, hair accessory, earrings, necklaces, undershirt, or ties in these colors: light pink, baby blue, lilac purple, mint green, peach, or lemon yellow. Thank you for cooperating with these dress rules.

Taking the show on the road

Half Past Seven and Jazz Band performers took their show on the road this week. The groups performed for residents of the Alice Hyde Nursing Home.  They toured the hospital and have a wonderful meal. Mrs. Trombley grabbed a few snapshots from the trip.PICTURES

Elementary  and Junior Winter Concert

Dec. 12, 2007 - Stormy weather outside, but warm and smooth sounds filled the auditorium this week as the Elementary band and chorus, along with the Junior band and Chorus performed their winter concert pieces. The concert also featured the return of the Junior Jazz band. Thanks were handed out to all the parents and performers.  Congratulations to Miss Calnon, Miss Peryea and Mrs. Trombley for the great concert. Pictures - 

High School Concert

Dec. 6, 2007 - A chilly wind whipped through the air outside, but the auditorium was plenty warm enough for last night's High School Winter Concert. The senior band, chorus, jazz band, select chorus and general music class performed for parents, friends and family Wednesday night. A number of solos served as as the evening's highlights. Congratulations to the students, Miss Peryea and Miss Calnon. I did not edit out any pictures so there may be some blurry ones, I am sorry. Pictures 

Message from the music department

Concert Dates
December 4th: Senior High and Select groups daytime assembly for school 
December 5th: Senior High and Select groups Winter Concert 7 PM
December 11th: Elementary and Junior High groups daytime assembly for school December 11th: Elementary and Junior High groups Winter Concert 7 PM

Please be reminded that if you have a student participating in these ensembles, they are required to wear black and white concert attire: black pants or long black skirt (past the knees), black shoes, and a white sweater, blouse or button-down shirt, tie is optional. Some of the Senior Select groups will be wearing a solid-colored shirt in a color other than white. Also, please note that this year, all choral groups are permitted to wear a red accessory of some kind, such as a red headband, tie, bracelet, earrings, etc., although this is not required.
Please read the following rules of concert etiquette courtesy;
The audience's responsibility at formal concerts is to honor the efforts of the performers by providing a listening atmosphere in which all can appreciate the performance. To that end, we ask your cooperation:

  • While the performance is in progress, remain seated and quiet. (If it becomes necessary to leave the auditorium, please do so between musical selections.)
  •  If very young children become restless and disrupt others' ability to listen, please take them from the auditorium until they are quiet.
  •  Please do not hum or clap along with the performers, unless specifically invited to do so.
  •  Show your appreciation for the performance by clapping after each selection. Whistling and cheering are not appropriate at a formal concert.