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Music Archive 2008-2009

Talent on Display

For MANY students last night's concert was their last. Mr. Trudo and Miss Peryea said goodbye to a large group of students who have given many years of service to the music program. From the General Music Class to the combined junior and senior high school band to all the choral groups there were many great performances. Congratulations to the conductors and the performers. PICTURES

Musical Futures

elembandIf you happened to catch the elementary and junior high spring concert Wednesday night then you know that the future of the CCS music program is safe and secure. Starting with a strong set from the elementary jazz band through the choral groups to the improv group and ending with the large elementary band the performances by all the students were very strong. Congratulations to all the performers and their directors. Thanks also to the parents who are always supportive of their children. PICTURES

One foot in front of the other

If it is Memorial Day weekend it must be time for marching band. The CCS marching band spent most of the weekend in practice or performance for the Chateaugay and Malone Memorial Day parades. At both events I overheard many people say how much having the band at the parade really makes it a parade. They keep the beat for all the participants and add to the festive nature of the activities. One things I will keep in mind for next year is a group photo of the whole band. PICTURES.

Music in Our Schools Month

March has been designated as Music in Our Schools Month. To mark the occasion, Mr. Trudo recorded the elementary music classes performing some special songs. The videos may take a few moments to load so please be patient. There are a few more to add so check back often. Thanks Mr. Trudo!

Mrs. Lobdell Mrs. Jones Mr. LaPlante
Mrs. Flaherty Mrs. Pageau Mrs. Smith
Mrs. Hessltine Miss Helm Mrs. Watson
Mrs. Dumas Mrs. Vanier Mrs. Boyea - Miss Cook

Some forgotten Movies

Now that the website is running a bit more smoothly I have been able to post some fun videos from two prior events. I think you will enjoy both sets.

The first videos come from the Concert at the hall in June 2008. Thanks to Joshua Trombley for recording most of these.

Clip 1 Clip 2 Clip 3 Clip 4 Clip 5 Clip 6
Clip 7 Clip 8 Clip 9 Clip 10 Clip 11  

The next videos come from the 2008 Christmas Sing Along. The clips were captured by CCS alum Meaghan Lamica who was in school to see her sister perform. There are 21 clips here.

Clip 1 Clip 2 Clip 3 Clip 4 Clip 5 Clip 6
Clip 7 Clip 8 Clip 9 Clip 10 Clip 11 Clip 12
Clip 13 Clip 14 Clip 15 Clip 16 Clip 17 Clip 18
Clip 19 Clip 20 Clip 21      

2009 All-County Music Festival

allcountyOn February 6th and 7th CCS hosted the annual All-County Music Festival. The events brings the best musicians from around the county together to learn from each other and to put on an amazing Saturday afternoon concert. CCS was well represented in all groups and we salute their efforts. Thanks to Miss Peryea, Mr. Trudo and Mrs. Trombley for their hard work all weekend along with all the parents who helped out (that means you Mrs. Legacy and Mrs. Ashline - among others). Thanks also to all the participating schools for a great two day event. See you next year. Finally, thanks to Mrs. Trombley for many of the PICTURES

Calling All Musicians

 Crane Youth Music Camp is now accepting applications. Crane Youth Music (CYM) is a two-week music camp for middle and high school students (ages 12-18) who perform as vocalists, pianists, string, wind, brass, and percussion instrumentalists. CYM is open to students of various backgrounds and performance levels. Students will be housed on campus from June 28 – July 11. They will participate in daily master-class on their instrument, large and chamber ensemble rehearsals, music theory class or selected electives and the CYM all-camp chorus. This is a great opportunity for any student who is interested in perusing music as a possible career path, or if they are just interested in becoming a better performer and enjoy music!
    Should you have any questions please feel free to call Mr. Trudo at school or visit .

Winter's Greatest Hits

singalongIf you were in the auditorium Tuesday morning you most likely heard a few of your favorite holiday tunes sung by the Pre-K through 6th grade classes. Congratulations to all the students as well as Mr. Trudo and Mrs. Trombley on helping prepare such wonderful songs. Emily Jackson was kind enough to take well over 200 pictures from all, the groups. I also plan to add a few video clips soon so check back over the next few days. PICTURES

Winter Concert - High School

hannahconcertAs I packed up my camera I heard from many parents that the evening concert was very enjoyable with a great selection of music. From a challenging stage band epic piece to some classic Neil Young from the Hillbilly Band to the rousing start by the jazz band the crowd spent much of the night bopping along to the music. There were many great solo performances in the band and chorus and a special combo played with the select group. Mr. Trudo and Miss Peryea would like to thank all the parents, friends and other family members who attended the concert and support the music program all year long. Pictures

Area All-State Performers

marciwoodNew York State is divided up into zones or "areas" by NYSSMA. Once a year, each zone sponsors a festival where the best instrumentalists in the zone are selected to form a Band. This is known as Area All-State. The selection is based primarily on NYSSMA solo ratings or auditions. Students who are accepted receive music which they prepare on their own, rehearse with their director, then come together for two long days of rehearsal with the full ensemble at the host school. This is followed by a concert comprised of Mixed Chorus, Women's Chorus, Band, and Jazz Ensemble.
Congratulations to Marci Wood for making the Zone 5 Area All-State Orchestra on violin. She performed at the Crane School of music with select students from aareaallstatecross St. Lawrence, Jefferson, and Lewis counties. Great job Marci!
Congratulations to Ben Trombley (1st Trumpet), Michelle Swanston (1st French Horn), and Margaret Empsall (4th French Horn) for making the Zone 6 Area All-State Band. These three students performed at Saranac High School with select students from across Franklin, Clinton, and Essex counties.
Well-done Ben, Michelle, and Margaret!

Winter Concert - Elementary and Junior High

elemconcertThe concert opened with the Elementary Jazz band, a handful of dedicated students who have some in early and stayed late to practice above and beyond the call of duty for this group helmed by Mrs. Trombley. The Elementary bard stepped into the spotlight next to perform some great holiday music full of familiar melodies. Mr. Trudo and the elementary chorus came out next and performed many lively songs that had toes tapping. The Junior High band and chorus came out last to strut their stuff and they did not disappoint. The pictures are from the morning assembly. The evening concert promises to be exceptional and will give many a first look at our new music teacher. Stay tuned next week for pictures and updates from the High School groups. Pictures

Concert Time

Put these dates on your calendar:

  • December 2 - Elementary and Junior High Assembly - 1:00 PM

  • December 3 - Elementary and Junior High Evening Concert - 7:00 PM

  • December 9 - High School Assembly - 9:00 AM

  • December 10 - High School Evening Concert - 7:00 PM

Kids Corner - Grade eight students mix music and literature.

kidscornerFor their second learning project in general music class, students decided to do “Kids Corner”. This required each group of four eighth grade students, to choose a book from our library and then add musical instruments to it. This helped to further “illustrate” the book with sounds. The stories and opportunities for playing instruments with the books were then offered to students during their recess times. By adding instruments, students learned about various instrument timbers, and playing techniques as well as explored the properties of rhythm and sounds. Many elementary students came down to the music room and enjoyed the books and opportunities to play instruments with them. (Check for additional photos on the web site). Mr. Trudo would like to congratulate all of the students in his music class for a great job (Alexis Beach, Whisper Bennett, Dakota Cooke-Paige, Sarah Gardiner, Conor Gordon, Mitchell Hesseltine, Joshua Hyde, Lindsay Matthews, Bryant Reome, Zachariah Snyder, Kelsey Wallace and Kent Hayes) , and all of the elementary students for being such a SUPER audience and for participating so positively! Look for more opportunities for recess in the music room in the future! If you’d like to check out the books students used they are all available in the school library. They were: Ten Naughty Little Monkeys by Suzanne Williams, Daddy Played Music for the Cows by Maryann Weidt and Henri Sorensen, The Recess Queen by Alexis O’Neill, and The Teeny Tiny Ghost by Kay Winters.  MORE PICTURES

On the Road Again

band in srfHigh School band members hit the road this week for a special performance. They were part of a special ceremony at St. Regis Falls honoring our soldiers. A traveling Viet Nam exhibit made a stop in St. Regis Falls and the band helped provide music. The exhibit is a wall inscribed with the names of those soldiers who lost their lives in the war. Thanks to Mrs. Ashline we have some great pictures of the band and the exhibit. PICTURES