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Sound of Music 2010

The Sound of Music

soundofmusicI always wanted to write up a musical review but it is hard. I am far too biased. Every year when the students come out to take their bows I nearly shed a tear because I am so proud of their hard work. So this is not a review. It is more of a play by play. How do you go about presenting one of America's most recognizable musicals? Well, you do it like the students at CCS did this past weekend. From a cast that eerily resembled the movie to wonderful performances and costumes those in attendance were treated to a memorable performance. Leading the pack was first time musical participant Catherine Decosse as Maria. Tackling some of the most famous musical songs was a difficult task and she rose to the occasion and gained confidence and poise with each performance. The Von Trapp kids were anchored by veteran performers and seniors Stephanie and Allison Bruso with freshman Danny Wilcox. The other children were all rookies and they all were wonderful. It is clear that CCS musicals will always be stocked with talent for many years to come. Paige, Reid, Grace and Grace were amazing (and, of course, adorable). Emma Allen's final musical role was the pivotal Mother Abbess and she brought down the house with the classic "Climb Every Mountain". She also anchored the selections performed by the nuns. Emma and senior Katelyn LaPan lent their voices to some very heavenly harmonies. (See the entire list of choir members below) Isaac Kinney as Max provided much of the comic relief for the musical and, as an 8th grader, proves he will be a dependable performer for many years. I overheard more than a few people say they could not believe he was only in 8th grade. Brian Ashline and Alex Lamica proved once again to be solid and versatile performers in their roles as Rolf and the Captain. Brian handled the classic "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" with Stephanie Boyea and Alex anchored the Von Trapp songs and worked very well with Catherine on their duets. Stephen Bernier and Cassondra Whyte kept the scenes moving in their roles as the butler and housekeeper and all the fillers and walk on parts were wonderfully handled by all the students. Easily one of the highlights was the puppet show and the dancing for the "Lonely Goatherd". Alex Stalter showed off some of his basketball moves along with the other "puppets" and Decosse was stellar in this classic song. I know I am forgetting some of the many amazing moments and special little touches that makes our musicals so wonderful. From the stage crew to the pit band to the directors to all the unsung heroes it takes many, many people and months of hard work to put a musical together. Congratulations to all involved. There are over 600 pictures HERE from the camera of Mr. Green.


Click HERE for a copy of the program in PDF format.


  • Maria Rainer - Catherine Decosse
  • The Mother Abbess - Emma Allen
  • Sister Berthe - Katelyn Lapan
  • Sister Margaretta - Erin Ashline
  • Sister Sophia - Laura Stewart
  • Captain Georg von Trap - Alexander Lamica
  • Franz - Stephen Bernier
  • Frau Schmidt - Cassondra Whyte
  • Liesl - Stephanie Boyea
  • Friedrich - Danny Wilcox
  • Louisa - Allison Bruso
  • Kurt - Reid LaPlante
  • Brigitta - Paige English
  • Marta - Grace Harrigan
  • Gretl - Grace Locklin
  • Rolf Gruber - Brian Ashline
  • Elsa Schraeder - Amanda Johnston
  • Ursula - Cindy Harrigan
  • Max Detweile - Isaac Kinney
  • Herr Zeller - Alex Stalter
  • Baron Elberfeld - Kayla Trainer
  • A New Postulant - Nikki Cooke-Paige
  • Admiral von Schreiber - Brittany Drollette


  • Courtney Boyea
  • Jessica Burl
  • Nikki Cooke-Paige
  • Brittany Drollette
  • XuDu
  • Kelly Favaro
  • Sarah Gardiner
  • Angelica Harrigan
  • Cindy Harrigan
  • Rachel LaTour
  • Miranda O'Neil
  • Marissa Poupore
  • Allison Soulier
  • Cody Smith
  • Kayla Trainer
  • Amanda Woodward
  • Kiersrin Zeldenrust