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Wizard of Oz 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears.....oh my!

ozOh my indeed. From the sold out start Friday night to the squeeze everyone in Sunday afternoon it was clear that the CCS auditorium was the place to be for a good time. The best way to review the show is to share some comments I heard as people exited the auditorium; "I'm coming back again.", "I think this was their best musical so far.", "The pit band was so good I almost forgot it was live and not a recording.", "Where did they find those costumes?", "How did the ruby slippers appear on Dorothy?", "That dog was amazing.", "How did they make her melt away?", "Those munchkins were great singers.", "How did they make Oz show up like that?"...I think you get the point. From the stellar performances, to the costumes, the effects, the yellow brick road to everything else the crowds left amazed once again this year. The list of people who need to be thanked would go on forever but I know I can speak for Mrs. Nemier-Green and Miss Peryea that everyone who lent a hand is appreciated. But what you really came here for is pictures. There are over 1,000 pictures here. I took some from all 4 shows in an attempt to catch everyone at their best. Mr. Green was on hand for the dress rehearsal and the Saturday night show and is providing us with some great close ups. I know there is something here for everyone. Be warned - there are nearly 300 photos in each link.

Friday Night - Saturday Afternoon - Saturday Night - Sunday Afternoon
Mr. Green Part 1 - Mr. Green Part 2 - Mr. Green Part 3
***Just added - the posed shots***

Cast List

  • Dorothy – Allison Bruso
  • Hunk/Scarecrow – Ben Trombley
  • Hickory/Tinman – Brian Ashline
  • Zeke/Lion – Alex Lamica
  • Aunt Em – Katie Hamelin
  • Glinda – Emma Allen
  • Uncle Henry – Isaac Kinney
  • Miss Gulch/Wicked Witch – Devin Cassavaw
  • Professor Marvel/Wizard of Oz (on stage) – Danny Wilcox
  • Wizard of Oz (projected) – Stephen Bernier
  • Oz Guard – Stephanie Boyea
  • Three Trees – Katelyn Lapan - Jessica Burl - Katie Hamelin
  • Winkie General – Dakota Cooke-Paige

More Information

Miss Nemier will be keeping a myspace page going throughout the process. Check her page out often.

Excited about the Musical


Chorus Members

Heather Blow - Katelyn Lapan - Courtney Boyea - Samantha LaClair - Jessica Burl - Rachel LaTour -  Dakota Cooke-Paige - Miranda O’Neil - Nikki Cooke-Paige - Mikaela Patnode - Brittany Drollette - Marrissa Poupore - Kelly Favaro - Laura Stewart - Hannah Gardiner - Kayla Trainer - Sarah Gardiner - Cassondra Whyte - Angelica Harrigan - Meaghan Wood - Jamie Harrigan - Amanda Woodward - Owen Henderson - Kierstin Zeldenrust - Amanda Johnston

Munchkins and Citizens of Oz

Paige English - Grace Harrigan - Ciara Lucas -Faith Strachan - Abby Cowan - Cody Smith - Morgan Thomas - Kayley Whyte - Courtney Ledger - Danielle Cook - Brianna Cook - Emily Trombley - Rachel Young - Neil Bailey - Saleena Bailey - Samantha Bailey - Cassondra LaClair - Madison Breen - Annie Campbell - Mikey Campbell - Jaelyn Martin - Reid LaPlante - Jeffrey Stemmer - Ryan Poupore - Keisha Mayville - Amber Jarvis - Austin Harrigan - Taylor Staples - Austin Green - Cheyanne Monahan

Katie Lamb, Erin Ashline, Claire Crawford