Bulldog Calendar

Did you know that many of the stories that WERE shared here are now on the school's Google+ page. It is faster to share the stories there and easier for you to access them on multiple devices. Check the Google+ Page often. 

Take a look at the way we used to look. The links below will take you to the old website but all the memories are still there. 

Elementary Faculty/Staff


Mrs. Calnon


Mrs. Parmeter


Mrs. McComb
Mrs. Swanston

Mrs. Swinton

Mrs. Burgoyne (aide)

Mrs. LaPointe (aide)

Mrs. Finnell (aide)


Mrs. Cartier
Mrs. Hesseltine

Mrs. Sandvig (aide)

Mrs. Warriner (aide)

Mrs. Davis (aide)

Grade 1

Mrs. Jackson-O'Neill

Mr. LaPlante

Grade 2

Ms. O'Neill

Mrs. Watson

Grade 3

Mrs. Breach

Mrs. Thomas

Grade 4

Mr. Calnon

Mrs. Blair-Wilcox

Grade 5

Mrs. Dwyer

Mrs. Seymour

Mrs. Beaudin

Grade 6

Mrs. Dumas - Open House Web Page

Mrs. LaPlante - Open House Web Page


Mrs. Jones-King

Elementary Library

Mrs. Campbell

Physical Education

Mr. Reynolds

Reading Specialist

Mrs. LaCombe

Special Education/Speech

Mrs. Harrigan

Mrs. Ashlaw
Mrs. Boyea

Mrs. Johnston

Mrs. Recore
Teaching Assistants
Miss Filion
Mrs. Willis

Visual Arts
Miss Jubert

Mr. Duffer


Mrs. Magnan

Mrs. Rounds