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2009 Prom

Thanks for checking in

Prom King: Ivan Chase; Prom Queen: Cindy Harrigan Congratulations to them and to all the members of the court.

I suspect that many of these pictures will be on Facebook pages in the coming days. Thanks to Annika and Hannah for all the pictures. Thanks also to Harold for all he does at every event. Thanks to the chaperones (Mrs. Gardiner, Mr. Walrath, Mrs. Harrigan and Mrs. Andre). Thanks to Mr. Sandvig for everything he did for the class of 2009 and for acting at the DJ. It was another strong night. Last Batch 1 - Last Batch 2 - Last Batch 3

Last batch until coronation

This is the last batch of photos I will post until the coronation which is at 11:30. Once we know who the king and queen are we will post those results along with the pictures. Until patient. Annika newest batch.

Funny Faces

I think the gang is getting a little punchy. There are a lot of funny faces and poses here. Some are intentional...I think..Annika's Pictures and Hannah's Pictures

Lotsa couples

Hannah weighs in with over 50 great shots of couples busting a move on the dance floor. If you look close you can see the bridge that will be used during the coronation which is scheduled for 11:30. Please try not to arrive any earlier since we will not be letting people into the gym until after the class photo is taken. There will be plenty of seats and Mr. Sandvig has arranged it so  you will have a great change for pictures. HANNAH'S PICS

Another Update

Annika says no new photos until about 10:30 PM. She is tired and it is HOT in the gym right now. If you look closely you will see Mrs. Sandvig belting out a tune. The students gave her a rousing ovation for her rendition of "At Last". PICTURES

Number 5 & 6

By now I know what you are thinking...where is the witty banter you have some to expect from me? Where are the jokes, the barbs, the quips, the....ahh never want pictures. Here are a few from Hannah and 50 or so from Annika.

4th Batch

Here are some pictures from Hanaah Hanover. I talked her into using the Nikon for some amazing pictures. She is doing a great job. I think there are some new folks checking into the website tonight keeping an eye on their son. Right Jennifer? Batch 3

3rd Update

The fountain in the lobby looks great and the pictures Annika took really show it off. The gym must be really hot because the lobby is filling up with students who are really sweaty. My Sandvig is still a bit nervous for his speech later tonight announcing the king and queen.Enjoy this 2nd batch of photos.

2nd Update

Annika hit the gym already and is weighing in with over 150 pictures of people coming in to the prom. As always the ladies look amazing and the guys do the best they can (kidding of course). Hannah Hanover is in the gym right now as well. BATCH 1 PICTURES

1st Update - 7:25 PM

No pictures yet, but a reminder to keep checking in. The first batch of photos may take a bit longer to post since I have to take the posed shots. But as soon as I can, I will post them. Remember that the coronation is set for 11:30 PM and the gym is set up for great viewing and photo opportunities. They gym looks great and Mr. Sandvig is about to lose what is left of his hair. Other than the rain I think this will be a great night. Stay tuned for all the excitement. Finally I expect a few new photographers so there should be a ton of great shots.

2009 Junior Prom - Grecian Gardens

Check this page all night for some pictures and stories from this year's prom. Annika Peterson will be taking pictures for the final time. We will also have some guest photographers. Remember that the coronation is set for 11:30 PM please do not arrive much earlier than that. You will not be allowed to enter the gym until appx. 11:30 PM. We will also try to add some video clips if time permits. Remember to hit refresh on your browser to see if any new material has been added.