2022-2023 Year in Review

Some festive fun in Miss Swinton's class.

The town hall hosted the 7-12th grade for a Christmas movie today! It was a great afternoon. Thank you to Mrs. Locklin and Mr. Bilow for hosting us!

Pre Sing Along Cuteness

We have had the pleasure working with Mr. Walrath in Kindergarten. His time with us is coming to and end but we want to express our gratitude for him. We will miss him so much!

Thank you for the music seniors.

From Mrs. Sandvig:

It's been a lot of fun in kindergarten, here are some of Pickle's adventures! The kids enjoyed his shenanigans- Now it's time for him to say goodbye!! Mrs. Beach and Mrs. Sandvig.

Mrs. Beach and Miss Swinton's classes came together to celebrate a Polar Express PJ Party! What a fun and magical time! The kiddos arrived with their tickets to board the train, they had treats galore with popcorn, hot chocolate, and candy canes! Memories were made today. :)

We also want to shout out our amazing helpers Mrs. Warriner, Mrs. Sandvig, Mr. Walwrath, and Mrs. Davey. Without them the magic couldn't happen.

From Mrs. Brooks

It was a game of Survival of the Fittest in Science 7! To conclude our lessons on organism adaptations and natural selection, 7th graders were tasked with designing a perfectly camouflaged butterfly that could go undetected by it's only known predator, the 8th graders! With the experience of completing the same activity last year, the 8th graders felt VERY confident that no butterflies would make it out alive... but despite their best efforts, 4 butterflies went undetected!

CLICK HERE for prices and an order form for new items now available at the school store.

JV Girls - thank you
Mrs. Villnave

Check out this video from Mrs. McComb. It is from the Pre-K field trip to the Farrar Home.

The early childhood class started off their new unit on elementary arts and the senses by making Christmas cars. It definitely brought out the child in them.

Snow Angels

Fall Sports Recap from Mrs. Reynolds.

Fall Sports 2022 Highlights.pdf

From Mrs. McArdle:

Students in my Participation in Government class went to Malone for a field trip to work with Judge Champagne. They had a very informative and eye-opening experience. Various government employees discussed with them their jobs and duties at the courthouse, the requirements and qualifications and salary. David Hayes, chief clerk to Judge Carriero described his days as prosecutor and public defender. The students also witnessed sentencing hearings and discussed those decisions with Judge Champagne. Lastly, Tammy Gordon spoke to them about her work with children in Franklin County and Christine Fisher described her job with drug court.

On Monday Nov. 21st the elementary, grades 4-6, had the opportunity to participate in a Climate Learning and Research Fair. This was Rebekah Miller's senior capstone project.

From Ms. Swinton:

Today we invited 3rd grade back to Kindergarten for some Christmas craft fun!! We made a Christmas tree countdown and 3rd helped us color and count! After, we sat and read Christmas stories together. It was such a great time with fun and endless smiles. We definitely made a core memory today. ❤️

The 2nd annual Turkey Trot was a success!! 🦃

Drew Crawford took first place and won his very own Turkey!! Thank you to all who came out and braved the cold!! 🤎🧡💛

Congratulations to these CCS student musicians. They were part of the annual Area All-State concert held this past weekend in Moriah. It was an amazing concert. Mrs. Trombley and Mrs. Hodges are very proud of their hard work.

5th grade celebrated their final personal narratives café style today! 🥳 Students read each others narratives and left feedback! 😊

On November 17th, the 9th grade class visited Bilow's Dairy Farm in Malone. Mr. Bilow, his son, Andrew and his daughter, Jessica, along with a former CCS student, Cody Wilder graciously gave us some of their valuable time and gave us a tour of the farm operation. The students enjoyed walking through the 2000 cow barn. They were able to see what the cows eat and how they are milked at this expanding operation. Students watched as cows entered the milking parlor, how they were milked and how they exited the parlor. The students enjoyed petting the cows and the baby calves. Mr. Bilow explained the feed mixture that the animals eat. He showed the students the feed bunks and told us how long the large supply of hay and corn would last. Students learned valuable information about a dairy farm and the importance of herd health. We look forward to another visit next year when the new barns and the 100 cow rotary milking parlor is in operation.

If only everyone could be as happy as our kindergarten kids enjoying the first snow fall!

Some turkey fun in Mr. Smith's class. Thank you, Mrs. Patnode, for sharing these pictures.

Mrs. Sweatt's class and Mrs. Blair-Wilcox's class enjoying the snow today.

More wonderful pictures from Mr. Simonsen. These are from the last volleyball playoff game. He would like to thank all the parents for their kind words all season long. He also would like to thank Mrs. Reynolds for the complimentary ticket to the game. He captured many wonderful moments throughout the fall season.

Today was the Middle School PBIS Perk Event. Board game challenge. So Much fun!

1st quarter MS PBIS assembly to honor our students who embody the trait of being a learner. Congratulations to these students for doing such great work this quarter.

Veterans Day

In Senior Seminar this week Mr. Gugliotta discussed Veterans Day with the students. He asked Jeff Johnston for his opinions about what he wished students knew about the day. They watched videos about the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial day along with a video about the difference between active duty and reserves. Finally, the students wrote cards of thanks for local veterans and/or their families.

Nice job Ainsley. We are proud of you and your achievements with the swim team.

From Mrs. Dumas

Sixth graders used their critical thinking skills to create a wind powered “Puff Mobile” yesterday. They were given limited materials, and were challenged to use them to create a vehicle that is powered by one breath of air. Some groups used a special tool to measure the power of their breath to find the group member who could make the vehicle travel the farthest. The activity ended with a competition to see which machine traveled the farthest on one breath of air. Many thanks go out to our expert guests, Walter Brockway (engineer), Dave Brockway (statistician), and Anna Dumas (math major). They introduced the challenge after giving a talk about the importance of math and science and STEM career possibilities. The sixth graders really showed some innovation and creativity

STEM Panel - Senior Project - Kara Dumas

Hi everyone! I wanted to give everyone a little information on my STEM Panel that happened on November 3rd for grades 9-12 from 9-10 AM. This was my senior project! I had four panelists come in to talk about their experience in the field. My panelists are Walter Brockway Jr. (Electrical Engineering), David Brockway (Math), Brooke Dickey (Chemical Engineering), and Anna Dumas (Math). The first 20ish minutes included introductions and the panelists told the audience about themselves. The next 20 minutes was reserved for me to ask the panelists questions that I thought would be most beneficial for students to hear. Then for about 15 minutes the floor was open for students to ask questions

Thank you the panelists for their time. It was an informative morning. Nice job Kara.

Today in Kindergarten we celebrated Pumpkin Day! We participated in a Pumpkin Investigation! We explored to see if our pumpkin would sink or float? We found that pumpkins float!! We drew pictures of the inside & outside of our pumpkin. We measured to see how many cubes tall our pumpkin was. We, of course, then cut our pumpkin open to count the seeds and play with the goop! So much fun!

Thank you, Mrs. Lacombe, for this story and compiling all of these pictures from many people.

Today our second grade CCS students visited Carsada Dairy in Malone, NY. Students learned about farming, harvesting corn, milking cows, toured the milk parlor and learned Carsada Dairy's milk goes to the Chateaugay Cheese Plant. Students enjoyed caring for calves, a wagon ride, participated in a relay race, and snacked on delicious ice cream and cheese. Thank you to all who made this experience possible!

Congratulations to freshman swimmer Ainsley Crawford for earning a spot in the sectionals for swimming. She will be swimming the individual 100m butterfly and the 200m team relay, her leg being the 50m butterfly.

Entrepreneur Week at CCS

Logan McArdle presented to our economics class today for entrepreneur week, featuring Logan's Barkery.

Mr. Johnson has invited different local business owners to come and present to our class on how to start up a small business and to answer any questions our students have regarding starting and running a business.

Thanks for being our first presenter, Logan!

Mental health habits being developed at CCS.

Esports lab at CCS.

Mindfulness activities at CCS

Students in the Early Childhood program started the school year taking care of egg babies for two weeks. Students were enthusiastic at the beginning of the project but quickly learned taking care of a baby (even an egg one) is not all it is cracked up to be. There were a few bumps along the way but overall students did a great job!

Kindergarten students had a wonderful day at Banker Orchards! We were lucky to have warm weather and lots of fun! All of the students were able to pick a pumpkin, pick apples, enjoy some cider and a donut, and ride a wagon around the orchard. Thank you to everyone who helped out today! ~ Mrs. Beach

From Miss Summers:

First Graders have had quite an exciting couple of weeks. Last Friday we got to visit Rulf's Orchard to go apple picking and pick pumpkins from the pumpkin patch. We enjoyed some cider and donuts and then played in the rain on the playground!

Today (Wednesday) we got to visit the Chateaugay Fire Station to learn all about fire safety. We got to explore trucks, meet the firemen and firewomen, and explore an ambulance!

From Mrs. Jones-King: This week Mrs. Calnon, Mrs. Matthews and Ms. Jones-King shared a wonderful activity with our students in grades Kindergarten-2. Unfortunately I was enjoying the activity so much I forgot to take pictures of most of the groups! I did get a few shots of our 1st graders. The children all enjoyed the activity which involved the book "Stick and Stone" and focused on friendship. The children all left with some items to remind them about being a good friend.

Faculty, staff and some students wore pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. Members of the CTA and CSEA also donated $5.00 to wear jeans and that money will be donated to the cause. Our elementary Bulldogs wore their new t-shirts today.

FA Members Attend NYS Officer Tour in Schaghticoke

Chateaugay FFA members traveled to Liberty Ridge Farm to meet with over 250 other FFA members from across the eastern part of the state. The state officer's speech was inspiring. Students participated in a growth mindset workshop and set goals for themselves and the Chapter. They looked at areas such as personal & physical health, school, family, etc. to identify areas of strength and weakness. They then brainstormed with other members on what they could do to improve.

Prior to the speech and workshop, they enjoyed many of the farm's activities including a corn maze, giant jumping pillows, pig races, duck races, barnyard sports, and giant gerbil wheels... It was a great opportunity to see old friends, make new friendships, and network with other chapters across the state. We're grateful to our school for the ability to participate in these events.

Miss Swinton's little bulldogs with their new t-shirts. Thanks for the pictures Mrs. Warriner.

From Miss Swinton:

For the last day of the month in September Kindergarten is celebrating Apple Day!! We are doing fun filled apple themed activities, are wearing apple colors, and are making homemade applesauce that we prepared and will eat at the end of the day! What an exciting day!!

Apples and applesauce with Mrs. Beach and Mrs. Sandvig.

Thank you, Mr. Gugliotta, for these pictures. Students in grade 9 read the book Hey Warrior and students in grade 10 took a walk outside and engaged in a meditation session.

Many students, faculty and staff members dressed in purple, teal or yellow in recognition of National Suicide Awareness Month. Mental health matters at CCS and we are fortunate to have an amazing team of counselors and other service providers taking care of our students.

This past late winter and spring the CDOS and Agricultural Foods and Natural Resources class began growing seeds/plants. The classes took care of them until they were ready to be planted. Mr. LaPlante's Pre-CTE class built the three raised beds in the spring. Once the raised beds were filled with soil/compost and the threat of a frost was gone the plants and seeds were planted. The three beds were harvested this morning with Diane Ashline and Miss Decillis' fifth grade class. Mrs. O'Connor assisted with two of her CDOS students. The students harvested potatoes, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, cabbage, cucumbers, summer squash along with some marigold seeds that will be used to plant more marigolds next year which help deter wildlife from bothering the plants. The plants that were left were pulled to be placed into the compost bins. These plants will break down into soil. Mrs. Ashline and Mrs. O'Connor are hoping to have at least three more raised beds in the spring to grow more. The summer school students will help water and care for the plants in the summer of 2023 thanks to Mrs. Brunette.

From Mrs. McArdle:

Here are some pictures of students building neurons in psychology, Because as psychologist like to say: everything psychological is biological!

Thank you to the representatives from area colleges who were at CCS today as part of the SUNY Roadshow. Thank you to Mr. G. for the pictures.

From Mrs. Beaudin:

The 5th graders had a wonderful time

this week creating Affirm Your Awesomeness posters!

From Mrs. Thomas - My 2nd grade class was getting a little upset about all of the rain and not being able to go outside for recess, so we decided to learn all about it. We learned about the water cycle and precipitation. Then we used shaving cream (clouds) and blue water to show the process of a cloud getting too heavy with water and having to release it. They had a great time!

A week's worth of activities in Miss Swinton's room. Thank you, Mrs. Warriner, for the pictures.

From Mrs. Harrigan:
Student Entrepreneurs Work with the Cafeteria

The school's new salad bar is about to get some really fresh greens. Thank you Olive for helping to harvest lettuce from our grow cart this morning. This partnership between the students and cafeteria has been helped through a Health and Wellness grant :) Olive is excited to use this SAE (Supervised Agricultural Experience) in her AFNR (Ag Food and Natural Resources) class with Mrs. Ashline.

Here are some memories from when the current building was opened in 1954. Also, take a moment to look at the school newspaper.

Dedication and Open House 1954.pdf

Pre-K friends enjoyed making Lions out of pancakes to end our Letter L week! They really loved eating the finished product!

Some team building exercises in P.E. class.

STEM and Fresh Salsa from the CCS Garden

Miss Decillis’s 5th grade class was able to create another recipe from the raised bed gardens at C.C.S. Tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, and onions were harvested. The gardens are helping the students realize how some of their food is grown and prepared. The students were able to participate in reading the recipe and tasting the salsa. Many thanks to Mrs. Ashline, Mrs. O’Connor and her students for their help in the preparation of this treat.

The class of 2026 would like to thank all the community members who came and supported our Back to School Bulldog Breakfast fundraiser today. We had a fantastic turn out and are so very grateful for everyone who enjoyed a yummy breakfast this morning.

Science and S’mores

We didn’t have a campfire, but we did enjoy some s’mores :) After discussing the importance of accuracy and measurement in daily life (medicine, engineering, cooking, etc.) students measured and calculated the density of a whole and half a graham cracker and chocolate bar. They then compared their results concluding size doesn’t affect the density of an object.

From Mrs. Sweatt: My students enjoyed the first week with some team building stem activities and an escape box.

STEM & refrigerator pickles from the student garden

Mrs. Ashline and the 5th graders made refrigerator pickles from cucumbers they harvested from raised bed gardens planted last Spring. Students practiced reading a recipe, following directions and using their measuring skills. They can hardly wait to enjoy the pickles Monday. Students are also learning about the characteristics of plants. When they were all finished they enjoyed delicious zucchini cookies Mrs. Ashline made from the garden’s zucchini.

From Mrs. Dumas:

The “Little Bulldog” Summer Program sends out a huge thank you to our local librarian, Melissa Erhardt for giving us such a warm welcome. The students received their own library card, toured the library, and left with a bag of goodies and a book to keep. We hope our families will go back to the library and check out some books. It is a beautiful facility right in our little village.

One more adventure was added to the “Little Bulldog” experience. We enjoyed a beautiful walk to the falls at High Falls Park. After the walk we had a picnic lunch with ice cream for dessert. The kids had loads of fun on the playground to close out the day. We even managed to avoid the rain! Lasting memories were made.

Summer Visit to the Library

The “Little Bulldog”Summer Program sends out a huge thank you to our local librarian, Melissa Erhardt for giving us such a warm welcome. The students received their own library card, toured the library, and left with a bag of goodies and a book to keep. We hope our families will go back to the library and check out some books. It is a beautiful facility right in our little village.

School may be out but students' project is still "producing"

In a joint project between the C-DOS, Carpentry and Ag classes students built raised beds and transferred their seedlings from the Grow carts this spring. When Mrs. Ashline was weeding she shared some of the cucumbers with grateful fourth graders. This project was partially made possible through Franklin County Soil & Water, an Ag Ed Incentive grant and Health & Wellness grant. When students return in the fall they will be learning about food preservation, making salsa, pizza sauce, etc. They enjoyed many salads and refrigerator pickles at the end of the year. Even picky eaters love trying food they've grown themselves :) They're hoping to supply the cafeteria with fresh greens throughout the year. Please also note the beautiful apple tree in the Memorial Garden. Can you smell apple pie and sauce in the future?

From Mrs. Jones-King: I wanted to take a minute to tell everyone about the launch of the new national mental health hotline, which was launched today. 988 replaces the old suicide hotline that had a difficult number to remember. Now, anyone in the US can text or call 988 to reach trained counselors who can help with any mental health emergency. They can address general mental health concerns, emotional distress, substance abuse issues, trauma issues as well as suicide crises.

You can also call on behalf of someone else. Counselors can offer guidance on helping a friend or loved one navigating a mental health emergency.