Grades 7-12

Material Pick Up - November 10, 2020

Yesterday, The Department of Health met with Franklin County school districts and called for a county wide shift to remote learning to stop the rapid spread of the coronavirus in our communities. As a result, our period of remote learning will continue now until at least January 4th.

Last week, the remote learning schedule was sent home for grades 7-12. You can also find this schedule on the CCS website. It is important that your student sign onto his or her scheduled Google Meets. Attendance and grades will still be taken during this period of remote learning and participation is required. Students will need to sign on and participate by speaking or typing in the chat box. They will also need to have their cameras turned on to promote active engagement.

If your child does not have internet, they will need to call into their Google Meets and they can receive packets for assigned work. If your student will need a packet, please contact Chandra in the main office. Packets will be available for pick up every Friday in the elementary office. You will also drop off the previous week’s completed work at this time. This will be how your student gets credit for grading and attendance. It will be imperative that you drop off work and pick up new packets each Friday to ensure continuous learning and course credit.

Students are invited to come to CCS today between the hours of 1pm and 3pm to get any items they need out of their lockers. We are also asking that students stop into each of their classes and touch base with their teachers to get additional materials that they will need during this period of remote learning. Please have your student enter through the parent pick up doors. Please make sure to wear a mask and stay 6 feet apart while in the building.

If you are unable to be here today during these hours, please call the school and we will set up a different time for your student to pick up their materials.

If you have any questions or need anything at all, please contact the school. We are here to help and support you with anything you need.

2020-2021 - Student Council

President- Jordyn Holbrook - Vice President- Cammi Champagne


  • President- Chloe Boyea

  • Vice President- Abigail Vincent

  • Secretary- Alexis Monette

  • Treasurer- Emily Boadway

  • Student Council - Kaitlyn Benore and Chloe Champagne


  • President- Jaidyn Rushford

  • Vice President- Kylee Peterson

  • Secretary-Serena Cowan

  • Treasurer- Kimberly Dunn

  • Student Council 2 yr - Ariel Leonard

  • 1yr-Maxwell Richards


  • President- Rebekah Miller

  • Vice President- Kate Bleakley

  • Secretary- Ian Leary

  • Treasurer- Hannah Monette

  • Student Council 2yr - Grace Bombard

  • 1yr- Kara Dumas


  • President- Samuel Breault

  • Vice President- Caleb Mead

  • Secretary- Victoria Titus

  • Treasurer- Ryleigh Reardon

  • Student Council 2yr - Mya Simonsen

  • 1yr- Aleah Simonsen


  • President-Alex McDonald

  • Vice President- James Campbell

  • Secretary- Cameron Dumont

  • Treasurer- Jeffrey Stimpson

  • Student Council 2yr- Grant Locklin

  • 1 yr- Charles Breault


  • President- Liam Green

  • Vice President- Hailey Reome

  • Secretary- Cloe Minckler

  • Treasurer- Anna Dalton

  • Student Council 2yr - Sawyer Green

  • 1yr- Aiden Pesko