Grades 7-12

Student Council and Class Officer petitions for Moving Up Day 2021

Qualifications for Student Council President and Vice President are:

  • 1 year of previous service as a Student Council member and will be a Junior or Senior for the upcoming school year 21-22.

Petitions for these two openings will be available in the Main Office on May 4th, requiring 10% signatures of the 7-11 student body.

Petitions must be returned by the end of the day on May 6th.

Voting will take place in first period classrooms on May 13th.

Class Officers grades 6-11

Petitions will be available in the Main Office on May 18th and must be returned with required number of signatures for your class by the end of the day on May 20th.

Voting will take place in English classes on May 24th.

Announcements will be made during Moving Up Day ceremony on May 27th.

2020-2021 - Student Council

President- Jordyn Holbrook - Vice President- Cammi Champagne


  • President- Chloe Boyea

  • Vice President- Abigail Vincent

  • Secretary- Alexis Monette

  • Treasurer- Emily Boadway

  • Student Council - Kaitlyn Benore and Chloe Champagne


  • President- Jaidyn Rushford

  • Vice President- Kylee Peterson

  • Secretary-Serena Cowan

  • Treasurer- Kimberly Dunn

  • Student Council 2 yr - Ariel Leonard

  • 1yr-Maxwell Richards


  • President- Rebekah Miller

  • Vice President- Kate Bleakley

  • Secretary- Ian Leary

  • Treasurer- Hannah Monette

  • Student Council 2yr - Grace Bombard

  • 1yr- Kara Dumas


  • President- Samuel Breault

  • Vice President- Caleb Mead

  • Secretary- Victoria Titus

  • Treasurer- Ryleigh Reardon

  • Student Council 2yr - Mya Simonsen

  • 1yr- Aleah Simonsen


  • President-Alex McDonald

  • Vice President- James Campbell

  • Secretary- Cameron Dumont

  • Treasurer- Jeffrey Stimpson

  • Student Council 2yr- Grant Locklin

  • 1 yr- Charles Breault


  • President- Liam Green

  • Vice President- Hailey Reome

  • Secretary- Cloe Minckler

  • Treasurer- Anna Dalton

  • Student Council 2yr - Sawyer Green

  • 1yr- Aiden Pesko