Grades 7-12

March 14, 2022 - From Mrs. Dwyer:

At this time, we have exhausted all of our allotted snow days for the year. Should we need another snow day in the future, we will plan to have remote learning days.

If we have another snow day, our teachers will be posting assignments on Google Classroom for our students to complete. Your student will need to log into their Google Classroom for each class that they have, and complete the assignment posted for each teacher. This will count for their attendance and grade in that class. If your student will not be able to do this due to internet issues, please contact the main office as soon as possible so we can let teachers know about the situation ahead of time.

If you have any questions, please call the main office at 518-497-6611 ext. 2401.

Thank you, Kate Dwyer - MS/HS Principal

Message from Mrs. Dwyer: October 15, 2021

I want to take this opportunity to ask for your help and support. It has been brought to our attention that a new trend has emerged on Tik-Tok, a popular video sharing social network service, aimed at school-aged children. This trend encourages students to engage in, record, and post “challenges” that are dangerous, destructive, and in some cases, criminal in nature.

Below is the list of Tik-Tok school challenges:

  • September: Vandalize school bathrooms

  • October: Smack a staff member

  • November: Kiss your friend’s girlfriend at school

  • December: “Deck the halls and show your b****”

  • January: Jab a breast

  • February: Mess up school signs

  • March: Make a mess in the cafeteria

  • April: “Grab some eggs” (another stealing challenge)

  • May: Flip off the front office

  • June: Spray a neighbor’s fence

We proactively are sharing this information out to CCS families with the hope that you will take time to engage your student in important conversations about this destructive trend and the consequences of participation in these inappropriate activities. It is important that our students understand that these actions will not be tolerated in school or by law enforcement.

We will do our part throughout our school to clearly communicate to all students that these actions will have immediate and potentially long-term ramifications.

We appreciate your assistance in reinforcing the seriousness of this message. I sincerely thank you for all you can do to keep our kids safe and held to a higher standard of respect and conduct.

Respectfully, Kate Dwyer: MS/HS Principal

Student Council President: Avery Tam - Vice President: Kara Dumas

Class of 2022 -

  • President: Jaidyn Rushford

  • Vice President: Sarah Poirier

  • Secretary: Serena Cowan

  • Treasurer: Kimberly Dunn

  • Student Council 1 yr: Grace Jarvis and Ariel Leonard

Class of 2023

  • President: Rebekah Miller

  • Vice President: Kate Bleakley

  • Secretary: Ian Leary

  • Treasurer: Hannah Monette

  • Student Council 2yr: Lucas Jiguere

  • Student Council 1yr: Grace Bombard

Class of 2024

  • President: Samuel Breault

  • Vice President: Nevaya Adams

  • Secretary: Victoria Titus

  • Treasurer: Ryleigh Reardon

  • Student Council 2yr - Aleah Simonsen

  • Student Council 1yr - Mya Simonsen

Class of 2025

  • President: Alexander McDonald

  • Vice President: James Campbell

  • Secretary: Cameron DuMont

  • Treasurer: Maddie Decosse

  • Student Council 2yr: Charlie Breault Student

  • Council 1yr: Grant Locklin

Class of 2026

  • President: Liam Green

  • Vice President: Makayla Sweet

  • Secretary: Cloe Minckler

  • Treasurer: Daniel Sparling

  • Student Council 2yr: Lexis Sutton

  • Student Council 1yr: Sawyer Green

Class of 2027

  • President: Irelynn LaPlante

  • Vice President: Kelly Vanier

  • Secretary: Madison McDonald

  • Treasurer: Jake Kaska Student

  • Council 2yr: Paul Dwyer Student

  • Council 1yr: Kaeden Carter


7th Grade

  • Madison McComb

  • Irelynn LaPlante

  • Alison Dumont

8th Grade

  • Lexis Sutton

  • Liam Green

9th Grade

  • Maddie Decosse

  • Cameron DuMont

  • Avery McDonald

  • Adin Smith

10th Grade

  • Ryleigh Reardon

  • Caleb Mead

  • Sam Breault

  • Mya Simonsen

11th Grade

  • Kara Dumas

  • Harry Nemier

  • Lucas Jiguere

  • Rebekah Miller

  • Hannah Monette

12th Grade

  • Grace Jarvis

  • Adrienne Secore