Guidance - Counseling

Mr. Bruce Gugliotta (Middle/High) - Mrs. Susan Jones-King (Elementary) - Mrs. Ronna Trombley (Secretary)


For Juniors and their parents-

For Seniors and their parents-

  • Remember January 1 is right around the corner, start thinking about filling out the FAFSA application.

Suggested Resource

New York State Higher Education Services Corporation - Mr. Gugliotta recommends this as a good resource of information for students heading to college and their parents. There is a lot of information here about college prep and financial aid. Many answers to your questions can be found at this site.


Mr. Gugliotta will be adding information about scholarships as they come in. Please read the title of the scholarship as it will contain the due date. In some instances there are special directions that MUST be followed by the applicant. Please do not wait until the day the information is due.

Diploma Requirements Presentation