Board of Education

Chateaugay Central School Board Members

Chris Jarvis
Elected: 2015Term Expires: 2021
Courtney LeonardElected: 2019Term Expires: 2022
Lori GreenVice-PresidentElected: 2015Term Expires: 2021
Kristen GreenElected: 2016Term Expires: 2022
Tony MartinElected: 2013Term Expires: 2022
Valerie DaltonAppointed: 2019Elected: 2020Term Expires: 2023
William HarriganElected: 2008Term Expires: 2023

Board of Education - Mary Legacy, Clerk of the Board -

Building Administration

Loretta Fowler, Superintendent -

Kate Dwyer, High School Principal -

Nicole Calnon, Elementary Principal -