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Sports Update

Please check your bookmarks and apps. Mrs. Reynolds would like you to know that Sections 7 and 10 have a combined website now.  LINK

You will also need to update your Activy Scheduler App. Look for this new logo:

CCS Basketball Camp Information

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Sports Health Examination Requirements

New York State law requires that all students that are participating in school sports have a physical. This physical must be dated after 9/1/2022 if your child plans to play fall sports.

1.) If your child has had a physical after this date, please have a copy of the physical faxed to me at 518-497-0601.

2.) You can have your child’s physician do a physical prior to soccer season and have them fax it to me at 518-497-0601.

3.) Dr. Emile Benardot will be here on 6/7/2023 to do physicals for students. It is a basic physical exam that includes checking your child’s ears, eyes, heart, lungs, mouth, throat, and back. All Male students will have a physical exam that includes an examination for a hernia and undescended testes. Please remember that your child will get a more in-depth physical at their pediatrician's office, this is just a basic physical. If you want your child to have a physical here with Dr. Emile Benardot please contact the nurse’s office at 518-497-6611 ext. 2600/2601

Sincerely, CCS School Nurses
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