2023-2024 Year in Review

Congratulations to all of your little Bulldogs for their hard work and dedication during the second quarter. We are very proud of you all. 

CCS was the recipient of a dozen Comfort Cubs. Comfort Cubs were developed by a mom who suffered a loss to bring comfort to others who need it. Bev King delivered the cubs to us. This donation was made possible by a grant from Adirondack for Kids.  Assemblyman Billy Jones joined us in accepting the donation. Bev King works tirelessly to deliver bears to people in need following traumatic events. You can learn more about her important work on her Facebook page, The Comfort Cubs With Beverly King.  These cubs will be used to give comfort to students within our school.

From Miss Nichols: Fabulous Pre-K3 friends.

From Mrs. Jones-King: Bryan Hartman from United Way of the Adirondack Region delivered winter jackets to our school. These jackets were donated by Della Subaru as part of Subaru of America’s Foundation.  If you know of a child who is in need of a winter jacket, please reach out to Mrs. Calnon or me.

2/1/24 - donations for our local food pantry update:

Elementary: 307

High School: 20

The children are excitedly collecting, counting, sorting, and packing donations each day. We'll be collecting donations for our local food pantry through 2/13! 

Our donation drive of "100 items for the 100th Day" continues to be a success!  After counting and sorting, here's today's update (brought to you by another super group of second graders):  elementary: 249 items, high school: 20 items

We are collecting through February 13th! 

Day one of the "100 items for the 100th Day" drive for our local pantry has been an amazing success!  Mrs. Harrigan's second graders picked up, sorted and packed 185 items today! Our goal was 100 donations in the elementary AND high school.  We'll check to see what the high school has for us tomorrow.  We'll be collecting items through 2/13.  Donations can be dropped off in the high school or elementary offices, or Mrs. Harrigan's room (#30).  Thank you so much for spreading kindness throughout our community! 

Way to go Science Olympiad Teams. Mrs Crawford submitted pictures from the event. The Division B Team came in 2nd place and is headed to states in April. Division C did well, too, coming in 5th place out of 10 teams.

From Ms. Rieger: Congratulations to the Science Olympiad teams for their success this weekend at Plattsburgh High School. Both teams placed respectfully, with Division B moving on to States. A huge shout out to the seniors, Sam Breault, Mya Simonsen, Aleah Simonsen, Vicki Titus, Ryleigh Reardon, and Angela Dwyer. They have all been an integral part of the team's success. Also, thank you to our chaperones, Mike and Liz Crawford. Thank you to the science team, Paul LaPlant, Megan Nemier-Green, and Mrs. Fowler for all your hard work with the students and support. 

Parent Pick-Up and Drop Off

We are asking parents who pick up or drop off their students, to refrain from parking in the main parking lot and on the side of the road.  These are dangerous places for our students and parents.  We are asking that you park in the student parking lot and use the sidewalk to walk to parent drop-off or pick-up.  If your child is a high school student, he or she can walk to the student parking lot on his or her own.

There may need to be adjustments to this procedure.  We will make any adjustments necessary to keep our students and families safe.  We welcome any insight you may have, as well.  

Thank you, Loretta Fowler - Superintendent

Miss Summer's First Grade Class was super excited to finally get a warmer day to play with their friends in the snow.

Luke Dalton came to kindergarten and read the book he wrote to Miss Swinton's class. They loved the story, enjoyed his message and learned what it is to be a leader.

Snow much fun!

From Mrs. Beach: Kindergarten had lots of fun retelling The Mitten story. Each kiddo pretended to be an animal character from the story and took turns climbing into a giant mitten! There were lots of giggles and pure excitement! We made another great memory. 

From Mrs. Stewart: Celebrating the success of CCS Journalism student, Anna Dalton, today. Anna’s first article has been officially published and featured in the Malone Telegram. Her report features her brother, Luke Dalton, and his senior project. We are equally proud of Luke’s new book, too. Check out Anna’s article and “The Little Bulldog Leads the Way, by Luke Dalton!”

The seniors in Participation in Government class spent nearly all of the second quarter learning trial vocabulary, the steps in a trial, and all of the individuals involved in a trial and the rules of the courtroom. They then volunteered for different roles in our own in-class mock trial. Every student had a part whether they were a witness or an attorney. After weeks of familiarizing themselves with their trial materials, the prosecution and defense teams worked hard to build the best cases they could. The defense team successfully earned a not guilty verdict on all three charges facing their client. We would like to offer a special thank you to Mr. John-Paul Johnson, for serving as our judge and his economics class for serving as our jury. I am so proud of the students!

Today, our third graders participated in the elementary learn to ski day. We had a beautiful day at Titus Mountain. We are so thankful for all of the amazing ski instructors at Titus Mountain. They take such beautiful care of our little Bulldogs!

"Snow much fun in sixth grade!"

Miss Swinton's class enjoying every minute making memories with friends.

Media Day pictures of the cheerleaders from Avery Tam. Thank you for sharing. 

From Mrs. Patnode: Friday ended with a difficult but fun challenge....trying to build with playing cards. The kids had fun and did great!

From Mrs. Calnon (with pictures from Mrs. Sweatt): Today, our fourth graders participated in the elementary learn to ski day. There were 36 fourth graders that participated in this wonderful day! Our boys and girls experienced a beautiful day on the mountain. The ski instructors were so impressed with our CCS students. We are so proud of our little Bulldogs!

Here is a little glimpse into the Christmas party in Mrs. Blair-Wilcox’s classroom. The kiddos loved going through their stockings. 

Thousand Words Picture(s). (With a few words) Mr. (Chandler) LaPlante gifted his old Bulldog coat with his name on it from when he was in kindergarten in 2006 to Chandler Spinner and it fits just right! Fun fact! The coat is 18 years old! ❤️Thanks for sharing, Mrs. Hamilton

Congratulations to the junior class and thank you to the LEAD team for putting this together. A fun way to head into Christmas vacation. 

Wizards of Winter

I am certain that the Wizards of Winter have the first letters of the band name spell WOW. That is the word. WOW. What an incredible night. The memories will last forever. Thank you, Heather Locklin, for making it all happen. Thank you to the many, many, people who worked behind the scenes. There are probably too many pictures here but I do not get a chance to try and capture an event like this very often. Happy holidays everyone!

CCS Student Council sorting toys for the Christmas Drive. Thanks for the generosity!

From Mrs. Cartier (yes, that one): Making gingerbread houses with Mrs. Dwyer (no, not, the principal but she is our pal). Lots of fun in our room today!

Trench warfare in Mrs. LaBare's room. 

From Mrs. Sweatt: Gingerbread house challenge: Students had to create a house for their gingerbread man that would survive winter storm Rudolph (aka hair dryer.) They made some great looking houses ! 

This morning with the help of Mrs. Armani, Kristy Peterson, and the rest of the cafeteria staff, Mr. Gugliotta held a French toast breakfast for our seniors.   Because our senior CTE students are in class, they were presented with a charcuterie board when they got back.   Mrs. Armani brought some Christmas crafts- some students made Christmas ornaments that be gifted to those who live in the Elderwood senior living community.

From Mrs. Reynolds: Section X’s NYSPHSAA Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) representatives, Peter Reynolds of Chateaugay and 

Isabelle Woodcock from Morristown HS, two of the 22 members that were recognized at the NYS football finals, JMA Wireless Dome Syracuse NY during the NYS HS Football finals.  SAAC members spent the weekend together for a Leadership Summit!

From Miss Swinton and Mrs. Beach: Happy Grinch Day!! Kindergarten came together again to celebrate Grinch Day! We watched the classic "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" movie. While watching the movie we enjoyed our Grinch mix we made together and drank Grinch juice! Lots of happy memories were made today!

9th graders playing the dreidel game with Hershey kisses in Global class in celebration of Hanukkah as they learn about Ancient Judaism. 

From Mrs. Beach: Thank you to Mrs. Gardiner for making cookies with our kindergarten kiddos! We had a blast walking upstairs to her room and helping mix all the ingredients. This morning we enjoyed decorating and eating our delicious cookies!!😊 We love having these special moments together!❤️🎄

From Miss Swinton: Tis the season for holiday cheer and joy! Yesterday, Kindergarten was invited to Mrs. Gardiner's room to make Christmas cookies!  Today we decorated and ate those cookies. It was endless joy and excitement. The pictures say it all!!

Pre-K had an amazing day singing with the residents of the Farrar Home. We are definitely in the Christmas spirit now ❤️ 

Thank you, Mrs. Beach and Miss Swinton for these pictures and this story: Polar Express Day in kindergarten was lots of fun. We made some wonderful memories!😊
From Miss Johnston: Christmas crafts in the little primary bulldog classroom.
Mrs. Thomas’ 2nd graders prepared ahead of time for their how-to decorate a Christmas tree writing by decorating sugar cones for their snacks. Fun was had by all and the ‘trees’ tasted delicious!!

Today we had the National Honor Society helping with our parent drop-off. Thanks, NHS!!

Mr. Gugliotta brought some CCS students to Salmon River CSD to check out their HVAC/Welding Program.

From Mrs. Nemier-Cook: The Franklin Academy boys hockey team will be playing at home(in Malone) against Potsdam on Wednesday, December 13th. The puck drops at 7:00 pm! Pictured are Liam Green and Jake Kaska, the two Chateaugay Bulldogs who play for the FA Huskies!! Good luck boys!

Wrestling pictures from Kelsey Trowbridge. She was 2-2 over the weekend. Nice job.

The Boys Varsity Basketball Team Gears up for its Latest Season- Mya Simonsen Reporting - Click to expand

This week is full of interviews of CCS athletes as the winter sport season begins. We’re kicking off this series with the boys varsity basketball team. I recently spoke with Marc Bechard, a senior on the team, and Sam Breault, the team’s recorder and commentator for the games, to get two different perspectives on the brand new season ahead.

I began by asking both students how they felt the season was going to turn out this year:

MB: “I think we have a bright season ahead of us; we still have a lot to work on, but I hope everything goes well.”

SB: “Well it’s going to be interesting because, similar to soccer, we have a very young team this year. A lot of seniors left last year with a lot of inexperience but I think this team will shock some people; I mean we might not do quite as well as last year but I think we’re definitely going to do a lot better than people’s expectations for us.”

These statements make it pretty clear that the boys both have relatively high expectations for the team this year, both expressing how, although they will have to face newer challenges with a new lineup, they definitely will surprise people with their readiness to face off their opponents.

My next question pertained mostly to Breault, asking how he views the games since he has experienced and been to every single one. 

SB: “It’s kind of good; I have a good view - you know - from where I am. I see every aspect from every game basically, and I have a relatively unbiased opinion on everybody and it’s just good to see everything from that, you know, different perspective. 

Interviewing Breault makes it pretty obvious that the fans of the Bulldogs are a loyal and supportive force, which the boys are excited to see in the games.

I followed once again with a question for Bechard: how he thinks this season will compare to last season and if the result will be similar.

MB: “Always have high hopes, we can always hope for it (a similar season), but we’ll have to wait and see how the rest of our games go.

This response from Bechard hints at how, while the result remains to be seen, it’s important to go support the team by attending their next games! 

I concluded my interview with the following:

Q: “So we should be excited for this season?”

MB: “I mean, I know our team’s excited; it’s a whole new squad, a lot of things we need to go over, we hope for the best.”

Having a team that’s excited and happy to be on the court together is a well-functioning group that can act as one. Be sure to follow the boys on their latest season and support them at their upcoming games to see this all-new team in action!

The Girls Varsity Basketball Team Feels Ready for their Upcoming Season - Mya Simonsen Reporting - Click to expand

To continue with the sports trilogy for this week, I decided to speak with the girls varsity basketball team regarding their feelings about the start to this season. 

With girls suffering no losses in terms of players, after interviewing both Mary Leonard and Kaelyn Morgan, it’s prevalent that the team is confident in their abilities this year. 

As I was short on time, I could only ask the girls the following:

Q: “How do you think this season will turn out in comparison to last year?”

L: “I think we are going to do very well considering we didn’t lose anybody, and we’re all so much better and so much more experienced in the basketball field.”

M: “I think the season is going to turn out really good; we have a lot of returning players - everybody’s a little bit older and more experienced so I think it’ll be a good season.”

As you can tell, the girls are confident in their team’s abilities not only because of their talent working together as a group, but because of the time and effort they have put in during previous years, preparing them for the upcoming season and molding them into the players they are today.

Of course, while the girls have an exciting season planned out for all of us, it is important to support them while they do so. 

Both the players and their supporters are confident that they will go far this year, but a factor that can definitely boost this probability is by going to games and rooting for the bulldogs, not only for the girls basketball but for all of CCS’s teams. While you are staying updated here, make sure you are also gaining outside information by supporting the bulldogs throughout this major winter sports season!

The Varsity Cheer Season Kicks off to a Great Start- Mya Simonsen Reporting - Click to expand

This year, the varsity cheer squad is faced with its newest challenge; rearranging the team after the loss of so many seniors.

While most of the articles I write are focused on those that I interview, this time I will be talking about my own experience as a varsity cheerleader, and how this team is going to do in comparison to the last three years I’ve been on the team.

The challenge isn’t just preparing for the upcoming basketball games, it’s figuring out a whole new role-assignment for the squad. For many cheers, the squad has had to move around many of the girls to fit together the stunts in a new way.

Although this is a challenging thing, I believe that it may be beneficial; by having the team re-coordinate itself, each member is going to have to develop a whole new set of skills to balance the rest of the team; which will, in turn, broaden the skills of the team overall. 

I truly believe that this season is something to be excited about. While last year’s ending was unfortunate, with the team not being able to present their usual dance that takes months of practicing due to sickness and COVID-19, we now have something to work off of- and a playlist that can be re-used in this year’s dance.

In my own experience, cheer has made me more well-rounded, and developed my personality into something more outgoing and confident. In cheer, it’s apparent that you need to be loud and proud, and not afraid to perform in front of an audience; which helps not only me, but I think many of the other girls as well when it comes to confidence and the ability to balance their school and sports life.

I can also say that the relationships you build while being in cheer will last not just a season, but for years to come. I know it may not seem like it, but you need to have good relationships with each other in order to cheer well as a group. Your stunting groups, chant lines, and those you sit with on the bench, will not only become your team, but your family.

I think that cheer is something that is absolutely worth trying as soon as you hit freshman year! If you are considering it as an option for next year as an eighth grader, I would highly recommend signing up at the end of this school year; I promise it won't be something you regret!

From Ms. Rieger: Students in College Human Biology went to SUNY Plattsburgh to perform an experiment in their high-tech labs. The students looked at their own DNA by using high-powered tools. They were isolating the gene that determines whether you are a morning person or night owl. The highlight of the trip was not only the 3-hour experiment but also Dr. Elwes' excursion with the polar bears. She completed a marathon with 19 others, running alongside the polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba. Each participant was escorted by a truck with a ranger in case a polar bear became intrigued.  Check out the link below for more information about the marathon.  


From Ms. Riger: 

The 10th graders went to Winter Wonderland last week. Who knew there would be so much snow??!!!  A great trip.......pictures speak volumes. Thank you to Mr. Weilacher, Mrs Crawford and Mrs. Dalton for being awesome chaperones.  

From Mrs. Warriner: It doesn't get any better than having a 2-hour delay and then getting to play in the snow for recess.

Another year of beautiful collaboration! Mr. Martin's 3rd grade class joined Kindergarten in making our Christmas Countdown craft! So much fun was had by all!

Today our Junior National Honor Society helped at parent drop off! We are loving this new tradition 

Kindergarteners continued the tradition of making Christmas countdown chains with our third grade friends. We had lots of fun and are grateful for the help from Mrs. McDonald’s class. 😊🎄

They made it! Thank you for the picture, Mrs. Rieger. We hope everyone is having a wonderful time. 

Mrs. Dwyer stopped by the art room and was impressed with this work from Lily Boyea. 

Parents:  We encourage you to watch this video.  Brian Montgomery spoke to our students in grades 5-12 today about some of the dangers that our kids can face on the internet.  Students in grades 7-12 viewed the video.  Mr. Montgomery spoke directly to our 5th and 6th graders, without the video.  Mr. Montgomery's son, Walker was a victim of sextortion.  Unfortunately, Walker died by suicide because of this.  We want to make all of our students and all of our parents aware of this very real danger.  Please talk to your children and let them know that you are here to help no matter what situation they may find themselves in.  

As Mr. Montgomery said, nothing good happens between 10 pm and 6 am.  Please consider a rule about no internet access at night.  This is a simple step that we can take to help keep our children safe. 

Memories from the last few weeks courtesy of Miss Swinton.  Some Thanksgiving lessons and of course decorating the tree!

From Mrs. Sweatt: After reading the book, Balloons Over Broadway, students were challenged to design their own freestanding balloon for the Macy's parade. They had some setbacks but didn't let that stop them. They showed great perseverance and teamwork and created some amazing balloons.

From Mrs. Dwyer: I stopped into our welding class today and was fortunate enough to watch Todd Sparling working on a torch cart. Metalworking is a new class this year at CCS.

Something different. Mrs. Calnon and Mrs. Jones-King interviewed some of out little Bulldogs and asked them what they liked about the first 10 weeks of school.

Pictures from the Bulldog Pride Awards held on November 17, 2023. Congratulations to all of these students. Mrs. Calnon is very proud of her boys and girls. 

Congratulations to these Area All-State musicians from CCS for their weekend concert in Saranac Lake. Mrs. Trombley and Mrs. Hodges are very proud of them all. 

From Mrs. Blair-Wilcox: The kiddos in Mrs. Blair-Wilcox's 4th grade and Mrs. McComb's PreK 4 classrooms got together to complete a STEM challenge.  They were tasked with creating a cage for the turkey so that it would be safe and not fly away before Thanksgiving dinner.  They did a great job working together to make some very creative cages.  After the activity, we listened to a Thanksgiving story made and enjoyed a trail mix.  We hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving and enjoys this special time with their families!

New Developments Show That Psychology is a Must-Have in Your Schedule
(Click to expand)

As of two days ago, two days ago I have since interviewed a few young women (Sophia Nemier, Victoria Titus, and Angela Dwyer) who take Mrs. McArdle’s 9th period first and second quarter college Psychology class. 

As someone who, in previous years, was interested in the class but wasn’t sure what it’s like, I’m looking to solve this cycle by asking a couple questions that may spark the interest of students who plan on taking the course next year.

I first asked each student why they decided to take psychology this year

N: “Because it sounded interesting.”

D: “I’ve always been interested in psych, and I wanted to take it last year and I couldn’t and so I took it this year.”

T: “Me also.”

As you can tell, there was interest but all three students weren’t entirely sure how the class was and how it would work.

I followed with my next question: 

Q: “What do you think has been the most interesting thing you’ve learned in psychology so far?”

D: “Probably the project we did where we got to pick out a career and I got to learn more about a career I was interested in at the time.”

The project that Dwyer was referring to was one in which each peer got to pick a career in psychology to present to the class after doing some research and forming a pamphlet that held said information; the careers ranged from criminal psychologist to speech pathologist.

I then moved on to ask:

Q: “Would you recommend psychology to any upcoming students who will be able to take the class in the following year(s) and why?”

N: “I would because it’s kind of hard, but it’s also really fun, and I like the projects that we do.”

The class, instead of doing just conventional worksheets, focuses a lot on hands-on activities like the many projects that involve whatever the students are learning about. The Sleep Lab even involves taking a nap in class! 

T: “I agree with Soph because it’s very interesting and a lot different than the other classes we take.”

D: “I would recommend it to literally anyone because even if you’re not interested in that career, psych is something you can use in any career.”

Dwyer expressed how she felt that psychology is a much-needed class, and how it can help even in just your day-to-day life.

To wrap up this segment, it is quite apparent that students who take psychology are never bored in class, and truly believe that what they’re working on is both important and interesting. By focusing on projects and activities that involve every student to work together or really think through a problem, it makes the students feel more submerged in the subject.

According to these seniors, psychology is a must-take if you’re considering it! - Mya Simonsen reporting

Fun with board games during the October BARK event. Thank you for the pictures, Mrs. Sampica-Manor. 

From Mrs. Dwyer: Today our HS LEAD team helped at morning drop off!  We are thankful for their leadership this morning and every day in our building!

From Mrs. McDonald:

Mrs. McDonald's 3rd-grade class celebrated National Butter Day by making our own butter. It took a lot of muscle and a little patience, but it was worth it. We enjoyed the fruits of our labor on saltine crackers! YUM!

From Mrs. Patnode: It was a turkey glasses kind of day.

Ali Johnston Fundraiser.pdf
Luke Dalton Project.pdf

Seniors at CCS take a Senior Seminar class with Mr. Gugliotta. Since November is known as the Month of Gratitude he decided to work with his students on a special project. Each student wrote a thank you card to a local veteran or to someone with whom they have a special connection regardless of whether or not they are local. Nice job Mr. Gugliotta! Thank you, students. Your kind words will mean a lot to our veterans.

From Miss Summers: My class practiced having an election today. We voted for the best cookie! Oreo cookies were the winner for us!  

A Senior Project Brings Much-Deserved Appreciation for Veterans Day - Click to Expand

A Senior Project Brings Much-Deserved Appreciation for Veterans Day

Sam Breault, a senior at CCS, is officially on track to completing his senior project this Sunday in the auditorium with his Veterans Day concert involving a community band brought together and conducted by Breault himself.

I kicked off an interview with him by asking the following and getting his response:

Q: “What made you think of your senior project?”

B: “Well, I’ve always had an interest in music and I really like doing that stuff in general, but I’ve never been on that kind of the other side before so I wanted to try a new experience, and Veterans Day is a really underappreciated holiday. With not a lot of events going on I figured what better time.”

Breault then moved on to speak about his experience when it came to balancing school life and his senior project, while also finding time for himself. 

B: “It’s been stressful mainly because it’s kind of hard balancing it with school and also, you know, with a band you’re always gonna have little problems like people dropping out and just small stuff like that, but it’s seemed to have worked out very well!”

Breault is class president, president of National Honor Society, participated in numerous extracurricular activities such as band, chorus, jazz band, and half-past seven just to name a few, Science Olympiad, ecumenical choir, and many more, so it definitely can’t be easy balancing everything at once.

This weekend on Sunday, November 12, at 2:00 PM, Breault will be conducting his band through numerous songs. Admission is free, but donations are greatly appreciated, all funds going towards DAV (Disabled American Veterans), so please be sure to stop by this weekend both to support Sam Breault’s senior project, and to say thank you to those who have fought for our country so bravely.

From Mandy Cassavaw: Allisyn got to swim in sectionals today at Suny Potsdam representing the Huskies!! She swam in the 200 medley relay as the anchor of her team swimming freestyle.  Her team came in at 2:23.77 beating their last record of 2:28.36.  Her time for the 50 she swam was 29.82 which is 2.5 seconds faster than her personal best!  To say I am proud of her and the lady huskies and 2 bulldogs is an understatement!! Congratulations ladies!!

Congratulations to the CCS Varsity Soccer Boys who were honored recently for their success on and off the field. Thank you to all the seniors for the memories.

Congratulations to all the volleyball players who were selected for Section X Awards. 
Thank you, Mr. Simonsen, for all the pictures this fall season. I know many parents were appreciative of your time and talents. 
There is such a thing as a "good problem". One of those problems is having a lot of pictures of cute kids doing adorable things. So here is a month's worth of memories from Mrs. McComb. She said it was hard editing the photos. These memories will make your day. Thank you for sharing. 
From Mrs. Dwyer: Today FFA helped at morning drop off. Our big kids love helping our little bulldogs ❤️

This Year’s Senior Play Wrap-Up - Mya Simonsen

This year, the seniors put on a fantastic performance of “The Crimson House Murder” for the annual senior play. I had gained the privilege of interviewing both Sophia Nemier and Nevaya Adams on their experiences being involved in the play and what memories and valuable lessons they have learned from it.

I began the interview process by asking both girls what was the most challenging part of being in the senior play, their responses were as follows:

N: “Well, I had to manage my time because I didn’t have any time to do anything that wasn’t for school, so I’d go to school, go to volleyball, and go to senior play, so I had to manage my time for homework and stuff, so I think that will help in college.”

A: “I think the most stressful part was mostly like memorizing the lines.”

While both girls had different problems, they each claimed that the experiences will definitely help them with their college experiences; time management and the memorization of information are both extremely prevalent concepts in college. 

I then moved on to ask about any major memories Nemier and Adams had experienced, and what came to mind when they initially thought about the senior play:

N: “Yes, I had a blast during practice and the real play just hanging out with everybody, and probably my favorite memory is when Sam said, “Never fear, I am here” and we were playing in the curtains.” 

Nemier played the role of Jeeves the comedic butler with a poor sense of direction, so she interacted with almost everyone on stage. Sam Breault, who played the part of Hercules Porridge, the famous Hoboken detective, is the one she recalled in her memory.

A: “Definitely the senior play group chat, and the show where Pete tripped over the couch on his way out to the hallway.”

Adams was referring to Peter Reynolds, who played the Delivery Person with murderous intentions. Adams herself played the role of Penny Russel, a widow with a secret who turned out to not be a widow at all, but a wife who was protecting her husband from the blackmail of the owner of Crimson House.

I closed off the interview session with the question of if the girls believe that they had become closer with their peers who were in the show as well, both responding with yes. The senior play each year is yet another way to bring the class closer before their graduation, and a wonderful experience to participate in. 

The senior play is something that is highly recommended to be a part of next year for the now juniors, but up-and-coming seniors.

Stay tuned for new developments involving news surrounding Chateaugay High School.

From Lorraine Childs 

Hayden Childs swam this season in a Cross-contract with the Huskies Modified Swim Team. She competed in the Modified Invitational Swim Meet On October 26, 2023, at Ogdensburg Free Academy. She won her heat for the 100m freestyle.

From Mrs. Crawford: 

Come support Ainsley Crawford and Allisyn Dupra at the NYPHSAA Section X Swimming Sectionals this weekend, Sunday November 5th at SUNY Potsdam’s Maxcy Hall starting at 1:00. There is no entrance fee. 

Ainsley qualified in two personal events - the 100m butterfly and the 200m individual medley. She is also swimming the 50m butterfly for the 200m medley relay and the 50m freestyle in the 200m freestyle relay.  Allisyn is swimming the 50m freestyle in the 200m medley relay.

Pumpkin Decorating Contest Video

Thank you, Mr. Calnon, for putting this together. Thank you to all the participants. There are some wonderfully creative entries.  VIDEO LINK

Mrs. Stewart's Journalism class recently visited the "Ready For Real" Senior Retreat activity last week. Students had the opportunity to interview Michele Armani and Maddie Munn about the program and its benefits. They also learned more information from Kim LeClaire, who teaches yoga, meditation, and sound bath practices, Leni from the Alice T. MIner Museum who specializes in making natural dyes, a CCS senior, Aislyn Hungerford, and Joe Ferris who draws caricatures. The seniors were able to reconnect with the mind, body, and soul. 

Senior Retreat - Journalism Class October 25 2023.pdf

Pre CTE Culinary students busy preparing muffins for Superintendent's Day! 

The ninth grade global class wrote their names in Mesopotamia cuneiform writing with Mrs.  LaBare. This is the oldest writing system in all of civilization. 

From Miss Summers: Over the past couple days, we had a blast investigating pumpkins. Students worked with their table friends to learn about their pumpkin! 

The Bulldogs Celebrate with the 7-12 Halloween Spirit Week

Since the beginning of this week, the 7-12th graders have been gearing up for Halloween with their annual spirit week. The celebration was kicked off with Monday as “Rhyme Without Reason” in which participants would get together with a group or a partner and dress as objects or beings that rhyme (for example: nerd and bird, tree and bee, etc.) followed by Tuesday with “Athlete vs. Mathlete”, which is self-explanatory. Wednesday trailed behind with “Disney vs. Villains”, and Thursday closed this week with “Halloween PJ Day” as Friday is Superintendent’s Day, which entails that no students will be in school. 

Because Halloween is on a Tuesday this year, Monday will also be part of Halloween Spirit Week to make up for Friday. Halloween Attire will support the spirit of Monday while Halloween costumes close the event on Tuesday.

I interviewed some students from the senior class to get their input as their final Halloween spent in school arises, including Kaelyn Morgan, Luke Dalton, and Ryleigh Reardon.

I first asked each student the following, their responses will be listed with their initials:

Q: “Do you mind telling me about your experience with spirit week so far? As in how you participated, what your favorite day was… etc.”

M: “I think spirit week has been pretty good so far! There’s some people that go all out or some that only do certain days, but it gives everyone a chance to feel included into school activities if they don’t usually do so. I have participated in spirit week more this year and I’ve found it enjoyable!”

Morgan expressed how she felt about how spirit week brought the school together, and gave everyone a chance to feel as though they are part of something, which is such an important characteristic for a school environment to have.

D: “It’s been a pretty good time. I’m excited I finally get to participate in Jammie Thursday”.

Jammie Thursday is an event that happens every Thursday, not limited to but mostly participated in by the senior class, which involves wearing your pajamas to school. This week, a twist was added to the day with the addition of Halloween jammies. The message of “Halloween Jammies” day will hopefully spread the word that Jammie Thursday is a day for everyone to celebrate and participate in.

Reardon explained how even though she didn’t have anything to participate in “Disney vs. Villains” day, she still had fun on the first day, “Rhyme Without Reason” day. This is why the bulldogs have a whole week of events and opportunities for participation, because it is so important that everyone feels as though they get a chance to experience the fun of not just Halloween Spirit Week, but any spirit week in general.

The bulldogs will be ending spirit week soon with the final day, Tuesday, which is Halloween costumes. The day will be filled with much excitement as the costume and skit contests are relative to that day, as well as the senior class’s performance of the senior play, this year being “The Crimson House Murder”, all followed by the Halloween Parade that is held every year on Halloween. 

Remember to stay tuned for more news regarding upcoming spirit weeks and more information regarding senior projects this coming week!

The Girl’s Varsity Soccer Team Gears Up for Playoff Season - Mya Simonsen reporting

As of not too long ago, I was given the privilege of speaking to varsity soccer player Angela Dwyer about her experience during her last year on the team. Dwyer plays the position of right half-back and played a major role in the win of the team’s first playoff game against Hammond. 

I began by asking her about this first playoff game of the season. Her response:

D: “We had our first playoff game tonight, we came out not matching their intensity, and after we got down by two, we bounced back and kept possession of the ball for the rest of the game, ending in a 4-2 score.” 

Overall, the Bulldogs’ record has landed them into the number one seed for the section, playing a total of 14 regular season games, and two non-league games.

I followed up with the question of how she felt the turnout of playoff season would be. She replied once again with the reference of their first playoff games: 

D: “If we play like we did tonight after they scored, I have no doubt we could make a good playoff run this year, and win the section for the third consecutive year.”

This statement reflects how the lady bulldogs have a strong confidence in their team, which leads me to believe they will go far this season. This Friday, the 27th of October, please be sure to support the girls in their second playoff game of the season against Hermon-Dekalb.

It’s obvious that the Bulldogs as a whole, and in every team, have a strong sense of unity, and is why each team has made it so far this season. Stay tuned for more details regarding the varsity volleyball, varsity boy’s soccer, and varsity girl’s soccer teams on their journey to The Final Four.

Just a glimpse of what we've been up to this week! ~ Miss Swinton

From Miss Swinton: Last week Kindergarten celebrated Pumpkin Day! The kiddos loved the sink or float experiment and getting to explore the parts of the pumpkin. We enjoyed books, crafts, and math activities for the occasion. It's never a dull moment in Kindergarten. ❤️

From Mrs. Spence - The pre-CTE early childhood class completed their egg baby unit. The students learned being a parent of an infant is not all it’s “cracked up” to be. The students all did an eggcellent job keeping their egg babies from getting too scrambled over the past few weeks. Well done girls! 

Varsity Volleyball Plans to be Section X Champions for the 22nd Year in a Row

Recently I have been given the opportunity to speak to senior varsity volleyball player and outside hitter Sophia Nemier about her opinion regarding the outcome of this year’s battle for Section X champions. 

The team’s record for this year is 11-3 so far; with two games against Massena and Malone remaining, the girls are hopeful they get first seed for playoffs. 

I began by asking Nemier about how she believes the team has grown. Her response: 

“I think our offense has grown a lot because we are a big defensive team, but when we changed it up to have middle hitters too, and Vicki (Libero and Team Captain) hits from the back sometimes, I think that our offense is a lot better than it has been in previous years.”

This new change in formation is a complete change for the team, but they adapted quickly, still maintaining their usual pristine record. Nemier expressed further on how, with this new change in formation, the team will claim their victory when it comes to being Section X Champions. “Yes, I think that we will take home the title of Section X Champs. I have full confidence.” Nemier claimed. 

While on the topic of strengths, it’s also important to talk about and recognize things that the girls themselves could work on. After asking how she felt about the season as a whole, Nemier replied:

 “I think it could have been better. I think we definitely could’ve beat Massena and Potsdam, and our record would be better. But other than that I think we are doing pretty well!”

Seeing how both the good and the things that can be improved upon are recognized, it’s clear that the team has fantastic harmony and get along well; this being a big factor in how the girls act when it comes to stressful situations, they remain calm and supportive all the while. 

Now that we know more about the fight for Section X Champs for the 22nd year in a row, make sure you’re going to support the Bulldogs at their next home game! Stay tuned for more news regarding the matter. ~ Mya Simonsen Reporting

Rulf's Orchard field trip. Thanks, Miss Summers, for the pictures. 

Students in Mrs. Stewart’s Journalism class are learning the ins and outs of Photo Journalism. This project will be featured on the website and Facebook page periodically as students captured memories daily. Here are a few samples of our “Story in a Sentence” photo activity. We all loved capturing the beautiful essence of Chateaugay. 
On Friday, October 13,  our 8th graders went to  SUNY Plattsburgh for the I've Been Accepted to College Day.  Mrs. Dwyer said that she is always so proud of our students and how respectful and kind they were on the trip. Photo cred to Mr. Gugliotta.   
The Finale of the Senior Boys High School Soccer Career.pdf

Thank you to our amazing SOS team; Susan Jones-King, Danielle Matthews, Bruce Gugliotta, Chelsea LaBare, Jeremy Bell, and Fallon Nichols for the preparation and presentation to students today. Duncan Kirkwood has a fantastic way of dealing with adversity by focusing on perseverance, passion and purpose. He gave great examples of the reasons these tools can help in times of joy and despair. You can learn more about him at duncankirkwood.com. 

The soccer team helped with parent drop off. Thank you, gentlemen. 

Congratulations to our senior soccer boys. Thank you for the many years of memories. We wish you all the best in the playoffs.  

The Chateaugay Chapter of FFA has a new bottle collection site. It's in between the playground and annex (old bus garage). All donations will be used for leadership contests and trips. Please help us. We greatly appreciate it!submitted by: Lily Boyea, reporter 

Soapy, Fun!!! In Human Biology students used soap bubbles to study the properties of the cell membrane. Soap and our cell membrane are chemically alike. - From Ms. Rieger

Thank you to the members of the Chateaugay Fire Department for making today's field trip so special. Thank you to Miss Swinton, Mrs. Sandvig and Mrs. Beach for the pictures. 

From Mrs. Sweatt - We finished our realistic fiction genre study with a book "tasting". Students read and discussed a variety of realistic fiction books, then wrote a review while enjoying a treat. 

From Mrs. McComb - pictures of our trip with our Pre-K and Mrs. Parmeter’s class today to Banker’s Orchard. We had the perfect day!  

Thank you to everyone who supported our Open House and Spaghetti Supper Night. It was so nice to see the building full of families and community members. 

Member of the Varsity Volleyball Team helped out with parent drop off this morning. Thank you ladies. 

Pickleball action at the Rec Park - thank you for the pictures Mrs. Reynolds. 

From Mrs. Stewart:

On Tuesday, CCS Sophomores were able to tour the CTE programs in Malone. Students enjoyed viewing the various programs offered to CCS students in 11th and 12th grade. Many of our 10th graders jumped right in and participated! 


On Thursday, CCS Freshman and Sophomores toured North Country Community College’s College Event. Students were able to walk around and visit with various college representatives, speak about their interests regarding life after high school, and see what a typical college day might look like.   

Memorial Garden Cleanup

FFA members along with students from Mrs. Ashline’s & Mrs. O’Connor’s classes recently cleaned up the Memorial Garden. They also enjoyed making applesauce and apple pie from a tree donated by the Cowan family in memory of Nate. 

From Miss Summers -  We loved having Mrs. Dumont come in as a special treat! She read us Pig the Monster! Then we made a yummy, spooky snack! She made our day!  

From Mrs. LaBare:

Mrs. LaBare’s college sociology class took advantage of the warm fall weather by getting outside and creating slogans for important social change topics. Using chalk, the students are bringing awareness to several heavy social topics that our world is unfortunately faced with. Read the captions for each picture. 

From Mrs. McArdle: Here are some fun endocrine crime scene projects that brought the Psych 101 class out into the beautiful weather today. As we like to say in the psych world: All things psychological are biological. 

From Miss Rieger - Students in College Biology spent the morning using indicator solutions to test for biological macromolecules found in a Happy Meal. They even got Pokémon cards 🙂

From Miss Swinton: Today Kindergarten had the best day at Banker's Orchard. Hayrides, Pumpkin and apple picking, & a Fairy Trail were some of the many fun adventures today!

Thank you Mrs. Raville for these pictures. The 5th graders hiked Stone Valley Trails and then enjoyed a delicious lunch from the Dairy Queen in Malone! ☀️⛰️🍦

Today, our boys varsity soccer team helped at drop off!  We appreciate the assistance from our athletes. ❤️

Learning about the leaves changing colors. 

Sharing ribs with friends. 

Mrs. Thomas' students enjoying some soccer fun

Mrs. Beaudin’s class learned how to peel apples for applesauce and enjoyed a lesson from the Shine On students from Plattsburgh State.

Some back to school activities in 4th grade. Skittle Math, a crack the code team building activity, and a cup stacking challenge (students were only allowed to touch the cups with a straw, string, or rubber band.

As Fall approaches...

Students are hanging up their showmanship gear for now. Farmers of all ages enjoy exhibiting their best cattle at the Franklin County Fair. High School students, Jamie-Lynn and Zak Helm, right down to our youngest elementary student Calvin Couillard enjoy the friendly competition and camaraderie with friends. These 4-H and FFA members have worked very hard to display their prize-winning animals to the best of their abilities. 
When Franklin County Dairy Princess, Jamie-Lynn Helm, wasn't in the show ring, she was promoting the dairy industry along with dairy ambassador, Anna Dalton. Anna did a great job rewarding prizes to the dairy exhibitors at the fair. I know the farmers appreciate the hard work and dedication these young ladies put into promoting the dairy industry. It's nice to see them connect the people to their "roots." Jamie and Anna will continue educating the public and hopefully many schoolchildren throughout the year about the benefits of dairy. 

From Seed to Finished Product

The CDOS Program, Agriculture Pre-CTE Class and FFA have worked in 2023 from seed to a  finished product. 
Near the end of March we started growing tomato seeds in the grow carts. Some of the plants were sold by FFA in May. In June, the CDOS students worked with Mrs. Ashline and her sixth graders. They planted the tomatoes in the raised beds next to the playground. 
Now at the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year a number of the tomatoes were picked and made into pizza sauce. The students in the CDOS Program and Mrs. Ashline's 9th Period Agriculture class learned the process of preparing the tomatoes to make it into pizza sauce  before learning the canning process. Next week they are hoping to make pizza with this sauce.
Here are just a couple shots from tonight’s Back to School Movie Night.  A big thank you to all who came out to enjoy  great night under the stars! ⭐️ 🍄 👨🏻 🐢 
Thousand Words Picture - I thought this might work for your posts, Madison McComb helping the younger students to their classrooms in the morning.  Photo Cred to Aurora
5th grades read a story and learned about our “magic breath”. We talked about how our breath can help us through difficult times and can be a positive outlet for our emotions. They generated ideas like: turning sad thoughts into happy thoughts, meditation, helping us stay happy, helping us through stressful times, ect. Each student made a rainbow of ways that their breath can help them and used water colors to make their “magical breath”. 💜 ~Mrs. Beaudin & Mrs. Raville 
A fun compilation album of back-to-school pictures from CCS families. Send yours to a.trombley@chateaugaycsd.org and I will add them to the album. I think this will be a great memory.  More pictures
The students in Mrs. Blair-Wilcox’s class were given supplies to build a perch for Harry. They worked so hard and did an amazing job! 
A few pictures from the first day of school.
Our varsity teams will be helping the little ones at parent drop-off every Friday.  This week, our Varsity Girls' Soccer team helped get our kids into the building and to the right classrooms!  Next Friday, Varsity Volleyball will be helping and the following Friday will be Boys Varsity Soccer.  You will see the teams out there in their jerseys!  This is a fun way to connect our high school and elementary students.
5th Grade started the school year with a fun Hula Hoop Day! We participated in team building activities with hula huts and thread the hula. Then we had a rock, paper, scissor hula hoop hopscotch relay along with a contest to see who could hula hoop the longest. What a great start to the year! ❤️ Mrs. Beaudin & Mrs. Raville 
Thank you, Mrs. Jones-King, for these pictures from the first day of ice cream. What a wonderful treat. 
Thank you, Mr. Simonsen, for these pictures from recent soccer action. We appreciate you very much. 
There is nothing like opening day games at CCS. Despite this heat and humidity, the students came to play. Congratulations to the 9th graders!

The CCS CAPES Team held another successful school supply giveaway.  Pictured are just a few of our volunteers.  We would like to thank all of our student volunteers, teachers and administrators who came to lend a hand.  We would also like to thank Assemblyman Billy Jones for funding our giveaway again this year.  We were able to provide backpacks and supplies to over 200 students. We did run out of some items for high school students. We will be working to make these available in classrooms at the beginning of the school year.

Chateaugay Summer School kids were traveling again. We visited High Falls Park and enjoyed a hike to the gorgeous waterfall.  That was followed by a picnic, playground fun, and an ice cream treat. The weather was perfect for this fun day.

The Little Bulldog crowd took their last field trip of the summer to the local fish hatchery. We were lucky to be hosted by two of our own CCS alumni. Cullen Jones and Derek Ribot shared their knowledge and gave a great tour. There was lots of excitement when the biggest fish came out to greet us. We are heading into our final week of the program. Then a quick break before school starts in September.

Thank you, Mrs. McComb, for sharing these memories. 

The Little Bulldogs took advantage of the beautiful summer weather and visited Chazy Lake Beach.  The kids swam their hearts out and enjoyed the brand-new playground that the beach had to offer.  It was a perfect summer day!

From Mrs. Blair-Wilcox: The kids in Mrs. Blair-Wilcox and Mrs. Raville’s classrooms celebrated beach week.  We made leis, surfboards, picture frames, salt painting, and had a STEM challenge to balance a beach ball on a tower of index cards.  We ended the week with a yummy tropical fruit salad. 

That’s a wrap! The Little Bulldog Summer Program ended the season with a fun filled day on the field. We had an exciting morning with water balloons, hula hoops, and ping pong balls. The weather cooperated and everyone joined in the fun. We ended with a delicious ice cream treat. Special thanks go to Carrie Marshall for providing an array of treats to add to the ice cream. It was a big hit! It won’t be long before we are back in the halls to begin another school year. Thanks to the students and staff for an enjoyable, successful summer!

The Little Bulldog Summer Program took a trip to the Nicandri Nature Center in Massena on this beautiful day.  We enjoyed a relaxing nature walk along a well groomed trail.  Highlights included animal tracks, a bat house, and many nature scenes.  We then had a delicious picnic lunch, checked out the nature museum, and ended with giant lawn games.  It was a fantastic way to end week two of our program.

From Mr. Calnon: The Chateaugay Bulldog Basketball Camp is in full swing for boys week!  A record number of campers and coaches have the camp off to a fun and successful start. 

From Mrs. Dumas: Little Bulldog summer school is back in full swing this week. We enjoyed our first field trip to Burke Family Berry Farms yesterday. Many thanks go out to Kevin, Josie, and Quinn for their hospitality and for hosting a great morning in the berry batch. Students will have fun creating tasty berry treats in their classes today. We finished the day with a picnic lunch and some playground fun at the Malone Rec Park.

From Miss Summers:  What a fun first week we have had! We learned all about how different berries grow and the important things they need to help them grow best! After picking yummy raspberries and blueberries yesterday, today we used them to make a delicious fruit pizza!