2023-2024 Year in Review

Thousand Words Picture

Thousand Words Picture

From Mrs. McComb: My class, along with Mrs. Parmeter’s class, had another amazing day. We had a blast at the North Country Children’s Museum in Potsdam. We played, learned all about rockets and had a nice picnic at the park next door. We had so many amazing family members join us. We appreciate all their help on this fun adventure!

From Mrs. O'Neill: Fun Friday Game Day was a huge hit in Mrs. O'Neill's First Grade! Students worked hard all week to earn this time, great job first graders! 

Some Friday fun at recess from Mrs. Sandvig

From Mrs. Stewart's Journalism class: Hello! We will be featuring two journalists from our class today. Please meet Will and Cloe. As always, we thank you for your viewing and support!

Baseball Awards

The Jim Pinkerton Award finalists: Peter Reynolds

Section X Sportsmanship: Luke Dalton

Section X Athlete of Distinction: Luke Dalton and Peter Reynolds

Section X Second Team All-Northern: Peter Reynolds

Section X First Team All-Northern: Jake Kaska

From Mrs. Reynolds: Chateaugay Softball will be playing in the Section X Class D Championship game!!

Tuesday, May 28th 6pm at St. Lawrence University!! Our Lady Bulldogs will take on The Harrisville Pirates!! 

Winner will advance to Regional play on Saturday June 1st vs Section 3 @ SLU, 2pm 

Kindergarten is taking time this week to remember those who we have lost in keeping us safe.  They are forever in our hearts and minds. ❤️

From McComb: Pre-K had an amazing day celebrating our annual Beach Day. It was the perfect way to enjoy the hot sun! We made some great memories! ☀️🏖️ 

From Mrs. Stewart's Journalism class: Hello! We will be featuring two journalists from our class today. Please meet Anna and Kenzie. As always, we thank you for your viewing and support!

Thousand Words Picture from Mrs. Artus. 

A thank you and shout out to Pre K and two very special ladies, Mrs McComb and Mrs Burgoyne for being so kind during their Beach Day!  Both kindergarten classes enjoyed chasing bubbles, the fishing game and being able to get a little spray of cool water on this hot day during their recess.

On Monday, May 20, 2024, students in grades 7-12 were allowed to hear about different career paths from many community members. Thank you to these volunteers, and to the the many hands who helped put this assembly together. 


Mrs. Thomas' class spent the whole week learning all about the different constellations. The students watched videos and listened to non-fiction books about constellations. They also had a great time creating their own constellations, which they presented to the class. However, the most exciting part of this week was when they got to visit the Star Lab, where they were able to share some of their new learning. A big thank you to Mrs. Dumont for providing us with this opportunity!

From Mrs. O'Neill: First grade fun, from coming in to discover our beautiful kites hanging (great job families!), some directed drawing, building, and imaginative play during free time, phonics bingo, chalk creations from stories with Mrs. Hamilton, being excited to be bringing our rapidly growing sunflowers home, the Elementary concert, and a much-needed brain break after all our hard work! Mrs. O'Neill also captured a special moment with a current 1st grader proudly sharing his projects and a now 2nd grader who says: "I remember doing these projects and this one was my favorite!" 

Thank you, Mrs. Gardiner, for these pictures of the spring sports seniors. Thank you to these student athletes for the many years of memories. We wish you well in the playoff season. 

From Mrs. Cartier: Mrs. Dwyer creatively combined colors, color words, and the theme of transportation to enhance students' learning in a fun hands on activity!

Here are some outside recess pics of Miss Summer's class. They are very creative with their recess time. I love how they gather together and start their own game of duck duck goose, hide-n-seek, tag or soccer. - From Mrs. Warriner

From Mrs. Warriner: Our Kindergarten students may be small but they sure do have some big smiles and big experiences.

From Miss Swinton: Kindergarten went to the Teddy Bear Clinic today! So much fun was had and their stuffies are feeling much better! ❤️🥰

The CCS Junior Prom, "Spurs and Sparkles" will be held at the Northern Lights Stable on May 18, 2024.

The Prom Court: Seated- Mary Leonard, Avery McDonald, Aurora Gogolen, Maddie Decossse, Olivia Garwood, Leena Hoseler

Standing- Nathaniel Rahill, Grant Locklin, Jarrett Yaddow, James Campbell, Charles Breault, Dylan Garrand

From Mrs. McComb: Our Pre-K and Mrs. Parmeter’s class had an amazing turnout for our Pre-K Art Show today. Our class studied many famous artist throughout the year and made art inspired by these famous artists. Mrs. Parmeter’s class studied famous authors and made their art based of their favorite books by those artist. Our children had a blast showing off their hard work to their families. We had an amazing day!

From Mrs. Stewart’s Journalism Class: 

These past few weeks, students in our Journalism Class have created posters to recognize Chateauguay Senior Spring Athletes.

Each journalism student communicated with seniors and interviewed them about their spring sport. The seniors selected their favorite senior picture and/or picture that best represents them playing their spring sport. Congratulations on all of your achievements thus far! CCS will miss your smiling faces and positive attitudes! Go Bulldogs!   

From Miss Swinton: Kindergarten embracing their new super power, READING!!🥰❤️

Thank you, Mrs. Gardiner, for these pictures from the field trip to the ADK Career Connect for grades 9 and 10.

From Mr. Calnon - 3 animals enjoying the circus 

From Miss Swinton: Kindergarten had the wonderful experience of watching their caterpillars transformation into butterflies! Today we released them. 🙂 What amazing memories were made today. ❤️

From Miss Summers: In the fall, Mrs. Dumont and Mya shared a watermelon they grew in their garden with our class. The kiddos asked to save the seeds to plant in the spring. When we carved our pumpkins in the fall we also saved our seeds. Well, Earth Day seemed like the perfect day to plant these seeds. Each kiddo got to plant a couple of watermelon seeds and pumpkin seeds! We are so excited to watch them grow! Thank you, Mrs. Dumont!!

From Mrs. Gardiner: Shine On from Plattsburgh State presenting social-emotional awareness skills to sixth-grade students.

Mrs. Thomas’ second grade filled their fuzzy jar again for doing their nightly reading at home. This time they were rewarded by being able to have a movie afternoon watching Kung Fu Panda 4. They were also able to bring in blankets and pillows to get nice and comfortable. Plus, they even had a concession stand thanks to the generosity of their parents!!

From Mrs. Stewart

It’s been a busy few weeks in our ELA classroom! 10th-grade students were able to learn all about William Shakespeare, read a few of his famous sonnets, and compose their own sonnet. I applaud those who composed a 14-line, iambic pentameter sonnet complete with Shakespeare’s well-known rhyme scheme! Others were able to rock the rhyme scheme and deliver beautifully written messages about life, love, and the future.  How lucky I am to be able to have these wonderful writers in my classroom! 

From Mrs. Harrigan: Mrs. Harrigan's second graders voted on which reward they'd like to have for filling their "fuzzy jar." Filling that jar took lots of dedication and reading! 🙂 What a fun day we had including our stuffies in just about every part of the day.  Students especially enjoyed watching The One and Only Ivan with their furry pals.  Thank you to all the generous families who sent in refreshments for the children to enjoy.

From Miss Summers: First grade had a blast celebrating 120 days brighter in first grade. We celebrated with a GLOW DAY! Lots of fun was had by all! We built structures with legos, cookies, cups, birthday candles/playdough! We also did number activities like rolling to 120, number hunts, and bowling to 120! We are so proud of our first graders! Enjoy your break kiddos!

Congratulations to all the Winter Sports Athletes. Thank you to all the coaches for their hard work and dedication. Thank you to all the parents for their continued support of CCS sports. 

Thousand Words Pictures

From Mrs. Warriner:  I felt like this was so heartwarming to see after a long break away from school. I looked up during playtime to see these two great friends with big smiles and holding hands while swinging.

Happy Easter from Kindergarten!

Kristina O'Neill: A wonderful story, "Iggy Peck, Architect” by Andrea Beaty read by Mrs. Calnon and then becoming Architects themselves. First they constructed 2D and 3D shapes. Then they got to use their creativity and build whatever they wanted and wow, we may have some future architects! I was super impressed with how diligent and focused these kiddos were, even if it got a little tricky, they just kept working, or asked for help, to figure it out. And finally.....we got to eat the marshmallows (and a little treat)! This was so much fun! Thank you Mrs. Calnon!

First Grade has been working hard learning all about Outer Space. Each student worked hard to author and illustrate a nonfiction book about the sun, moon, and stars. We were so proud of our work we wanted to read to our Kindergarten friends. Miss Summers’ class read to Mrs. Beach’s class and Mrs. O’Neill’s class read to Ms. Swinton’s class. We love having such kind friends to share our work with! 

From Mrs. Dwyer: Today the cast of The SpongeBob Musical greeted our students at car rider and said good morning through the halls. Opening night is tonight at 7pm with following shows on Saturday at 7pm and Sunday at  2pm!

From Miss Swinton: Today with Mrs. Jones- King Kindergarten learned the importance of TEAMWORK! They made butter from scratch and got to eat all their efforts! Lots of smiles here! I think they approve!

We are enjoying our new play areas during our free choice time in kindergarten! We have a Vet Clinic, Grooming Center, and Pet Shop. The kiddos are having fun playing different roles and taking care of their pets. Also, we have a puppet show and a teacher teaching her students. :)

We had a great morning in kindergarten with Mrs. Calnon. She read us a book then we did a fun activity where we got to build 2d and 3d shapes and then got a special snack. What a fun time.

From Miss Summers - Thursday morning we constructed our own traps to hopefully catch a sneaky Leprechaun. Unfortunately, he was too sneaky and got away with all of our gold coins! He was kind enough to leave us some treats! We also had fun graphing skittles! 

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Kindergarten was hard at work making their Leprechaun trap! We can't wait to see if we caught him!

Learning about animals in the Little Bulldog Room. (Thanks Mrs. Cartier)

From Miss Summers - Wednesday First Grade took a field trip to the North Country Planetarium at Plattsburgh State to dive deeper into their unit on sun, moon and stars. We learned all about Eclipses. Students got to make their own Eclipse View Boxes, explored shadows and how they move, and made their own buttons! We watched a little movie about eclipses and are ready to see the eclipse on April 8th! To finish off this exciting day, we stopped at Wendy’s for lunch!

Thank you, Mrs. Gardiner, for these pictures from this morning's send off. Three members of the CCS bowling team are headed to state competition. They were led through the halls by our own Bulldog, and some members of the high school band. They were also escorted by the whole team. Those hoodies look great. We wish them well.

In our "How to" writing unit, Kindergarten learned How to Make a S'more! Lots of learning and fun was had! ☺️

From Mrs. Beach and Mrs. Warriner: The Kindergarten class enjoyed their field trip to Woods Maple Products/sugar shack. Mr Wood's gave them yummy maple treats and showed many informative demonstrations. He also told the class this is their celebration of 100 years.

In celebration of Dr. Seuss's birthday, Mrs. McDonald's third graders read Bartholomew and the Oobleck. Then we had to create our very own Oobleck! A sticky fun time was had by all!

Franklin County Farm Bureau Purchases FFA Jackets for Deserving Students

The Chateaugay Chapter of FFA would like to thank the Franklin County Farm Bureau for purchasing personalized jackets for these deserving officers. President, Jamie-Lynn Helm, and Secretary, Hailey Reome, will wear these blue jackets with pride when representing our chapter. We're grateful to our local Farm Bureau for their continued support of FFA and Ag Education. 

From Mrs. Reynolds: Senior Field Trip to the Olympics Center!! We toured the museum and took a lesson in the sport of Curling!!  We had an amazing day!!!

From Mrs. Beach We enjoyed reading books by Dr. Seuss and doing some fun crafts today! Also, we got to wear “The Cat in the Hat” hats!

From Mrs. Dwyer: Our Human Biology class dissected a deer heart today! A deer heart is very similar to the human heart. Thanks to Grant Locklin for providing the deer heart!

From Miss Swinton: Happy Dr.Seuss Day from Kindergarten!!

We had a second day of a relaxing sound bath for our elementary students.  Cheley Frazier was wonderful in leading this experience and answering questions about her instruments.  A huge thank you to Cheley and to the Town Hall for hosting us.  We are lucky to have such a supportive community.

5th grade has been working hard for a few months on learning how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions. This week they put all their knowledge to the test and made their own coffee shop using fractions. Today we celebrated by creating our own coffee shop with hot cocoa and treats! 🤍☕️ ~ Mrs. Raville 

Here are our final numbers from our "100 donations for 100 days" drive for our local food pantry.  This project was taken so seriously by my second graders, and they did a wonderful job! We surpassed our goal by a landslide! I look forward to doing this again in the future! Thank you to everyone in our community for the generous donations.  I'm grateful for our administration for allowing this to happen and supporting us, to Mrs. Parameter, Mrs. Carter, and Mrs. Watson for housing daily donations in their offices, Mrs. Robins for stocking us with boxes, Mr. Trombley for posting all of our updates, and my student teacher Mrs. Lamica for jumping right in when she arrived in our classroom and helping every day! I appreciate all staff that allowed their students to bring donations to my classroom or the offices--thank you! I know many staff members brought in donations as well--I see you, CCS! Thank you to my husband and kids for helping me load up (and unload) many boxes today when we delivered everything. I'm grateful to Connie Merrill for heading to the food pantry right after work to receive everything and help us upload. Finally, I'm so appreciative of Amanda Sweet for giving me guidance in the planning stages of this project, you were very helpful. I sincerely hope that I didn't forget to thank anyone, and if I did, please know it was not intentional! My heart is so full thinking about all the learning my class got to do, the generosity of our community, and the very special school I get to be a part of. 

Happy 100th day of school from Kindergarten!!!

❤️Miss Swinton, Mrs. Beach, Mrs. Warriner, & Mrs. Sandvig

From Mrs. Beach: Yesterday Kindergarten friends celebrated a beautiful Valentine’s Day with lots of love, some t-shirt spelling, and loads of fun! 

From Mrs. Cartier: Little Bulldog class having a week of fun - bubbles and Valentine’s Day!

From Mrs. Brooks:

For Valentine's Day, our middle school scientists conducted an experiment to see if they could correctly identify candy conversation heart flavors based solely on the taste!  As you can see from the pictures, some definitely enjoyed the flavors more than others, but fun was had by all.  A handful of students were "super tasters" and guessed all 7 flavors correctly! 

From Mrs. Harrigan: 

FFA Members Compete in District III Career and Leadership Development Events

We're so very proud of all our FFA members who spent many hours preparing, traveling to Schuylerille on Saturday, and competing in the recent FFA District 3 levelcompetitions. They did a great job representing Chateaugay Central School. There were over 200 District III FFA members competing in a variety of contests ranging from Parliamentary Procedure, Prepared and Extemporaneous Public Speaking to Job Interviews.

Competing at the Senior Level were: 

John Alden: Extemporaneous Speaking.

Lily Boyea, Jamie-Lynn Helm, and Morgan Malark: Senior People in Agriculture  

Amelia Kemp placed 2nd in Jr. Prepared Public Speaking. She will continue on to compete at the sub-state level in March.

From Miss Summers: First grade was so lucky to have Mrs. Dumont come in to read a story and then each student got to make a special valentine to share with someone from the other class. Thursday, Miss Summers’ class gave their valentines to Mrs. O’Neill’s class. On Friday, they switched. The kiddos were so excited to give a little gift to someone else. Thank you so much Mrs. Dumont! You are amazing! 

Thank you to Mrs. Gardiner for these pictures from the senior night for the basketball players and cheerleaders. Today we recognized these amazing athletes and thanked them for the memories. Each player chose people who had a positive impact on their lives and gave them their jerseys for the day. It is an emotional moment for those students. Congratulations to those athletes. We thank them for their years of dedication and wish them well in the playoff season. 

Learning about the Lunar New Year with Miss Swinton. 

From Mrs. Sweatt: We recently finished reading the book Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. To celebrate we had a Harry Potter Movie Day. Students wore pajamas or dressed like a wizard. They enjoyed some delicious "wizard" treats while watching the movie . 

From Mrs. Stewart’s Journalism Class: 

These past few weeks, students in our Journalism Class have created posters to recognize Chateauguay Senior Winter Athletes. Each student communicated with seniors and discussed their favorite life quote or motto, highest achievements so far, and future plans after graduation. The seniors selected their favorite senior picture and/or picture that best represents them playing their winter sport. Congratulations on all of our achievements thus far! CCS will miss your smiling faces and positive attitudes! Go Bulldogs!   

From Mrs. Locklin: Here is a picture from last night’s game. Some of last summer's cheer camp attendees joined the CCS Cheer team on the bench for the night and helped the team chant and cheer for our Varsity boys basketball team!! 

From Mrs. Burgoyne: The 5th grade found a way to build in the snow without much snow.

Henri Green made CREPES for his fellow classmates in French 7 today.  They were SO delicious with all of the different foods to fill them with. Thank you to Rachel Reardon for sharing her food items too!  We enjoyed them and appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Congratulations to these CCS band students who were selected to play in the annual All County concert held at Salmon River this past weekend. 

Congratulations to all of your little Bulldogs for their hard work and dedication during the second quarter. We are very proud of you all. 

CCS was the recipient of a dozen Comfort Cubs. Comfort Cubs were developed by a mom who suffered a loss to bring comfort to others who need it. Bev King delivered the cubs to us. This donation was made possible by a grant from Adirondack for Kids.  Assemblyman Billy Jones joined us in accepting the donation. Bev King works tirelessly to deliver bears to people in need following traumatic events. You can learn more about her important work on her Facebook page, The Comfort Cubs With Beverly King.  These cubs will be used to give comfort to students within our school.

From Miss Nichols: Fabulous Pre-K3 friends.

From Mrs. Jones-King: Bryan Hartman from United Way of the Adirondack Region delivered winter jackets to our school. These jackets were donated by Della Subaru as part of Subaru of America’s Foundation.  If you know of a child who is in need of a winter jacket, please reach out to Mrs. Calnon or me.

2/1/24 - donations for our local food pantry update:

Elementary: 307

High School: 20

The children are excitedly collecting, counting, sorting, and packing donations each day. We'll be collecting donations for our local food pantry through 2/13! 

Our donation drive of "100 items for the 100th Day" continues to be a success!  After counting and sorting, here's today's update (brought to you by another super group of second graders):  elementary: 249 items, high school: 20 items

We are collecting through February 13th! 

Day one of the "100 items for the 100th Day" drive for our local pantry has been an amazing success!  Mrs. Harrigan's second graders picked up, sorted and packed 185 items today! Our goal was 100 donations in the elementary AND high school.  We'll check to see what the high school has for us tomorrow.  We'll be collecting items through 2/13.  Donations can be dropped off in the high school or elementary offices, or Mrs. Harrigan's room (#30).  Thank you so much for spreading kindness throughout our community! 

Way to go Science Olympiad Teams. Mrs Crawford submitted pictures from the event. The Division B Team came in 2nd place and is headed to states in April. Division C did well, too, coming in 5th place out of 10 teams.

From Ms. Rieger: Congratulations to the Science Olympiad teams for their success this weekend at Plattsburgh High School. Both teams placed respectfully, with Division B moving on to States. A huge shout out to the seniors, Sam Breault, Mya Simonsen, Aleah Simonsen, Vicki Titus, Ryleigh Reardon, and Angela Dwyer. They have all been an integral part of the team's success. Also, thank you to our chaperones, Mike and Liz Crawford. Thank you to the science team, Paul LaPlant, Megan Nemier-Green, and Mrs. Fowler for all your hard work with the students and support. 

Parent Pick-Up and Drop Off

We are asking parents who pick up or drop off their students, to refrain from parking in the main parking lot and on the side of the road.  These are dangerous places for our students and parents.  We are asking that you park in the student parking lot and use the sidewalk to walk to parent drop-off or pick-up.  If your child is a high school student, he or she can walk to the student parking lot on his or her own.

There may need to be adjustments to this procedure.  We will make any adjustments necessary to keep our students and families safe.  We welcome any insight you may have, as well.  

Thank you, Loretta Fowler - Superintendent

Miss Summer's First Grade Class was super excited to finally get a warmer day to play with their friends in the snow.

Luke Dalton came to kindergarten and read the book he wrote to Miss Swinton's class. They loved the story, enjoyed his message and learned what it is to be a leader.

Snow much fun!

From Mrs. Beach: Kindergarten had lots of fun retelling The Mitten story. Each kiddo pretended to be an animal character from the story and took turns climbing into a giant mitten! There were lots of giggles and pure excitement! We made another great memory. 

From Mrs. Stewart: Celebrating the success of CCS Journalism student, Anna Dalton, today. Anna’s first article has been officially published and featured in the Malone Telegram. Her report features her brother, Luke Dalton, and his senior project. We are equally proud of Luke’s new book, too. Check out Anna’s article and “The Little Bulldog Leads the Way, by Luke Dalton!”

The seniors in Participation in Government class spent nearly all of the second quarter learning trial vocabulary, the steps in a trial, and all of the individuals involved in a trial and the rules of the courtroom. They then volunteered for different roles in our own in-class mock trial. Every student had a part whether they were a witness or an attorney. After weeks of familiarizing themselves with their trial materials, the prosecution and defense teams worked hard to build the best cases they could. The defense team successfully earned a not guilty verdict on all three charges facing their client. We would like to offer a special thank you to Mr. John-Paul Johnson, for serving as our judge and his economics class for serving as our jury. I am so proud of the students!

Today, our third graders participated in the elementary learn to ski day. We had a beautiful day at Titus Mountain. We are so thankful for all of the amazing ski instructors at Titus Mountain. They take such beautiful care of our little Bulldogs!

"Snow much fun in sixth grade!"

Miss Swinton's class enjoying every minute making memories with friends.

Media Day pictures of the cheerleaders from Avery Tam. Thank you for sharing. 

From Mrs. Patnode: Friday ended with a difficult but fun challenge....trying to build with playing cards. The kids had fun and did great!

From Mrs. Calnon (with pictures from Mrs. Sweatt): Today, our fourth graders participated in the elementary learn to ski day. There were 36 fourth graders that participated in this wonderful day! Our boys and girls experienced a beautiful day on the mountain. The ski instructors were so impressed with our CCS students. We are so proud of our little Bulldogs!

Here is a little glimpse into the Christmas party in Mrs. Blair-Wilcox’s classroom. The kiddos loved going through their stockings. 

Thousand Words Picture(s). (With a few words) Mr. (Chandler) LaPlante gifted his old Bulldog coat with his name on it from when he was in kindergarten in 2006 to Chandler Spinner and it fits just right! Fun fact! The coat is 18 years old! ❤️Thanks for sharing, Mrs. Hamilton

Congratulations to the junior class and thank you to the LEAD team for putting this together. A fun way to head into Christmas vacation. 

Wizards of Winter

I am certain that the Wizards of Winter have the first letters of the band name spell WOW. That is the word. WOW. What an incredible night. The memories will last forever. Thank you, Heather Locklin, for making it all happen. Thank you to the many, many, people who worked behind the scenes. There are probably too many pictures here but I do not get a chance to try and capture an event like this very often. Happy holidays everyone!

CCS Student Council sorting toys for the Christmas Drive. Thanks for the generosity!

From Mrs. Cartier (yes, that one): Making gingerbread houses with Mrs. Dwyer (no, not, the principal but she is our pal). Lots of fun in our room today!

Trench warfare in Mrs. LaBare's room. 

From Mrs. Sweatt: Gingerbread house challenge: Students had to create a house for their gingerbread man that would survive winter storm Rudolph (aka hair dryer.) They made some great looking houses ! 

This morning with the help of Mrs. Armani, Kristy Peterson, and the rest of the cafeteria staff, Mr. Gugliotta held a French toast breakfast for our seniors.   Because our senior CTE students are in class, they were presented with a charcuterie board when they got back.   Mrs. Armani brought some Christmas crafts- some students made Christmas ornaments that be gifted to those who live in the Elderwood senior living community.

From Mrs. Reynolds: Section X’s NYSPHSAA Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) representatives, Peter Reynolds of Chateaugay and 

Isabelle Woodcock from Morristown HS, two of the 22 members that were recognized at the NYS football finals, JMA Wireless Dome Syracuse NY during the NYS HS Football finals.  SAAC members spent the weekend together for a Leadership Summit!

From Miss Swinton and Mrs. Beach: Happy Grinch Day!! Kindergarten came together again to celebrate Grinch Day! We watched the classic "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" movie. While watching the movie we enjoyed our Grinch mix we made together and drank Grinch juice! Lots of happy memories were made today!

9th graders playing the dreidel game with Hershey kisses in Global class in celebration of Hanukkah as they learn about Ancient Judaism. 

From Mrs. Beach: Thank you to Mrs. Gardiner for making cookies with our kindergarten kiddos! We had a blast walking upstairs to her room and helping mix all the ingredients. This morning we enjoyed decorating and eating our delicious cookies!!😊 We love having these special moments together!❤️🎄

From Miss Swinton: Tis the season for holiday cheer and joy! Yesterday, Kindergarten was invited to Mrs. Gardiner's room to make Christmas cookies!  Today we decorated and ate those cookies. It was endless joy and excitement. The pictures say it all!!

Pre-K had an amazing day singing with the residents of the Farrar Home. We are definitely in the Christmas spirit now ❤️ 

Thank you, Mrs. Beach and Miss Swinton for these pictures and this story: Polar Express Day in kindergarten was lots of fun. We made some wonderful memories!😊
From Miss Johnston: Christmas crafts in the little primary bulldog classroom.
Mrs. Thomas’ 2nd graders prepared ahead of time for their how-to decorate a Christmas tree writing by decorating sugar cones for their snacks. Fun was had by all and the ‘trees’ tasted delicious!!

Today we had the National Honor Society helping with our parent drop-off. Thanks, NHS!!

Mr. Gugliotta brought some CCS students to Salmon River CSD to check out their HVAC/Welding Program.

From Mrs. Nemier-Cook: The Franklin Academy boys hockey team will be playing at home(in Malone) against Potsdam on Wednesday, December 13th. The puck drops at 7:00 pm! Pictured are Liam Green and Jake Kaska, the two Chateaugay Bulldogs who play for the FA Huskies!! Good luck boys!

Wrestling pictures from Kelsey Trowbridge. She was 2-2 over the weekend. Nice job.

The Boys Varsity Basketball Team Gears up for its Latest Season- Mya Simonsen Reporting - Click to expand

This week is full of interviews of CCS athletes as the winter sport season begins. We’re kicking off this series with the boys varsity basketball team. I recently spoke with Marc Bechard, a senior on the team, and Sam Breault, the team’s recorder and commentator for the games, to get two different perspectives on the brand new season ahead.

I began by asking both students how they felt the season was going to turn out this year:

MB: “I think we have a bright season ahead of us; we still have a lot to work on, but I hope everything goes well.”

SB: “Well it’s going to be interesting because, similar to soccer, we have a very young team this year. A lot of seniors left last year with a lot of inexperience but I think this team will shock some people; I mean we might not do quite as well as last year but I think we’re definitely going to do a lot better than people’s expectations for us.”

These statements make it pretty clear that the boys both have relatively high expectations for the team this year, both expressing how, although they will have to face newer challenges with a new lineup, they definitely will surprise people with their readiness to face off their opponents.

My next question pertained mostly to Breault, asking how he views the games since he has experienced and been to every single one. 

SB: “It’s kind of good; I have a good view - you know - from where I am. I see every aspect from every game basically, and I have a relatively unbiased opinion on everybody and it’s just good to see everything from that, you know, different perspective. 

Interviewing Breault makes it pretty obvious that the fans of the Bulldogs are a loyal and supportive force, which the boys are excited to see in the games.

I followed once again with a question for Bechard: how he thinks this season will compare to last season and if the result will be similar.

MB: “Always have high hopes, we can always hope for it (a similar season), but we’ll have to wait and see how the rest of our games go.

This response from Bechard hints at how, while the result remains to be seen, it’s important to go support the team by attending their next games! 

I concluded my interview with the following:

Q: “So we should be excited for this season?”

MB: “I mean, I know our team’s excited; it’s a whole new squad, a lot of things we need to go over, we hope for the best.”

Having a team that’s excited and happy to be on the court together is a well-functioning group that can act as one. Be sure to follow the boys on their latest season and support them at their upcoming games to see this all-new team in action!

The Girls Varsity Basketball Team Feels Ready for their Upcoming Season - Mya Simonsen Reporting - Click to expand

To continue with the sports trilogy for this week, I decided to speak with the girls varsity basketball team regarding their feelings about the start to this season. 

With girls suffering no losses in terms of players, after interviewing both Mary Leonard and Kaelyn Morgan, it’s prevalent that the team is confident in their abilities this year. 

As I was short on time, I could only ask the girls the following:

Q: “How do you think this season will turn out in comparison to last year?”

L: “I think we are going to do very well considering we didn’t lose anybody, and we’re all so much better and so much more experienced in the basketball field.”

M: “I think the season is going to turn out really good; we have a lot of returning players - everybody’s a little bit older and more experienced so I think it’ll be a good season.”

As you can tell, the girls are confident in their team’s abilities not only because of their talent working together as a group, but because of the time and effort they have put in during previous years, preparing them for the upcoming season and molding them into the players they are today.

Of course, while the girls have an exciting season planned out for all of us, it is important to support them while they do so. 

Both the players and their supporters are confident that they will go far this year, but a factor that can definitely boost this probability is by going to games and rooting for the bulldogs, not only for the girls basketball but for all of CCS’s teams. While you are staying updated here, make sure you are also gaining outside information by supporting the bulldogs throughout this major winter sports season!

The Varsity Cheer Season Kicks off to a Great Start- Mya Simonsen Reporting - Click to expand

This year, the varsity cheer squad is faced with its newest challenge; rearranging the team after the loss of so many seniors.

While most of the articles I write are focused on those that I interview, this time I will be talking about my own experience as a varsity cheerleader, and how this team is going to do in comparison to the last three years I’ve been on the team.

The challenge isn’t just preparing for the upcoming basketball games, it’s figuring out a whole new role-assignment for the squad. For many cheers, the squad has had to move around many of the girls to fit together the stunts in a new way.

Although this is a challenging thing, I believe that it may be beneficial; by having the team re-coordinate itself, each member is going to have to develop a whole new set of skills to balance the rest of the team; which will, in turn, broaden the skills of the team overall. 

I truly believe that this season is something to be excited about. While last year’s ending was unfortunate, with the team not being able to present their usual dance that takes months of practicing due to sickness and COVID-19, we now have something to work off of- and a playlist that can be re-used in this year’s dance.

In my own experience, cheer has made me more well-rounded, and developed my personality into something more outgoing and confident. In cheer, it’s apparent that you need to be loud and proud, and not afraid to perform in front of an audience; which helps not only me, but I think many of the other girls as well when it comes to confidence and the ability to balance their school and sports life.

I can also say that the relationships you build while being in cheer will last not just a season, but for years to come. I know it may not seem like it, but you need to have good relationships with each other in order to cheer well as a group. Your stunting groups, chant lines, and those you sit with on the bench, will not only become your team, but your family.

I think that cheer is something that is absolutely worth trying as soon as you hit freshman year! If you are considering it as an option for next year as an eighth grader, I would highly recommend signing up at the end of this school year; I promise it won't be something you regret!

From Ms. Rieger: Students in College Human Biology went to SUNY Plattsburgh to perform an experiment in their high-tech labs. The students looked at their own DNA by using high-powered tools. They were isolating the gene that determines whether you are a morning person or night owl. The highlight of the trip was not only the 3-hour experiment but also Dr. Elwes' excursion with the polar bears. She completed a marathon with 19 others, running alongside the polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba. Each participant was escorted by a truck with a ranger in case a polar bear became intrigued.  Check out the link below for more information about the marathon.  


From Ms. Riger: 

The 10th graders went to Winter Wonderland last week. Who knew there would be so much snow??!!!  A great trip.......pictures speak volumes. Thank you to Mr. Weilacher, Mrs Crawford and Mrs. Dalton for being awesome chaperones.  

From Mrs. Warriner: It doesn't get any better than having a 2-hour delay and then getting to play in the snow for recess.

Another year of beautiful collaboration! Mr. Martin's 3rd grade class joined Kindergarten in making our Christmas Countdown craft! So much fun was had by all!

Today our Junior National Honor Society helped at parent drop off! We are loving this new tradition 

Kindergarteners continued the tradition of making Christmas countdown chains with our third grade friends. We had lots of fun and are grateful for the help from Mrs. McDonald’s class. 😊🎄

They made it! Thank you for the picture, Mrs. Rieger. We hope everyone is having a wonderful time. 

Mrs. Dwyer stopped by the art room and was impressed with this work from Lily Boyea. 

Parents:  We encourage you to watch this video.  Brian Montgomery spoke to our students in grades 5-12 today about some of the dangers that our kids can face on the internet.  Students in grades 7-12 viewed the video.  Mr. Montgomery spoke directly to our 5th and 6th graders, without the video.  Mr. Montgomery's son, Walker was a victim of sextortion.  Unfortunately, Walker died by suicide because of this.  We want to make all of our students and all of our parents aware of this very real danger.  Please talk to your children and let them know that you are here to help no matter what situation they may find themselves in.  

As Mr. Montgomery said, nothing good happens between 10 pm and 6 am.  Please consider a rule about no internet access at night.  This is a simple step that we can take to help keep our children safe. 

Memories from the last few weeks courtesy of Miss Swinton.  Some Thanksgiving lessons and of course decorating the tree!

From Mrs. Sweatt: After reading the book, Balloons Over Broadway, students were challenged to design their own freestanding balloon for the Macy's parade. They had some setbacks but didn't let that stop them. They showed great perseverance and teamwork and created some amazing balloons.

From Mrs. Dwyer: I stopped into our welding class today and was fortunate enough to watch Todd Sparling working on a torch cart. Metalworking is a new class this year at CCS.

Something different. Mrs. Calnon and Mrs. Jones-King interviewed some of out little Bulldogs and asked them what they liked about the first 10 weeks of school.

Pictures from the Bulldog Pride Awards held on November 17, 2023. Congratulations to all of these students. Mrs. Calnon is very proud of her boys and girls. 

Congratulations to these Area All-State musicians from CCS for their weekend concert in Saranac Lake. Mrs. Trombley and Mrs. Hodges are very proud of them all. 

From Mrs. Blair-Wilcox: The kiddos in Mrs. Blair-Wilcox's 4th grade and Mrs. McComb's PreK 4 classrooms got together to complete a STEM challenge.  They were tasked with creating a cage for the turkey so that it would be safe and not fly away before Thanksgiving dinner.  They did a great job working together to make some very creative cages.  After the activity, we listened to a Thanksgiving story made and enjoyed a trail mix.  We hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving and enjoys this special time with their families!

New Developments Show That Psychology is a Must-Have in Your Schedule
(Click to expand)

As of two days ago, two days ago I have since interviewed a few young women (Sophia Nemier, Victoria Titus, and Angela Dwyer) who take Mrs. McArdle’s 9th period first and second quarter college Psychology class. 

As someone who, in previous years, was interested in the class but wasn’t sure what it’s like, I’m looking to solve this cycle by asking a couple questions that may spark the interest of students who plan on taking the course next year.

I first asked each student why they decided to take psychology this year

N: “Because it sounded interesting.”

D: “I’ve always been interested in psych, and I wanted to take it last year and I couldn’t and so I took it this year.”

T: “Me also.”

As you can tell, there was interest but all three students weren’t entirely sure how the class was and how it would work.

I followed with my next question: 

Q: “What do you think has been the most interesting thing you’ve learned in psychology so far?”

D: “Probably the project we did where we got to pick out a career and I got to learn more about a career I was interested in at the time.”

The project that Dwyer was referring to was one in which each peer got to pick a career in psychology to present to the class after doing some research and forming a pamphlet that held said information; the careers ranged from criminal psychologist to speech pathologist.

I then moved on to ask:

Q: “Would you recommend psychology to any upcoming students who will be able to take the class in the following year(s) and why?”

N: “I would because it’s kind of hard, but it’s also really fun, and I like the projects that we do.”

The class, instead of doing just conventional worksheets, focuses a lot on hands-on activities like the many projects that involve whatever the students are learning about. The Sleep Lab even involves taking a nap in class! 

T: “I agree with Soph because it’s very interesting and a lot different than the other classes we take.”

D: “I would recommend it to literally anyone because even if you’re not interested in that career, psych is something you can use in any career.”

Dwyer expressed how she felt that psychology is a much-needed class, and how it can help even in just your day-to-day life.

To wrap up this segment, it is quite apparent that students who take psychology are never bored in class, and truly believe that what they’re working on is both important and interesting. By focusing on projects and activities that involve every student to work together or really think through a problem, it makes the students feel more submerged in the subject.

According to these seniors, psychology is a must-take if you’re considering it! - Mya Simonsen reporting

Fun with board games during the October BARK event. Thank you for the pictures, Mrs. Sampica-Manor. 

From Mrs. Dwyer: Today our HS LEAD team helped at morning drop off!  We are thankful for their leadership this morning and every day in our building!

From Mrs. McDonald:

Mrs. McDonald's 3rd-grade class celebrated National Butter Day by making our own butter. It took a lot of muscle and a little patience, but it was worth it. We enjoyed the fruits of our labor on saltine crackers! YUM!

From Mrs. Patnode: It was a turkey glasses kind of day.

Ali Johnston Fundraiser.pdf
Luke Dalton Project.pdf

Seniors at CCS take a Senior Seminar class with Mr. Gugliotta. Since November is known as the Month of Gratitude he decided to work with his students on a special project. Each student wrote a thank you card to a local veteran or to someone with whom they have a special connection regardless of whether or not they are local. Nice job Mr. Gugliotta! Thank you, students. Your kind words will mean a lot to our veterans.

From Miss Summers: My class practiced having an election today. We voted for the best cookie! Oreo cookies were the winner for us!