Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

DEAR PARENTS/GUARDIANS: Visit today to check your family's eligibility for $30 off  your monthly internet bill and to sign up to save! 

High-speed internet is a necessity - especially for students. That's why the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law  created the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) to lower internet costs. The ACP provides: 

Many internet service providers across the country offer high-speed internet plans that are fully covered  by ACP - so millions of families can now get high-speed internet without paying a dime. 

Is my family eligible to save on our internet bill?  

Tens of millions of U.S. households are eligible for ACP. You are eligible if any one of these applies:  A member of your household participates in: 

How do I enroll? ➢ Step 1: Claim your ACP benefit by visiting to submit an application or to print  out a mailing application, contact a participating internet service provider, or call 877-384-2575  to learn more. 

➢ Step 2: Contact a participating internet service provider to choose an internet plan.  

Which providers offer fully covered plans? 

Here are providers offering high-speed internet plans that are fully covered - so you have no out-of pocket cost: Allo Communications, altaFiber/Hawaiian Telecom, Astound, AT&T, Breezeline, Comcast,  Comporium, Cox Communications, Frontier, IdeaTex, Jackson Energy Authority, MediacomCable MLGC,  Optimum/Suddenlink, Spectrum (Charter), Starry, Verizon (Fios Only), Vermont Telephone Company, Vexus  Fiber, Wow! Internet, Cable and TV *New subscribers only 

Visit or call 877-384-2575 to find more information about the Affordable Connectivity Program