Two Hour Delay

Two-Hour Delay - Please do not call the school.

We will use the In Touch system to provide updates if the school is to be closed. Thank you. 

Two Hour Delay

The district has added a two-hour delay plan. This 2-hour delay plan will help the school to balance the need to have the required number of instructional days per year with keeping our students safe. There have been occasions where an extra few hours of road crew work would make all of the difference in being able to get students and staff to school safely. Other times, a delay may help give school officials time to make an accurate assessment of the weather conditions prior to making a decision to close the school.

Bell Schedule

1st Period  - 10:00 -10:19

2nd Period - 10:22 -10:34

3rd Period - 10:37 -10:49

4th Period - 10:52 - 11:04

The rest of the day will follow the regular schedule. 

2-hour delay details/procedures include: