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New - From Mrs. Hamilton-Moore

She has created her own YouTube Channel and an Instagram account. Follow her now and check out her videos.

Google Classroom for All

Miss Thomas is running a Google Class for everyone. She posts fun videos, questions and the discussions are so fun. It is open to all. Join her class with the code: u7enwne

NEW - Elementary Library Google Classroom

Mrs. Campbell has set up her own Google Classroom with the code: 6mhtqud . She will post some writing prompts and ask questions about what everyone has been reading. Sounds fun. Add her class from your existing Google Classroom page.

Working Papers

Students can still get their working papers. Some guidance has been provided to school to help in this matter. If any student is interested in acquiring their working papers, please contact Chandra Henderson at or 518-497-6611 ext 2401

Alternative Process for Issuing Working Papers During COVID-19 School Closures

Parents/guardians and minors complete the appropriate application form and email it to the district or school’s Certificating Officer. Fillable PDF versions of the AT-17 Application for Employment Certificate and AT-22 Application for Employment Permit are now available on NYSED’s Employment of Minors website. These forms allow digital signatures.

The Certificating Officer schedules a video call with the minor, and if required, the parent or guardian. During this video call, the minor presents required documentation as per the Certificating Officers Manual. Certificating Officers may then complete the working card, sign it, and mail it to the minor. The minor should sign the card upon receipt. The requirement that the minor sign the card in the presence of the certificating officer is temporarily waived for the duration of New York’s COVID-19 school closures. Certificating Officers must continue to use approved working cards.

Course Selection

Students in grade 8 through 11 should visit the 7-12 School Closure Page for instructions about registering for classes for next year. Mr. G has made some videos for you along with course descriptions.

Attention Seniors

You are having a senior year like no other! We think it is important for everyone to have a copy of their Senior Year Yearbook. The CCS CAPES Team can provide financial assistance to help you purchase your yearbook. If you would like to request assistance, email Mrs. Beaudin at or Ms. Jones-King at

Hi Little Bulldogs,

Did you know that one of Mrs. Calnon’s favorite things when she was a little girl was to receive a letter in the mail? It always made me feel so special. Boys and girls, I would love you to send me a letter either in the mail or by email. I promise I will respond! I would love to hear about all of the things that you have been doing during our time apart. I miss you very much, Little Bulldogs!

Love, Mrs. Calnon

    • Nicole Calnon
    • PO Box 205
    • Chateaugay, NY 12920

Rainbows and Windows

Thank you, Mrs. Jones-King for sharing this picture of a heart rainbow. This is from Johnny and Irelynn's mother's house. They are being displayed as a sign of unity all across the country. Maybe they will continue to show up in Chateaugay. We are all in this together.

Yearbook Plea

Mrs. Gardiner is sending out a plea during our time apart to anyone that would like to share a short narrative, drawing, or picture that she can add to the yearbook since this school year is like no other. This would be one way to share this memory of a lifetime, that hopefully never happens again. Please share your ideas with her by April 10th. She is looking forward to hearing from you!

Bulldog Wellness Week - March 30 to April 3

The CCS Bulldogs care about their health and wellness. This week we challenge you to participate in our Bulldog Wellness Week. We know that healthy kids are better prepared to learn. All students, staff and community members are invited to participate. Each day email a photo of you doing the activity to and we will post the pictures on our Facebook page and CCS website, or upload to your favorite social media site and use the specified hashtag. This is a great way to show our Bulldog Pride. Have fun and be healthy!

Monday: Mindful Monday

  • Do something that relaxes your mind and makes you feel centered. Mediate, do some yoga, listen to music, etc. Post a picture of what makes you centered! #bulldogpride #mindfulbulldogs

Tuesday: Tasty Tuesday

  • Post a picture of a healthy snack or meal that you prepared! This could be a great time to learn how to cook! #bulldogpride #CCSsnacks

Wednesday: Wellness Wednesday

  • Do something that makes you happy and makes you feel whole! Post a picture. #bulldogpride #CCSwellness

Thursday: Thoughtful Thursday

  • Do something nice for someone else! Write a letter, give an “air high five” (social distancing is a must), make a video for your friends- create something to let others know you’re thinking of them. Post a picture/video of it! #bulldogpride #thoughtfulbulldogs

Friday: Fitness Friday

  • Do something active- outside or inside! Post a picture or video of how you are staying active during the quarantine. #bulldogpride #CCSstrong

We are missing you all and hope that you are taking care of yourselves during this trying time. Hope to see you back in the halls of CCS soon!

Mrs. Dwyer and Mrs. Calnon

Links - Resource List

I put some of the longer items and archived items in Google Doc format to help clean up the main page.

From Mrs. Fowler - I am also sharing information I received from a Franklin County Update. The highlighted information shares a new SCAM regarding stimulus checks.

  • Franklin County has 5 positive cases. Individuals are in quarantine/isolation and contact tracing is occurring for those who have tested positive.
  • Franklin County has a total of 61 on Isolation/Quarantine status.
  • 92 negative tests have come back.
  • Franklin County Public Health continues to work in collaboration with NY State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS) and neighboring counties.
  • Franklin County would like to notify residents that police are investigating a scam regarding stimulus checks. It involves a phone call from someone claiming to be from the IRS trying to confirm their bank information so they can directly deposit the $1,200 check. THIS IS A SCAM! DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR INFORMATION.
  • Franklin County stresses Stay at home, social/physical distancing, all preventative measures for hygiene and sanitation. You should assume every person might be a carrier and practice the recommendations. Businesses are required to put plans in place to avoid social contact that is less than 6’.

Physical Education

Day 4 Theme Jump

Day 3

Day 2

Parents and Kids - Day 1

A challenge from Mrs. Reynolds

Physical Education and Health

Physical Education

25 Ways to Get Moving Flyer.pdf

Mr. Giddings

  • A google classroom has been created for my elementary, middle, high school classes. Everyone has been invited, so please check it for your work!

Thank You - Thank You - Thank You

To all those who are making meal deliveries possible.

We are preparing 145 meals each breakfast and lunch to be delivered to families within the community. I am asking that anyone affected by the COVID-19 and laid off and financial situation changed please take a moment are re-apply for Free and Reduced meals. Now is the time. Stay Safe All - Doreen Roach - Abbey Group