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We had a second day of a relaxing sound bath for our elementary students.  Cheley Frazier was wonderful in leading this experience and answering questions about her instruments.  A huge thank you to Cheley and to the Town Hall for hosting us.  We are lucky to have such a supportive community.

Here are our final numbers from our "100 donations for 100 days" drive for our local food pantry.  This project was taken so seriously by my second graders, and they did a wonderful job! We surpassed our goal by a landslide! I look forward to doing this again in the future! Thank you to everyone in our community for the generous donations.  I'm grateful for our administration for allowing this to happen and supporting us, to Mrs. Parameter, Mrs. Carter, and Mrs. Watson for housing daily donations in their offices, Mrs. Robins for stocking us with boxes, Mr. Trombley for posting all of our updates, and my student teacher Mrs. Lamica for jumping right in when she arrived in our classroom and helping every day! I appreciate all staff that allowed their students to bring donations to my classroom or the offices--thank you! I know many staff members brought in donations as well--I see you, CCS! Thank you to my husband and kids for helping me load up (and unload) many boxes today when we delivered everything. I'm grateful to Connie Merrill for heading to the food pantry right after work to receive everything and help us upload. Finally, I'm so appreciative of Amanda Sweet for giving me guidance in the planning stages of this project, you were very helpful. I sincerely hope that I didn't forget to thank anyone, and if I did, please know it was not intentional! My heart is so full thinking about all the learning my class got to do, the generosity of our community, and the very special school I get to be a part of. 

Want to order tickets for the musical? Use the QR code shown here or CLICK HERE for the link. 

5th grade has been working hard for a few months on learning how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions. This week they put all their knowledge to the test and made their own coffee shop using fractions. Today we celebrated by creating our own coffee shop with hot cocoa and treats! 🤍☕️ ~ Mrs. Raville 

The Class of 2025 is selling chocolates. Order your today. (orders due by February 28)

Happy 100th day of school from Kindergarten!!!

❤️Miss Swinton, Mrs. Beach, Mrs. Warriner, & Mrs. Sandvig

From Mrs. Beach: Yesterday Kindergarten friends celebrated a beautiful Valentine’s Day with lots of love, some t-shirt spelling, and loads of fun! 

From Mrs. Brooks:

For Valentine's Day, our middle school scientists conducted an experiment to see if they could correctly identify candy conversation heart flavors based solely on the taste!  As you can see from the pictures, some definitely enjoyed the flavors more than others, but fun was had by all.  A handful of students were "super tasters" and guessed all 7 flavors correctly! 

From Mrs. Cartier: Little Bulldog class having a week of fun - bubbles and Valentine’s Day!

From Mrs. Harrigan: 

FFA Members Compete in District III Career and Leadership Development Events

We're so very proud of all our FFA members who spent many hours preparing, traveling to Schuylerille on Saturday, and competing in the recent FFA District 3 levelcompetitions. They did a great job representing Chateaugay Central School. There were over 200 District III FFA members competing in a variety of contests ranging from Parliamentary Procedure, Prepared and Extemporaneous Public Speaking to Job Interviews.

Competing at the Senior Level were: 

John Alden: Extemporaneous Speaking.

Lily Boyea, Jamie-Lynn Helm, and Morgan Malark: Senior People in Agriculture  

Amelia Kemp placed 2nd in Jr. Prepared Public Speaking. She will continue on to compete at the sub-state level in March.

From Miss Summers: First grade was so lucky to have Mrs. Dumont come in to read a story and then each student got to make a special valentine to share with someone from the other class. Thursday, Miss Summers’ class gave their valentines to Mrs. O’Neill’s class. On Friday, they switched. The kiddos were so excited to give a little gift to someone else. Thank you so much Mrs. Dumont! You are amazing! 

Thank you to Mrs. Gardiner for these pictures from the senior night for the basketball players and cheerleaders. Today we recognized these amazing athletes and thanked them for the memories. Each player chose people who had a positive impact on their lives and gave them their jerseys for the day. It is an emotional moment for those students. Congratulations to those athletes. We thank them for their years of dedication and wish them well in the playoff season. 

Learning about the Lunar New Year with Miss Swinton. 

From Mrs. Sweatt: We recently finished reading the book Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. To celebrate we had a Harry Potter Movie Day. Students wore pajamas or dressed like a wizard. They enjoyed some delicious "wizard" treats while watching the movie . 

Congratulations to our senior bowlers. Thank you for all the memories. We wish you well in the playoffs. 

From Mrs. Locklin: Here is a picture from last night’s game. Some of last summer's cheer camp attendees joined the CCS Cheer team on the bench for the night and helped the team chant and cheer for our Varsity boys basketball team!! 

From Mrs. Stewart’s Journalism Class: 

These past few weeks, students in our Journalism Class have created posters to recognize Chateauguay Senior Winter Athletes. Each student communicated with seniors and discussed their favorite life quote or motto, highest achievements so far, and future plans after graduation. The seniors selected their favorite senior picture and/or picture that best represents them playing their winter sport. Congratulations on all of our achievements thus far! CCS will miss your smiling faces and positive attitudes! Go Bulldogs!   

From Mrs. Burgoyne: The 5th grade found a way to build in the snow without much snow.

Henri Green made CREPES for his fellow classmates in French 7 today.  They were SO delicious with all of the different foods to fill them with. Thank you to Rachel Reardon for sharing her food items too!  We enjoyed them and appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Congratulations to these CCS band students who were selected to play in the annual All County concert held at Salmon River this past weekend. 

Thank you, Mrs. Hamiton, for these basketball pictures. 

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