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Leader In Me

Students in grades 7 through 12 learned about the 7 Habits from the Leader In Me.

Basketball Season

Thank you Mr. Tam for the basketball pictures. I will continue to make one album with the pictures he submits. You can check back with this album to see his new pictures.

Water Testing Update

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Recent events in the news have highlighted water conditions in several cities across this country. Additionally, during the recent New York State legislative session, a bill was passed specifically pertaining to water testing in school districts.

Our district with the assistance of the Jefferson-Lewis BOCES Health and Safety Office took samples from drinking water sources such as water bubblers, drinking fountains, and sinks typically used for water consumption. Additionally, such locations as custodial closet slop sinks, bathroom sinks, and other locations that are not typically used as sources of drinking water were also tested.

The results of the testing revealed lead concentration above the New York State Department of Health requirement of 15 ppb (part per billion), this is a localized issue dealing with the water fixtures themselves not an issue pertaining to the water supply. These elevated levels can be a result of many factors, such as, age of the fixture (original construction) or lack of use.

The district has taken the action of isolating those affected locations. The students still have locations for water such as drinking fountains that have tested below the standard. The students may still utilize sink locations for personal hygiene use but not for drinking purposes. We will post those locations so there is no confusion as to the use.

The areas affected have been slated for removal over the February Winter Break and will be retested prior to being placed back into service.

The next page includes a description and location of the fixtures that did not pass the water text inspection.

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