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Pie Day

This past week has already been full of regents exams and midterms. Students in grades 7 and 8 took a break from the weekly routine to bake 18 apple pies. The hallway near Mrs. Gardiner's room smelled amazing while the pies were cooking and the word on the street was that the pies were amazing. Nice job everyone. It sure was a great way to take a stress break from all the exams.

Early Release - Elementary Students

We are excited to hold Elementary Conference Day on Thursday, February 13th. On Thursday, February 13th we will have early dismissal for our Pre-K through sixth grade students. On February 13th, elementary students will be dismissed at 11:30 am. Bulldog Hour will begin at 11:30 to accommodate families. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the elementary office at 497-6611. As always, thank you for your support!

Nicole Calnon - Elementary Principal

Big Change Roundup

Chateaugay Central School is proud to announce our participation in the 2020 Big Change Roundup for Kids. During the week of February 10th -February 14th we will be collecting loose change. All of the money collected will go directly to children and families in need at The University of Vermont Children's Hospital. Our goal is to collect $1,000.00! YOU can make a difference one dime (quarter, penny, nickel, Susan B. Anthony Dollar - you get the idea) at a time. Thank you for your support!

Nicole Calnon - Elementary Principal

Elementary Students Hit the Slopes

Fourth and fifth graders have been given the opportunity to take part in a five week learn to ski program at Titus Mountain. We have enjoyed two afternoons on the mountain, so far. Much fun has been had, and everyone has shown a great deal of improvement. Everyone has mastered the chair lift and by our next trip we will start to move off the beginner hill! We cannot wait to see the skills that are developed by the end of this experience! - Mrs. Jones-King

Just a terrific Tuesday in Pre-K3. :)

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Mrs. Tourville's Photo Journal 2019

We will miss her ever present cell phone camera. Mrs. Tourville loved to take pictures of CCS students doing great things. She recently sent me a link to all of her pictures from the most recent school year. There are some wonderful memories here. Thank you, Mrs. Tourville, for all of these candid moments.

Basketball and Cheering

Thank you so much Mr. Tam for sharing these wonderful pictures from some recent basketball games.


Last Friday some wonderfully talented CCS students took to the stage for a special Talent Show organized my senior Julianna Gordon for her senior project. She raised quite a bit of money for the Vermont Children's Hospital. Great job!

Therapy Dog

Tammy Bell-Martin and her therapy dog, Oliver will be spending time at CCS on Wednesdays. Their first visit was this week. Oliver is a certified therapy dog through Adirondack Chapter of Love on a Leash. Students were excited to meet Tammy and Oliver, and we all look forward to their regular visits.

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The following information is being provided to students who are interested in becoming a member of Ski Club. Chateaugay Central School provides transportation and supervision for 8 trips to Titus Mountain. Please note be aware our trips are FRIDAY NIGHTS! Please feel free to contact Bruce Gugliotta or Scott Weilacher at school for further information.


  • Ski and boots: $11.00
  • Board and Boots: $11.00

Lift Tickets: $20.00 for each night trip

Departure: 2:30 at front bus circle entrance. Ski storage available in the morning and before leaving.

Return: BE ON THE BUS BY 8:00!!! Tell your parents that the bus will return to school by 8:30 PM at the visitors entrance (Please be prompt!) You can be signed out by a parent and leave with them before or after the bus leaves.

Behavior: You are responsible for your own materials. You are expected to behave well and follow Titus Mountain and Chateaugay Central’s rules. If behavior is a problem, you could be sent home and not allowed to go again. You should always ski with a buddy. If you do not have a buddy, tell an advisor and we will ski with you or assign you a group.

If you violate the student athletic/club agreement you may not be allowed on the next ski trip.

Helmets: Everyone is required to use a helmet. We value safety and we insist you take care of your noggin. Helmets will be available on a nightly basis through Mr. Gugliotta. You MUST indicate when you sign up weekly if you need a helmet.

Lessons:Lessons are a part of the cost of the lift ticket. If you would like your child to receive a lesson please make arrangements with Mr. Gugliotta or Mr. Weilacher before noon on the day of the trip or before noon the Friday before the Saturday trip.

Food: You are responsible for your own meal while at Titus. You know your own appetite better than we could advise, but kids generally spend between $10 - $20 dollars to eat and drink. You may bring a lunch with you, but you are responsible for it.


  • Titus Mountain Friday Night Trips:
  • January 10, 2020
  • January 17, 2020
  • January 31 2020
  • February 7, 2020
  • February 8, 2020 SATURDAY TRIP
  • February 14, 2020
  • February 28, 2020
  • March 6, 2020
  • March 13, 2020**ALTERNATE DATE II**
  • Titus Mountain Saturday trip: February 8, 2020

* Titus Mountain Saturday Trip will leave school at 8:30 and return by 4:00.

Youth prices

  • Lift, lesson, rental........$46.00
  • Lift, lesson...................$29.00
  • Lesson, Rental............$29.00
  • Lesson only.................$12.00

Adult prices

  • Lift, lesson, rental........$76.00
  • Lift, lesson...................$44.00
  • Lift, rental....................$44.00
  • Lesson only.................$12.00

Thank you for your support! Bruce Gugliotta - Scott Weilacher