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Spring Sports

Many thanks to Mrs. Reynolds for putting together a recap from the spring sports season. Click HERE to read all about the 2019 season. We wish all the seniors the best and hank you for the memories.


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Volleyball Camp -

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Final Schedule 2019

Emergency Evacuation Drill

On Friday, we initiated an Emergency Evacuation Drill that allowed us to test our systems and processes for preparedness in the event of a real emergency. We would like to thank the Chateaugay Fire Company Chief Jerry Blow and members Ed Hoyt, Nathan Roach and Richard Parent for being on scene to direct traffic and available should we have needed medical assistance. New York State Police Sergeant Scott Barrett), Trooper James D'Ambrio (School Outreach Coordinator) and Trooper Alex Phelps were also onsite to assist with traffic and to observe the Evacuation Drill.
We are always proud of our students. We were especially proud of their behavior during this important drill. The bus garage is an expansive space that amplifies even the smallest of sounds. You couldn't hear a sound because the students were so quiet. It was evident that the faculty and staff had prepared them for this drill. Their behavior was impeccable.
Many months of planning occurred with members of the safety team and community organizations. Sheriff Kevin Mulverhill and Emergency Management Services Director Ricky Provost have been standing members of this team for many years. Even though they weren't present, their presence was in the small details that made this drill successful.
We also appreciate parents for providing emergency go home drill information to Courtney and Chandra. We also appreciate your patience as you waited for notification of the drill and then to be reunited with your child either at home, Bulldog Hour, or at the reunification site. If after this drill you would like to change your emergency go home plan, please reach out to either the elementary or high school office to make those changes.
We learned valuable information and will request feedback from all stakeholders to improve our procedures and processes. Please provide any feedback you have to either Mrs. Tourville,; Mrs. Calnon,, or Mrs. Fowler, Our most important job at CCS is to keep your most prized possessions safe!

Chateaugay Central School Budget Vote

Thank you to all you voted on the recent school budget, school bus proposition, and the board of education trustees Kristen Green, Tony Martin, and Courtney Leonard.
Each day we are thankful to this community and its support of the school district. A special thanks to election inspectors Ona Rushford and Shirley Thomas and clerks, Beverly Cowan, Edith Loparo, Brenda Quinn, Sandy Reynolds and Emma Tolosky.
Proposition 1: Budget Yes: 127 No: 9 Proposition 2: School Buses Yes: 126 No: 9 Board Members:
Kristen Green Yes: 127 Tony Martin Yes: 133Courtney Leonard Yes: 132

Marching Band

This group of 60 students made CCS proud this past weekend with their participation in two Memorial Day parades. Mrs. Trombley was very pleased with their hard work and their willingness to give up some of their long weekend to honor the day. As always it is so nice to hear all the comments about how amazing this group is and how much they make the parades so special.

Parade Pictures

A few more pictures than normal this time. Thank you Mr. Tam for his wonderful pictures. Thank you to Jackie Ta for following the band in Chateaugay to take some pictures for me. The other albums are from me and I tried to get as many of the students as I could. It is hard to get some of the musicians in the middle rows. Thank you to all the students who participated. I do not think you will ever truly realize how much your participation in these events means to the veterans, their families and the the communities.

Prom 2019

Thank you Mrs. Gardiner for sharing the pictures from the 2019 Junior Prom. It was the first time the CCS prom was not held off campus. This year the students decided to try something new and they went to the Rainbow Room in Altona. There are many people to thank but I know the students wish to thank their advisers Mrs. Reynolds and Mr. Johnston.

Pictures from Mr. Tam

Thank you to Mrs. Tourville for the prom video

Pictures from Mrs. Gardiner

Dodgeball Tournament

The CCS LEAD team held their first annual Dodgeball Tournament. It was a huge success thanks to our student leadership and participation. A heartfelt thank you to them, our staff and coaches, and our community! We hope everyone that participated had as much fun as we did! Keep an eye out for additional photographs from our student photographer.

STEM in 6th grade

If you see us ask us to explain Potential and Kinetic Energy. We were able to build, play, and modify our rubber band cars! We tested for speed and distance. Having fun while learning is a win-win.

Let Your Yoga Dance at Chateaugay Central School

Students in grades 3-6 were introduced to a free form variation of yoga practice using posture and music. It is a celebration of compassion, kindness, and acceptance of self and others. The students had an amazing time. This opportunity was part of a series of wellness workshops. The last workshop for this school year will take place on a May 28th.

Warning - some of the pictures may be too graphic for some.

Mock Crash

On Tuesday, May 14, 2019, many people volunteered their time and talents to present a mock crash in anticipation of the coming prom season, graduation season and spring weather in general. We thank everyone who helped demonstrate the effects that distracted driving has on vehicles and the passengers. This is always an emotional presentation with some students chocking back tears at the sight of their classmates in peril. Many adults can see their own children in this situation. It can happen in an instant. It was a message shared by all that morning. There are a few pictures here. Please be warned - the pictures look realistic.All the students and many of the participants gathered in the auditorium for a question and answer session. It was so nice to see so many CCS graduates choosing to serve the community as firefighters and first-responders. There are many people to thank and most of them are in these pictures.

Bike Helmets

We are hopeful that spring is here and with it bike riding season! An assortment of bicycle helmets to be given to students was generously donated. These helmets are suitable for our older elementary students. We want to see all of our boys and girls wearing a helmet whenever they ride their bikes. If your child does not have a bike helmet, please let us know, and we will send one home with him or her. Simply call Courtney in the elementary office to request one. If we have a helmet to fit your child, we will send it home in their book bag. If we do not have a suitable helmet, we will purchase one for your child.