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Save the Dates:

Students in Biology had a chance to show off their "catch and release" skills at Paul Smith's Interpretive Center. They spent quite a bit of time fishing around for macroinvertebrates. Some were better than others, but a great day to be wadding around in a brook.

A "Thousand Words" picture. 

Thank you, Mrs. Ashline, for these pictures and story: Jamie Lynn Helm was crowned Franklin County Dairy Ambassador on May 26th. We are very proud to have This great young lady representing our County and CCS. Anna Miller and Anna Dalton were named Junior Franklin County Dairy Ambassador.

Thank you, Mrs. Harrigan, for this story, and thank you to Mrs. Harrigan and Mrs. Leary for the pictures. 

Today our elementary students got to meet a new friend! Here's Mrs. Harrigan's second-grade class with Atlas, a sweet miniature horse brought to us by the Titus family.  They did a great presentation that the students listened to attentively.  Their reward at the end was getting to pet this cutie!  Thank you to all who made this possible.

Congratulations to all the students who were honored at this year's Moving Up Day ceremony. We with all the best to the Class of 2023. 

Mrs. McDonald's 3rd graders worked in groups to build solar ovens. We used the power of the sun to harness enough power to cook s'mores. It was ooey-gooey fun! A huge thank you to Chat Away for donating the pizza boxes!

Kindergarten released butterflies on Tuesday. We were happy that each caterpillar made its way into a butterfly!! We enjoyed sending them off into the world! 😊

NYS Internet Access Survey.pdf

Popsicles and kickball fun for the middle school at the final PBIS perk event for this year. It was a beautiful day. 

Congratulations to our senior softball players. We wish you all the best for the rest of the season. Thank you for the many years of dedication to the athletic program and for all the memories. 

Sherry Boyea and Kristin Spinner from Community Bank presented Financial Literacy information to Career and Financial Management 9th grade classes this week.

Last week Miss Swinton's Kindergarten class enjoyed a memorable experience of crawling into an inflatable dome and getting to see stars in a nighttime sky. Thank you to Mrs Dumont for showing us some of the Constellations and making it so much fun. 

Sports Health Examination Requirements

New York State law requires that all students that are participating in school sports have a physical. This physical must be dated after 9/1/2022 if your child plans to play fall sports.

1.) If your child has had a physical after this date, please have a copy of the physical faxed to me at 518-497-0601.

2.) You can have your child’s physician do a physical prior to soccer season and have them fax it to me at 518-497-0601.

3.) Dr. Emile Benardot will be here on 6/7/2023 to do physicals for students. It is a basic physical exam that includes checking your child’s ears, eyes, heart, lungs, mouth, throat, and back. All Male students will have a physical exam that includes an examination for a hernia and undescended testes. Please remember that your child will get a more in-depth physical at their pediatrician's office, this is just a basic physical. If you want your child to have a physical here with Dr. Emile Benardot please contact the nurse’s office at 518-497-6611 ext. 2600/2601

Sincerely, CCS School Nurses
Wendy Magnan & Courtney Trombly

Franklin County Elementary Art Show Participants

Bulldog Apparel and Merchandise Order Form

Did you know you can still order special items from the school store? Click the order form below for more details. 

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Available at the School Store: Bulldog Keychains for $5.00.